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Rep. Michele Bachmann tells Chris Matthews on "Hardball" media should probe Congress for "anti-America" views. Transcript.


WASHINGTON--In a matter of minutes, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) in an interview with Chris Matthews on MSNBC's "Hardball" has gone where no other Republican has --mentioning Barack Obama and Tony Rezko, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Rev. Michael Pfleger, Bill Ayers and Saul Alinsky. Bachmann called for the media to probe members of Congress to determine who held "anti-American" views.

Transcript courtesy Federal News Service


5:02 P.M. EDT, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2008

MR. MATTHEWS: Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann from Minnesota joins us right now.

Congresswoman, thank you very much for joining us. I want you to look at something from David Letterman last night. It concerned, well, Governor Palin's comments about Barack Obama.

(Begin videotaped segment.)

DAVID LETTERMAN: I think she's the one who says that Barack Obama pals around with terrorists. Has she, in fact, said that at rallies and stuff?

SEN. JOHN MCCAIN (R-AZ, Republican presidential nominee): I don't -- yes. And he did.

(End videotaped segment.)

MR. MATTHEWS: Well, let's take a look now, Congresswoman, at the radio tape message that's going in a number of states right now, being put out by the Republicans and the John McCain campaign. It's called a robo call. You just pick up the phone and you hear this recording.

ANNOUNCER: (From audiotape.) Hello. I'm calling for John McCain and the RNC because you need to know that Barack Obama has worked closely with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, whose organization bombed the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon, a judge's home, and killed Americans. And Democrats will enact an extreme leftist agenda if they take control of Washington. Barack Obama and his Democratic allies lack the judgment to lead our country. This call was paid for by McCain-Palin 2008 and the Republican National Committee.

MR. MATTHEWS: Well, what do you make of that, Congresswoman, that what's called a robo call and what Senator McCain said last night on Letterman?

REP. BACHMANN: Well, I think it's fun to have a sense of humor right now. And especially last night on Letterman, I thought that John McCain was extremely funny.

As far as the robo calls go, I think that the Obama campaign is very worried, because Americans are just now starting to find out about Bill Ayers and about the questionable connection that Obama has with Bill Ayers. These are legitimate questions. And I think the Obama campaign has a right to be worried, because they don't want the American people to know about these connections.

MR. MATTHEWS: Let me talk to you. What do the connections mean to you, this connection you're talking about between the Democratic candidate for president and his connection back in the '90s with Bill Ayers, who was involved with the Weathermen group back in the '60s and early '70s, when he was eight years old? What is your concern about that?

REP. BACHMANN: I think it's devastating, because this is an unrepentant terrorist who says he wishes he would have bombed more people. Remember, this is a man who bombed the Pentagon and was happy to be bombing Americans as well. This is not a person that the president of the United States would want to be associated with.

Had John McCain been associated with Bill Ayers, it would have been a nightly story. It would have been everywhere. But the media's been kind of avoiding this story, and Barack Obama's been avoiding it too. He actually did start his state senate campaign in Bill Ayers' home, and Obama worked very closely with him on education matters -- very liberal, leftist agenda of education matters as well.

I think that it's important that the American people know that Barack Obama didn't have a mild association with Bill Ayers. He had a very strong association with Bill Ayers. Bill Ayers is not someone that the average American wants to see their president have an association with.

MR. MATTHEWS: Why is it of concern? What is wrong with it? Tell me what it tells you about Barack Obama. Does it say he's got a character problem? Does it say he has a problem with his patriotism? Just give me a term for it so we can put it in a category. Why do you care enough to bring this up at the end of this campaign? Why is it an important election eve issue?

REP. BACHMANN: I think it's important, Chris, because --

MR. MATTHEWS: I mean, we've got a lot of problems in this country. Why is this so important that it's being pushed out on telephone calls to all the key states now with two weeks to go?

REP. BACHMANN: It's important because we look at the collection of friends that Barack Obama has had over his life, and usually we associate with people who have similar ideas to us. And it seems that it calls into question what Barack Obama's true beliefs and values and thoughts are -- his attitudes, values and beliefs with Jeremiah Wright on his view of the United States --


REP. BACHMANN: -- which is negative; Bill Ayers, his negative view of the United States. We've seen one friend after another. It calls into question his judgment, but also what is it that Barack Obama really believes? And we know that he's the most liberal senator in the United States Senate, and that's just after one year after being there. He's the most liberal. Joe Biden is the third most liberal. You've got Harry Reid who's liberal, Nancy Pelosi who's liberal.

MR. MATTHEWS: Right. What's the connection?

REP. BACHMANN: You have a troika of the most leftist administration in the history of our country.

MR. MATTHEWS: If you have liberal views, does that mean you have anti-American views? What's the connection? I don't get the connection. What's the connection between liberal and leftist and anti-American?

REP. BACHMANN: Anti-American is the point, because --

MR. MATTHEWS: I mean, if you're liberal, are you anti-American?

REP. BACHMANN: Well, the liberals that are Jeremiah Wright and that are Bill Ayers, they're over-the-top anti-American. And that's the question that Americans have. Remember, it was Michelle Obama who said she's only recently proud of her country. And so these are very anti-American views.


REP. BACHMANN: That's not the way that most Americans feel about our country. Most Americans, Chris, are wild about America, and they're very concerned to have a president who doesn't share those values.

MR. MATTHEWS: Okay, let's take a look at Governor Palin, because she said something very much like what you just said. Let's hear Governor Palin on the very same topic of the connection between Barack Obama and Bill Ayers and what that tells you about his view of America. Let's hear.

ALASKA GOVERNOR SARAH PALIN (Republican vice presidential nominee): (From videotape.) Our opponent is someone who sees America as imperfect enough to pal around with terrorists who targeted their own country? (Chorus of boos.)

MR. MATTHEWS: So you think that's a fair critique of Barack Obama, that his view of America is so -- that America is so imperfect that he pals around with terrorists. You think that's a fair comment.

