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Plouffe: "Gov. Palin is one of the best debaters in American politics"


ST. LOUIS--Obama campaign manager David Plouffe flew here on the Joe Biden plane and told this to reporters as he previewed the Biden-Sarah Palin debate tonight:

"Gov. Palin is one of the best debaters in American politics."

Technical term for this is raising expectations. But what is true is that I was told by a top McCain advisor that the McCain operation picked Palin after favorably viewing tapes of debates she was in when she ran for Alaska governor.


There is no doubt Palin won this debate by a landslide. Biden just kept the repeating the same lines Obama used which are false.

Thats not what the poll here is saying -

About 2000 plus people voted andbiden got about 73% approvers

Hector - Seriously, are you joking??!! Palin blundered this debate. She rehashed her talking points and couldn't give 1 detailed answer to anything! "We'll fight for freedom of economy" ?? What the hell does that mean? What a stupid statement. Biden ran circles around her and he was restraining himself. Palin got off easy. I guess you are the typical male who dreamed she was actually "winkin' atcha." That folksy talk sucked you right in. I feel sorry for you.

Raws- In what planet you live! Everybody before their debates rehased. Biden went home to Delaware to rehash. Biden said around 10 things which are utterly false & blatantly untrue. I hope you back to live in this beautiful planet.

Palin won easily. Those who say otherwise have an axe to grind for Obama. Too bad that there are so many of those people who will give their life for Obama and not even know who he is or what he is about. They just keep chanting in their minds, change, hope, Obama.

If they wake up to find him their president in January they will be crying by March.

I just hope that about 250 million people will decide to research all of the info out there about Obama that is not on the MSM between now and election day.

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