REP. BACHMANN: It's a fair comment, because Barack Obama does have a close association with Bill Ayers. It's one that the American people have a right to have some answers to. And Barack Obama still hasn't come clean on his relationship with Bill Ayers. It's been under the radar, and only recently has it been coming out. And people need to know.

MR. MATTHEWS: So this is a character issue. You believe that Barack Obama may -- you're suspicious because of this relationship -- may have anti-American views. Otherwise it's probably irrelevant to this discussion.

REP. BACHMANN: Absolutely.

MR. MATTHEWS: So you believe it brings into --

REP. BACHMANN: I absolutely --

MR. MATTHEWS: So you believe that Barack Obama may have anti- American views.

REP. BACHMANN: Absolutely. I'm very concerned that he may have anti-American views. That's what the American people are concerned about. That's why they want to know what his answers are. That's why Joe the plumber has figured so highly in the last few days --

MR. MATTHEWS: Okay. I'm not going to get off this.

REP. BACHMANN: -- because Joe the plumber asked a question that a lot of Americans want to know.

MR. MATTHEWS: Sarah Palin was around today talking about pro- American parts of America, and assuming there's other non-parts of the country. What parts of America would you say are anti-American? What parts of this country?

REP. BACHMANN: Well, I would say that people who hold anti- American views. I don't think it's geography. I think it's people who don't like America, who detest America. And on college campuses, a Ward Churchill, another college campus, a Bill Ayers, you find people who hate America. And unfortunately, some of these people have positions teaching in institutions of higher learning. But you'll find them in all walks of life all throughout America.

MR. MATTHEWS: What about people like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, the liberals you were mentioning a moment ago? Where would you put them? Would you consider them anti-American as well?

REP. BACHMANN: I would consider them to have --

MR. MATTHEWS: Are they anti-American?

REP. BACHMANN: -- far leftist views. I'm not going to say that they're anti-American or pro-American.

MR. MATTHEWS: The speaker of the House is --

REP. BACHMANN: I will say the speaker --

MR. MATTHEWS: Well, you were putting them together. You put three words together -- liberal, leftist and anti-American. How do they all fit together, those three terms -- liberal, leftist and anti- American?

REP. BACHMANN: Well, that's a good descriptor for Jeremiah Wright. It's a perfect descriptor for Bill Ayers. And those are friends and people that Obama has pointed to as his mentors. In his book, Barack Obama had pointed to Jeremiah Wright as one of his mentors, and also Father Pfleger as one of his mentors. Two of the three mentors are Father Pfleger and Jeremiah Wright. Now, these are very strange, anti-American mentors.

MR. MATTHEWS: Right. This --

REP. BACHMANN: If people like that were John McCain's mentors, you'd be all over John McCain.

MR. MATTHEWS: Well, let me ask you this. This country is roughly divided now over the last -- all our lifetimes between Republicans and Democrats and liberals and conservatives. Maybe 30 percent of the country, 30 to 40 percent, is conservative, and self- described -- people tell you what they are -- and 30-some percent are liberals. Do you think those 30 percent liberals are anti-American? The 30 percent of this country that calls itself liberals, are they anti-American?

REP. BACHMANN: I think the people that Barack Obama has been associating with are anti-American, by and large, the people who are radical leftists. That's the real question about Barack Obama -- Saul Alinsky, one of his teachers, you might say, out of the Chicago area; Tony Rezko, who is an associate also.

MR. MATTHEWS: He's a leftist? I thought he was a business guy.

REP. BACHMANN: These are very concerning figures that are in Barack Obama's past.

MR. MATTHEWS: I thought Tony Rezko was some business guy. I didn't know he was a leftist, anti-American guy.

REP. BACHMANN: Yeah, that's troubling too. Well, that's troubling too. Take a look at these associations, Chris, and add them all up --

MR. MATTHEWS: Well, let me --

REP. BACHMANN: -- and this is the totality of the package that Barack Obama has been, in Sarah Palin's words, palling around with. These are his friends. These are his associates. Very troubling.

MR. MATTHEWS: How many Congress people, members of Congress, do you think are in that anti-American crowd you described? How many Congress people do you serve with? I mean, it's 435 members of Congress.

REP. BACHMANN: Right now --

MR. MATTHEWS: How many are anti-American in the Congress right now that you serve with?

REP. BACHMANN: You'd have to ask them, Chris. I'm focusing on Barack Obama and the people that he's been associating with. And I'm very worried about --

MR. MATTHEWS: But do you suspect that a lot of people you serve with --

REP. BACHMANN: -- their anti-American nature.

MR. MATTHEWS: Well, he's a United States senator from Illinois. He's one of the people you suspect as being anti-American. How many people in the Congress of the United States do you think are anti- American? You've already suspected Barack Obama. Is he alone, or are there others? How many do you suspect of your colleagues as being anti-American?

REP. BACHMANN: What I would say -- what I would say is that the news media should do a penetrating expose and take a look. I wish they would. I wish the American media would take a great look at the views of the people in Congress and find out, are they pro-America or anti-America? I think people would love to see an expose like that.

MR. MATTHEWS: Okay, thank you very much, U.S. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann of Minnesota.



She would like a witch hunt in the Congress to track down "anti-American" politicians based on who they associate with, even if they only served on a committee with someone?

This woman is anti-American, just like Joe McCarthy before her.

Let us not assassinate this lad further, Madame Congresswoman. You've done enough. Have you no sense of decency, ma'am? Have you left no sense of decency?"

Thank you,Congresswoman Bachmann for voicing what so many of Americans are questioning right now.Those of us who are doing our homework,away from the hype of the media, are finding many Socialist/Marxist associations and mentors in Barack Obama's past,and we DO NOT want to see him elected president of the United States of America and turn it into USSA.Why have the media not addressed these VERY DISTURBING ties that Obama has?They have spent months putting him in the spotlight,on every magazine and website,to the point that I feel like they're promoting Hitler.It is very serious when none of our "journalistic" media have the guts to explore these serious dark corners in Obama's past and present,and yet they can spend weeks tearing Sarah Palin apart.Where are the investigations of William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright,Tony Rezko,Nadhi Auchi, ad what about Obama's GLOBAL POVERTY ACT that would cost Americans billions and make us accountable to the UN?

They tell us that if we dont learn from history we are doomed to repeat it. To hear Michele Bachmann call the Obamas anti-american and call for a probe of the Congress to see who is pro
or anti american is something I never thought
I would hear a politician ever say again. Im 60 years old and so I dont remember much about McCarthy except for what we were taught in school later about that era. This woman is a disgrace to her office. The hate and racisim
that she preaches surrepticiously using coded
words does not escape us. I will contribute
to her opponent, even though I live in California, and participate in any petition
to ask that she be censured for her statements.
I hope that she is defeated, she doesnt deserve
to hold the office that she does and I believe
that she does not speak for the people of Minnisota.

My mother, Coya Knutson, was Minnesota's first Congresswoman, 84th and 85th Congresses. I can only imagine how shocked she would be to hear a Member of the Minnesota delegation sink to such a low. This week a Minnesotan at a McCain rally called Obama an Arab. Now a Congresswoman questions Obama's patriotism. The nation much think we are a State of nuts and fruitcakes.
I can only hope MS. Bachmann will be defeated. She no longer deserves the title of Congresswoman.

Does Rep. Bachman think that veterans, that were wounded and disabled in combat, and support Barack Obama are anti-American? She has demonstrated that she does not support the values that the United States is based upon.

Wow!! This woman is nuts.. Is she delusional and must be watching Sean Hannity and listening to Rush Limbaugh 24 hours a day and living in a bubble.
For America's sake, I hope she is just one of those crazies. But the scary part is how did she get elected???

Michele Bachmann is my representitive in the sixth district in Minnesota. I could not believe what I was hearing on national television. I am ashamed, and embarrased by her comments. My father spent five of the best years of his life fighting fascism across North Africa, Sicily, Italy (Anzio, and Monte Cassino) across France into the Ardennes and finally into Germany, where he and his fellow Third Division men opened the gates at Dachau and fed the starving abandoned Jews. He was in Audie Murphie's colour guard at the ceremonies in Nurenburg. I thought fascism died with Hitler, but it has reared it's ugly head in my own district. Michele must apologize to all of us living and dead for her comments. For a veiw of what this kind of talk can lead to go to this site.
My dad was there, it haunted him his whole life.
this kind of talk must be condemned.

Rep. Bachmann is unfit for office. Her comments about people who do not agree with her political positions should not be tolerated. Ask Senator McCain if his insinuations and those of Sarah Palin are possibly the cause of statements such as these by Rep. Bachmann. Ask John McCain if he can see the hate his campaign tactics have instilled in America.

She is the same woman who said she was voting against the bailout because she said it would save union pension funds. This woman is a threat to America and its values. Please Minnesota vote her out and get her away from Washington DC.

I watched this interaction between Chris Matthews and Ms Bachmann. I absolutely could not believe my ears. I could not believe that a person serving in our congress could allow herself to go so low with the unfounded allegations and insinuations. For what purpose? To promote McCain winning at any cost? Does she think people would want a president who needed to get in the gutter to win? What does that say about them and what kind of administration would he run if he made it to the White House as president. We have had abuses of power and name calling for the past 8 years. John McCain and Michelle Bachman have proven that this is all they have to offer to the people. I hope her opponent will keep her home the next term and help Washington get cleaner.

I am from MN and not in Michelle Bachman's district to cast my vote for Tinklenberg. But Tinklenberg has seen an outpour of donors all over the country since the Hardball interview. Please donate as little as $5 to support her opponent to get her out of office. This country does not need more fear mongering and hatred.

Please understand Michelle Bachmann is not a typical Minnesotan. We are hoping this is the only term she serves in Congress. She is an embarrassment to Minnesota. The Democrats have a wonderful candidate running against her.

Thank you Michelle Bachman. Obama wasn't the one who told us about his ill mentored associates. It was found out. and he still won't tell the whole truth. Just what does obama have in mind for all America? Is he only focusing on hardworking Americans that provide for their family? Who does obama hang out with? Madonna? Is she going to be taxed the same? or will Obama get to pick and choose who he wants to steal from?

Why didn't you ask the Congresswoman about Sarah Palin's anti-American ties to the Alaskan separatists? Why didn't you ask her about John McCain's ties to G. Gordan Libby???

I wouldn't have let Bachmann spout off this line of garbage.

Well said Rep. Bachmann. It gives me great joy to see responsible people stand to irresponsible ones!

What kind of cretins elected this fiend from Minnesota? Haven't been in that State in 15 years and after hearing the raw sewage and claptrap from this "representative" of Minnesota, I wouldn't drop 5 cents in that state ever again.

Who knew that Palin was merely the tip of the iceberg of resurgent Fascism, rekindled by Newt Gingrich's infamous "Contract On America" in '94, but tracing its roots back to the admitted criminal Nixon's California campaign for Congress? Bachmann is the worst kind of politician-- an ignoramus who is proud of her uninformed and factually wrong opinions. When did intellect and knowledge become liabilities in our political representatives? It is encouraging to see the response of true American patriots contributing to Bachmann's opponent, in defense of democracy and our Constitution, still the law of the land. God Bless America, and protect us all from traitors within.

Well, great for Rep. Bachmann!! There are a lot of Democrats that feels the same way she does.

And it took great courage for her to speak out like this, and on this network!

Guess she will be the next to be silenced by Obama's lawyers....

A lot people have been crawling out of under the rocks since McCain campaign went "divisive". It's one thing going negative, and it's another going "divisive". I think the RNC and McCain has gone completely and totally "Divisive". Divide and conquer.

Anyway, to Michelle Bachmanns comment that all liberals are anti American -

To her comment on all liberals are anti American, there are a whole bunch of Americans who died for this country. Maybe she should get out of her office, go across town and visit Walter Reed. She will meet a lot of liberals there, who have lost their arms, legs, eyes, their mind. Maybe she wants to put them in prison too.

How about take a trip down to Iraq, and she will find some liberal soldiers there, and as she said, they are anti-American and maybe she can put them in prison.

How about going down to Afghanistan, and maybe she can put about half the US soldiers there in prison.

How about the CIA operatives. Currently I bet most of the CIA agents are Asians, particularly south Asians operating in countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and Americans of middle eastern origin operating in the mid-east. I bet almost all these guys are liberals and maybe she should put them in prison.

How about all those graves in Arlington, maybe she should have about half of them dug up, and incinerated!

She could fire about half the generals.
She could start by firing half the policemen, half the fire fighters.

About 67% of military donations went to Barack Obama. Does that mean about half of US soldiers serving in Iraq are liberals and anti-American? Maybe they are also terrorists because they associated themselves with Barack Obama, and hence indirectly funded Bill Ayers movement. It might be a good idea bringing back all the soldiers home!

When is her seat up for re-election? I want to send money to her opponent! Does she get it? The reason she is where she is is because of the liberals. The reason she is a Senator is because of the liberals.

Michelle, crawl back under the rock please, you are embarrassing us Americans!

And below is the link for the video of Katrina vanden heuvel's stinging rebuke for same,

And here is a link for those of us who would like to sign the petititon asking congress to censure this throwback to tailgunner joe.

Since she appeared on Hardball, Americans all over the country have given over $500,000 to Bachmann's opponent to kick her out of Congress!

She is a disgrace and has no place in American Politics unless she joins the Fascist Party.

Don't just sit there! Do something!

Finally someone willing to tell the truth about how un-America it is to group together with demonstratively anti-American people who are bent on destroying our United States. Rep Bachmann is GREAT. Thank you for reporting this.

The candidates are pro-themselves, and whoever throws money at them. That is the way it has always been, and it will continue to be.

Speaking of Minnesota, did the candidate of "change" ever say anything about the arrests and general rousting that was done by Minnesota "law enforcement" personnel during the Republican National Convention?

Remember, Bachman blamed Blacks and minorities for the financial crisis during Congressional hearing in September. That's the same tactic used by hate groups who've been blaming Jewish people for the crisis. Why does she continue to be given a platform to spew her own anti-American hate?

Shame on you Ms. Bachman. You are certainly entitled to belong to the party of your choice and vote as you please, but so do the rest of us. I may vehemently disagree with your political views and consider them to be extremist, right winged and a real danger to the rest of america. But I would never, due to our differences, categorize you as "anti-american". It is the diversity of opinions parties, ideas which make us all a better (and stronger) country. You owe not only Obama and his associates an apology, but the rest of us to whom you cast your dispersions. It would be very interesting to see how you categorize our current president, pro or anti, based upon his lies, secrecy, and the wholesale destruction of the economic well being of this and many other countries. Is he, and are his cohorts, still one of the good guys?

McCarthyism? What year is this?
I am disgusted with "that one" woman
Wish I'd seen the show

That woman is an embarrassment to the state of Minnesota as well as the USA. I hope she gets trounced on November 4th.

So, does this mean people who vote for Obama are also un-American?

I am a very, VERY, pro-America, anti-the-current-administration, citizen who is appalled by Congresswoman Bachmann's statements.

If we are going to do the whole guilt-by-association thing, does this mean that all the other Republicans that served on the board that both Obama and Ayers served on are therefore un-American? Or that Senator McCain, who has often hung out with CONVICTED criminals like Charles Keating or G. Gordon Liddy is also a criminal by association?

Or, is it just that anyone who expresses anger at how the current governement is trampling on the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of Americans, or who expresses anger at a time in their past when they were treated unfairly is somehow UN-American,? What form of logic is that?

This woman is over the edge. Disagreeing with a person's politics, or ideas is one thing. Calling someone un-American is something else.

What about future Americans? Our children deserve the BEST, don't you think? That means continuing to improve on this great country. Why in the world would it be a bad thing to talk about the good and bad, LISTEN to peoples' positive and negative thoughts on this country, and then have a full picture of how things are. Do we really want a President who can only listen to people who tell him 'nice' things'?

I think people like Obama, and others mentioned by this woman talk about the things they do so that this country can be even BETTER than it is today. They are very brave and should be commended for their willingness to hear all sides.

Finally, I think maybe they love this country way TOO much for some people's liking...

PS: Will my response now put me on Congresswoman Bachmann's 'anti'-American list?

Joe McCarthy is alive and well and even wearing a dress in Minnesota.

That was positively frightening when I watched it, and it wasn't any better reading it. Brrrrr.....

This "congresswoman" is extremely dangerous to the American public. She actually believes that Barack Obama is anti-American? Republicans will say anything to try and make a case of something that abdolutely has no merit. John McCain has had some shady "pals" himself in the past...G. GORDON LIDDY...CHARLES KEATING...RET. GENERAL JOHN SINGLAUB...Attorney WILLIAM TIMMONS...just to name a few. John McCain is very lucky no one has brought up his PALS! In a way I wish that someone would. Maybe then the republican party can stop with their unsubstantiated claims and down right dirty tactics. They should be ashamed of themselves...Oh I forgot, REPUBLICANS HAVE NO SHAME!..

I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO EMBARRASSED TO BE FROM MINNESOTA! God help us if she wins again! I just made an on-line donation to her democratic opponent Elwin Tinkleberg even though I don't live in his district. (They said on our news tonight that he's received $450,000 in campaign contributions since Bachmann's interview aired yesterday.)

I am embarrassed that this whack job is from Minnesota! Fortunately she isn't from my district so I don't feel personally responsible. I can't beleive she will win in November now that she has pushed her radical views into the national spotlight. Everyone is welcome to their opinion but Bachman wants to bring back McCarthyism to investigate all the liberals. She and Palin are two of a kind, hopefully there aren't to many more of them around. TJ Jones

Ms Sweet, would you please tell Chris...that as a result of this McCarthyist "conversation," Michele Bachmann's opponent, El Tinkenberg, has received - half a million bucks? - in Internet donations. (Last I heard late afternoon today: he was at $488,000 plus, and from the blogs I've been reading, he's still getting donations even as I type...)
BTW: Thanks for the full transcript. There were things she said I didn't fully catch until reading them now...and all I can say is: wow.

As soon as I heard these comments by Michelle Bachmann, I called my congressman, State Senator, the Democratic Senator from Minnesota, and The L.A. Times to register my protests. Isn't it about time for liberals to stand up to these facists and say we are not going to take being called unamerican or unpatriotic because we don't agree with you. These people seem to forget that Thomas Jefferson said it is the responsibility of all citizens to question their government. They also seem to forget the main tenets of the Bill of Rights, i.e., freedom of speech, religion, the press, assembly, and freedom from warrantless searches. They only seem to remember the right to bear arms.
The specter of Joseph McCarthy has been rearing it's ugly head again. We cannot allow this to happen in this country. The hate and vitriol is skewing the debate. Let,s get to discussing the issues and froget the personal attacks. Dean Smith

Representative Bachmann is right on if the media would escape their rosey Obama fog and report on the company that Obama has kept...

Media will fail us, again. Obama is socialist. Wake up, people. McCain is not perfect, Palin is a force to be reckoned with, but they clearly are pro-America!!

Voting for the American candidates..McCain/Palin!!!

Besides, while I hate the thought of more Obama in IL, its better than him as President!

Calling Obama a socialist is like calling McCain a Nazi.

Wake up conservative America....

We're back !

Over half a million bucks in donations and still growing.

I haven't been this proud of my fellow liberal AMERICANS in a long time.

When Michelle Bachmann gets defeated in this election (God willing) it won't be the end of the damage she perpetrates. She and her husband operate a Christian counseling business in Minnesota. Check out the website, it's creepy. They're singlehandedly trying to reform homosexuals. This woman AND her husband are sick and dangerous.

At long last, the Mcain campaign has no shame. And apparently, judging by some of the posters here, neither do their spporters. Try reading a book or something, you benighted chimps.

Get a grip people. Bachmann called for the media to investigate Congress.

Are you saying you DON'T want the media to investigate Congress? The media shouldn't ever question our beloved Congress? That you love and adore Congress so much that once someone is elected they should be beyond questioning by the media?

I guess some of you would prefer that the media investigate plumbers who dare question The One. When exactly did Congress achieve Diety status?

This is another case of taking things out of context.

In context it's clear that Matthews was trying to bait her into her conjuring up some number of Congressmen that were anti-American.

She did not take the bait.. so RESPONDED with, that sort of thing is up to the press to do.

It was Chris Matthews who wanted to be McCarthy by asking for others who were UnAmerican.

Please people. .. lets use our heads and not be manipulated by the Media.

The Congresswoman agrees with you.. the govt should not be investigating everyone... that is something the press does, if anyone should do it.

So why is the Congresswoman now the bad guy for refusing Matthews' bait?

Can we now state the obvious? Sarah Palin is utterly unqualified to be vice president. She is a feisty, charismatic politician who has done some good things in Alaska. But before McCain selected her a few weeks ago, she has never spent a day thinking about any important national or international issue, and this is NOT the time to start.

Thank you for voicing what many patriotic Americans are thinking, but afraid to say aloud. Now, millions more dollars have been contributed to his agenda. I am sure this could not have come from the "middle class" he seems to be so fond of touting. We wouldn't be able to afford such an obscene amount of money.

Since Michelle Bachman has clear views of what is anti-American, I wonder what is pro-American in her eyes? For the record, Helen Keller, Albert Einstein and Earnest Hemingway all described themselves as "socialists" at one time or another.

This is simply a continuation of class warfare by the Republican Party. It is also further proof that so called Christians like her are not in any way, shape or form Christian. They are running evil campaigns, dividing the country, promoting hate and spitting in the face of Jesus with every attempt to belittle their opponents as anti-America.

It's about time that somebody finally has the guts to stand up about the nonsense that is taking place.

God Bless Joe the Plumber who asked the The One a question. I forgot we can not ask our politicans difficult questions. Is this what our government has become?

Get ready for Socialism! The reducation is starting soon.

I saw her and I hope she is voted out of office what a disgrace to have someone in congress with power to try and belittle fellow americans. If anyone is anti-american it is you MICHELLE.

This divisiveness and vituperation, fired by Gov Palin, allowed to continue by Sen. McCain is so damaging for this country. The conservative Republicans have had it their way so long, that lies become truths, and repeated lies become facts, and distortion become new facts. So many conservative Republicans are as appalled by this as am I. But so few stand up. Liberalism is simply a word. It means, to most who would call themselves thus, a heightened awareness of social issues and a sense of responsibility to others, American, Republican, human.
If that is bad, then I must be crazy and liberal.

this ugliness is a shame to all of us. this women is an American, speaking this way. Stand up.

I have just donated $25 to Elwyn Tinklenberg, Michele Bachmann's opponent. I do not live in Minnesota and I have made this contribution wholly on the basis of Michele Bachmann's appearance and comments on Hardball, where, among other mind-numbing statements, she called for an investigation of anti-Americanism among members of Congress and the Senate.

This woman is intellectually, morally, spiritually, and politically bankrupt - and a menace both to the nation and to human decency.

Michele Bachman's comments are perhaps the most frightening thing I have ever witnessed. She is the one who is "unAmerican". Isn't this country all about its citizens having the right to hold their own beliefs and voice those beliefs without being singled out in McCarthy-like tactics? I was raised to believe that my freedoms included the freedom of thought and speech. In the words of my college age son, "I love this country but sometimes it embarrasses me." Michele Bachmann is just such an embarrassment.

Someone said it took "Guts for her to say this...on that network." MSNBC is so bad? For every Olbermann or Maddow, there is a Scarborough or Buchanan. Bachmann has been a dangerous threat to this nation for quite some time. She, along with fellow "Congressmen" King, Poe, Gingery, and Issa are the ones who should be investigated for inciting hate and fear across not just their districts but this great country.

Bill Maher has been trying to tell people about her for a while.

Proudly behind the Obama/Biden tickets.

I just donated to Bachman's Democratic adversary.

Don't just b|tch, make her oponant's campaign rich.

If we don't stop the fascists HERE - and NOW - and FOREVER MORE - they'll just keep rising again.


Fascism ?! Never Again. Period.

Just when I though Mean Jane (Jean Schmidt) was the low water mark of bitter partisan fear-mongering politics, in came Michele Bachmann. My fellow Americans, I nominate Bachmann to replace Palin. I think Bachmann is at least a bit smarter than Palin, if not meaner.

I saw most of the interview and was SO glad Mr. Matthews chased her down. She is a disgrace.

However hateful her views, she is entitled to them and to speak them. But if I lived in her district, I'd be on the phone with her, letting her know she doesn't represent my views. And indeed, if she doesn't represent the views of the people of that district, they ought to get dump her on Election Day. She is delusional, whacked out and isn't mentally able to hold office.

This woman just doesn't know when to shut up. From now on, every time she opens her mouth, I'm donating $10. I'm up to $50 so far. I have a feeling this is gonna cost me. I may as well just click to send $500 and be done with it.

I can't help it. I guess Bachmann would call me a "liberal elitist with money burn from on of those "anti-American" parts of the country.

Wow, I wonder why Bachman is not all up in arms over Sarah Palin's Un-American ties to the Alaskan Independence Party? Why isn't the media making a bigger deal out of THAT?

Sarah's husband was a card-carrying member of that party, and Sarah herself addressed their convention THIS YEAR. This is the group that wants to break away from the USA and have Alaska become an independent country. Last time a state tried that, it started the Civil War!!!

Sounds pretty Un-American. Why didn't Chris Matthews say something about THAT when confronted with this hooey?

This Bachman woman is a fool. Apparently, her opponent raised $250,000 OVERNIGHT after this interview aired. I hope she loses this election.

Chris, I love your show and your style, and I liked your tough questions to the Congresswoman, but I was surprised that you did not ask her about Sarah and Todd Palin's affiliation with the Alaska Independence Party, whose founder, Joe Vogler (whom I call Joe the Extremist) expressed on tape and video his profound and unmitigated hatred for America, the American flag, and the Supreme Court (see attached UTube link). Vogler was murdered while in the process of buying illegal explosives. Todd Palin was a member of the AIP for seven years, and Palin endorsed the group. Hmm... pallin' around with domestic terrorists...? I think we need to look into this further... Why is the media practically mum about this, while the robocalls are being echoed through the land? Please have a look at this:

The public needs to know. Thanks.


It's about time that America gets a liberal, leftist President! The world has evolved (and Bachman's "real" Americans who haven't evolved with it need to either do so now, or be left behind).

Folks in this country who would suspect and loathe others who aren't white, middle-of-the-road consumers who profess to be Christians are, collectively, THE PROBLEM. It is these fearful, angry people who are the anti-American ones as they frighteningly resemble the Nazis, the Serbian Nationalists and, dare I day, the Taliban and Islamist extremists who have always been the sworn enemies of freedom and Democracy, and, in most cases, enemies of America itself.

The last thing we need is more small-mindedness. The last thing we need is more ignorance and hatred. The last thing we need is to have ultraconservative, right-wing, anti-American candidates, like McCain and Palin, telling Americans that we all need to keep our heads in the sand and be more like "Joe the Plumber". Regardless of who the real Joe is, the "Joe the Plumber" template is someone who fears Muslims, fears immigrants, fears minorities -- and hates everyone he/she fears and wouldn't mind carpet-bombing any part of the world deemed "evil" (to use George W. Bush terminology). Is THAT truly the "average American"?

The fact of the matter is that this election isn't about America in a vacuum. This election is about the WORLD, and acknowledging the fact that America is only one of many countries, and that, to survive as a human race, we all need to start working together. You've seen a glimmer of global cooperation between the major central banks in response to the financial crisis -- this can be seen as an extension of the spirit of the UN, NATA, the Kyoto Protocol, the International Criminal Court, and on and on and on...

If this SCARES Joe the Plumber because it sounds like ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, then Joe, perhaps, needs to take a breath and take his head out of his "Left Behind" series paperback. This is ONE WORLD -- why should that be so frightening? It's a pity that folks in other countries can't vote in this election too -- because so many people around this world realize that President Barack Hussein Obama is the best that America has to offer.

So, bring on our liberal, left-leaning President! He's exactly what this country needs and is anything BUT anti-American!!!!!!

This is why Americans wear Canadian flags when they go overseas.

We don't hate America, we're just embarrassed of the hyper-aggressive, narrow-minded, egotistical, bigoted whack jobs who have been running OUR country lately.

It's shocking how many republicans take their own beliefs in God, taxes, abortion, and war and attribute that to the one and only "AMERICAN BELIEF".

That means that anyone who disagrees with them is anti-American.

Not only do they consider that common-sense logic, they call that justification for anything they could ever want to do against anyone who disagrees with them.

This is nothing new from the GOP. This despicable current of sewage has been welling up behind the republican party since their last perceived anti-christ entered office. That's one thing we can blame on Bill Clinton.


McCarthyism raises its head right as McCain sinks in the polls despite his Ayers etc attacks.

Coincidence? I think not.

What's that smell we smell? *sniff sniff* smells like desperation to me.

Republicans are terrified to lose control. Look at the mess the republicans and their president have given this country. Maybe they are afraid that they will actually be held accountable and made to pay reparations for the mess they are leaving. It is time for these people to look in their hearts and admit that they only care what happens to their jobs and don't give a darn what happens to the rest of this country. Good riddance, I say. Republican party, don't let the screen door hit you on your way out.....

I think Cris Matthews is so bias. It doesn't matter what anyone says questioning Obama. He has a one track mind and is not fair. He is not a fair commentator. He only want Obama to win even though his character has to be questioned. Obama is BUYING THE ELECTION with MSNBC people like Cris, Keith Rachael etc. UNFAIR





It has been a long time coming for this stupid woman. She is so racist until she can hardly control it. I hope the people of Minnisota will send her to an early retirement this year. Personally, I am tired of seeing her phoney smile which seems like it was painted on her face anyway. I hope her dumb Palin is worth the trouble she is facing for her remarks.

Congresswoman Bachmann's comments are offensive for many obvious reasons that have nothing to do with either Senator Obama or Senator McCain. I watched her on Hardball and her performance was shocking and horrifying. Ms. Bachmann exemplifies that which those who hate American would like for us to embrace. To suggest that people should be investigated to determine whether they have "anti-American" views goes against the foundations of our nation.

Yeesh...are ALL female Republican politicians this ignorant? From what I've seen with this woman and the ever-babbling Caribou Palin, the Republican party should be hanging their heads in shame and embarrassment. Man, am I glad I'm an Independent!

Atheist Pat Tilman gave up pro football stardom to fight (and die) in Afghan.
Was he un-American for not believing

I think your show is one sided and sucks.You've got more radical people on your show and feeding you info: than any republican affiliates do.And you feed off of it like an addiction.You can really tell it when you hate,and I do mean hate someone and their convictions.You're a smart person but not the only smart person.Why don't you pick on someone else besides sara palin for a change?How about biden?At least sara palin has patriotic themes to her premis not a kenyan circle dance.Like it or not Obama is a radical,dark,evil that's spreading already,and it shows with a lot of you dumb public figures and so called actors.


The press mocks Palin because she is an idiot, if you hadn't noticed that. Even our fellow Republicans and Conservatives are coming out to decry her choice as VP. The Press concentrates on Palin because "we the people" can't believe what we're hearing.

I am a conservative and I swooned during her RNC speech. But after 7 weeks of unmitigated stupidity, no-one, and I repeat NO-ONE as vapid as Palin, regardless of how "American" they are, should be chosen to be put in soo important a position. And I dare you to call me Un-American for LOVING MY COUNTRY!!! I am a National Guard Veteran, Christian, and a Conservative.

Palin represents a schism in the conservative movement. She is neither a true Republican or a true conservative. She is a proud half-wit who has no clue what conservatism means...and neither do you. How so?...well if you think I'm an "Un-American Traitor" because I don't like her, then SHOVE IT! Are you going to kick me out of the Republican Party? And you call McCain and Conservative?!?! Is he any different from Obama?!?! Or do you ALSO not pay attention to McCains history of tax and spend "socialist" economic policies.

Our Republican Party deserves soo much more than a Faux Republican (McCain) and a dim-wit (Palin) as our standard bearers. I sure as HELL won't vote for Obama, but for reasons different than your own. You are reactionary and easily manipulated by fear...and you are a mockery of a true conservative. McCain will lose because he's soo busy calling Obama a "terrorist" that he's forgotten to appeal to real conservatives who want none of this GARBAGE!!!!!!!!.

Freddy, the Republican Party is in deep trouble when they start calling anyone NOT Republican "Un-American". And if you can't fathom something so easy to comprehend, then there is no cure for stupid.

I was shocked by her first statement about Blacks and minorities are to blame for the meltdown. I am Black and have always paid my mortgage on time. Believe it or not, many of my friends are Black and they too have their houses. Michele is insane, and I will contribute to the Democrat (I can't remember his name, but will find it)in her state that's running against her.

It was also embarrassing to see her try to talk her way out of what was actually said in the Chris Matthews interveiw. LIAR!!!!!

Just look into Michele's eyes. You can actually see the craziness. I wonder if she can say LAME DUCK?

Kim Henyr in her attempt to echo Michelle Bachman's sleazy baseless attacks, by ranting the following:

"Those of us who are doing our homework,away from the hype of the media, are finding many Socialist/Marxist associations and mentors in Barack Obama's past,and we DO NOT want to see him elected president of the United States of America and turn it into USSA."

Okay Kim, lets explore some real, documented and more substantive Obama associations. What about Barack Obama's long-time associations with Billionaire Warren Buffet, Republican Senator Dick Lugar, former Secretary of State General Colin Powell, Nobel Prize Economist Paul Krugman etc.? Are these Socialist/Marxist mentors too?

Oh, and are we to assume then that John Mccain is himself a terrorist for his well known, documented association with G. Gordon Liddy, one of Nixon's hit-man and actual domestic terrorist?

Kim, a word of advise, be careful of the labels you through around.

Who do you think orchestrated this housing meltdown by forcing banks to lend to bums???? It's all in the Pelosi, Obama, Reid, Frank SOCIALIST plan. This started with Carter as an unsuspecting boob, but these criminals saw it as a way to bring down our economy. If the economy was anywhere NEAR healthy, Obama's socialist agenda wouldn't stand a chance. To me, orchestrating an economic collapse is un-American. Hmm, come to think of it, so is "God Damn America". So is bombing the Pentagon, the Capitol. Hmm, so is stifling our ability to harvest OUR OWN ENERGY RESOURCES! Do you see a socialist pattern? If you don't, you're probably an Obama voter, i.e., an unknowing co-conspirator. Good luck with that.

Is Michelle Backman nutz?

How disgusting. I am from Ms Bachmann's district. Before we are judged too harshly,
please remember that Paul Wellstone was from
Minnesota, too.

If she wins, I'm moving.

So this is how we treat people who honestly speak their minds? It certainly appears that Chris Matthews had an agenda in this interview and it had nothing to do with searching for the truth. He baited Representative Bachmann, twisted her responses and shaped the whole episode into a misconception that could be used in a future soundbite. When people oppose the tenets of the Constitution of the United States of America, they could fairly be interpreted as being un-American. What is happening to us as a nation? Are we as mezmerized as Germany was in the 1930's by a powerful speaker who proposed solutions that were later revealed to be disasterous to them and all others? Beware America. Thank you, Michele Bachmann, for attempting to be heard above the crowd of loud nonsense that is being imposed on this land.

I am from Ms Bachmann's district. And she has earned my vote. Not many are brave enough to speak out about these associations of Obamas. Ms. Bachmann is calling the media to do their job and find out what these associations mean. Does America want to be represented by a someone with these kinds of associations. Instead of attacking the messenger why not look into these views and find out the truth. America needs a President who loves America, who can keep standing up for America and, keep America great.

Just to make sure I am getting this clear.

Rep. Bachmann goes on a network with an obvious bent against Republicans. It was quite obvious he was trying to goad her into saying something. He is the one who used the phrase 'anti-American' first with his question "if you have liberal views you have anti-American views whats the connection? I don't get it what is the connection between liberal, leftist and anti-American?" That would be what would be called "gotcha journalism". When she tried to answer the question he asked another, then she tried to answer again he asked it again. Usually you see something like that on Law and Order. But again nothing that is surprising from MSNBC. So the issue is she made the accusation of some people expressing 'anti-american' views. If a comment or attitude speaks negatively/denigrating way about the country is that 'anti-american'? Comments such U.S of KKK.A. Accusing soldiers of criminal acts (of which they were exonerated) etc. Could even referring to the current President's actions as being 'unamerican' could be considered 'anti-american'? No matter how you slice it there are way too many people who think it is to their advantage to speak ill of this country, politicians, media, et al. This person saying the country is a mean place, that person saying so and so is unpatriotic. Is this a topic that should be discussed, examined? If we are to move pass some of the the divisiveness is this country, yes. Was this the most delicate way to bring it up, no. But the Box has been open, it is what we do with the after affects that is important. But based on the comments I have seen leveled against the voters of Minnesota and her district, of which I am one, it is apparent we really are not ready to get over that divisiveness. And as to the derogatory comments, remind me again who are the 'tolerant' ones? You may now resume your regularly scheduled attacks.

The liberal leftest media will not stop until America is knocked down to a third world socialist republic.

Go ahead and defend these who hate the American
way Of Life!

Palin/Bachmann 2012! Only half joking. You libs are scared of these women. Palin will run and will win. It won't be Jindal - another muslim claiming to be a Christian? Not gonna happen. PALIN 2012!

This idiot is in Congress? Wow, are we in trouble. What a complete and utter moron.


looking back at this transcript, and at the comments that followed I can see why this country is in the shape that it is in. When people ask ligitamet questions and bring up troubling concerns that have a strong basis and our so called journalist do everything in there power to dismiss it and vilenize the person asking it.

F@#? Ed Schultz, Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, and Rachel Maddow: These Socialist-supporting, Communist-committed, Marxist-Loving, Nontransparent-Cheating, False-Hope Preaching, Progressive-idiots want the U.S. Constitution Abolished, and/or at least heading in that direction. When Socialist-Dictators from 3rd-World countries praise your economic achievements, you better "MEASURE TWICE, and CUT ONCE" your understanding of your countries future.


This is not CANADA! This is not a "HATE" speech from a 'Right-Wing Nut,' or even a 'Right-Winger,' this is an opinion from an AMERICAN who doesn't need to think but UNDERSTAND that there is hate everywhere, against anyone, at anytime, about anything, from everywhere (there are BUSH haters on the left & OBAMA haters on the right).

Anyone who agrees with the reigning Administration must want to know WHEN to piss, WHO to kiss, WHEN to play, WHERE to work, and WHERE to lay (live). Anyone who agrees with the reigning Administration must have bought, what they couldn't afford; have trespassed, where they didn't live; have barrowed, what they couldn't pay back; listened, to what they didn't understand, and are now preaching, what they know nothing of.

MSNBC, CNN, and the Obama Administration worry more about the well-being and opinions of Domestic/Islomic Terrorist then they do about the well-being and majority, that represent the AMERICAN PEOPLE. They must be more worried about the well-being of 20% of the country, then they are about the well-being of the majority, 80% of the country.

If you can't read or understand the Constitution, then get out of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, quickly!

So we just passed a Health Care Law in order to know what is in it; written by a committee whose chairman says he didn't understand it; passed by a congress that didn't read it and exempts themselves from it; Signed by a hypocritical-president who is a smoker; from funding administered by a treasury chief who didn't pay his taxes; all to be overseen by a sergeon general who by military standards is obese; all to be financed by a country that is broke.



Matthews thinks he can insult and be rude to everybody b/c he has a mic, but oftentimes he lacks the witt and he gets whacked. He was the only moron there. Bachmann's answers swatted him like a fly... poor guy, she did ridicule him.

McCarthysm is a good thing

On a bit of a different line here, did you all see the Mathews-Bachmann confrontation on election night? OMG, this woman embarassed Mathews!!!! I'm usually OK with Mathews, but he was a bit out of line with Bachmann, trying to poke her a bit during her celebration party. That's Mathews' job, I know, but he sure got spanked with her response, which she delivered with a smile on her face. THis woman is a killer, no doubt.

She was right. No one with the exception of Lynn Sweet and Carol Marin ever even bothered to try to track Obama down and get him to answer hard questions.
Matthews latest pathetic pandering to the Obama-struck paltry MSNBC audience had him misrepresenting this exchange as one where Bachmann suggests congressional investigations when its clear she was simply suggesting it was long overdue for journalists to start digging deeper during the election season 2 years ago instead of heaping "thrilled leg" praises on President Teleprompter.

Although MSNBC's election night coverage was gratuitously partisan and boarder line adolescent in mood the question Chris Mathews posed to Michelle Backmann was by no means out of line. She's an elected Federal Congresswomen who stood 100% behind an extreme statement when she made it. Now that she has been re-elected it is completely with reason to call her on her statement. As you can see hypnotism had nothing to do with it and denial was everything. Even surrounded by a crowd that would have done back flips and cheered if she had answered yes in support of her statement still complete denial. Why, because she knows how ludicrous a statement it was that's why.

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