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Oprah Winfrey to headline Obama fund-raising weekend in Chicago


NASHVILLE--Oprah Winfrey joins the lineup for an Obama fund-raising weekend in Chicago aimed at female donors at the $2,300-per-person event starting Friday.

Winfrey, Obama's pal, attended the Democratic convention, stumped in key primary states for Obama and threw a fund-raiser for him at her California estate. I think this is her biggest high profile appearance for Obama to date for the general election.

The event is organized as an "issues conference" and features Barack and Michelle Obama, Joe and Jill Biden, as well as Winfrey and other luminaries from the Obama team.

From the invitation....

This weekend, please join Barack and Michelle Obama, Joe and Jill Biden, and special guest Oprah Winfrey at the National Women's Leadership Issues Conference in Chicago.

Come hear about the importance of women's leadership and the women's vote, and learn about Barack's vision for creating the kind of change we need.

National Women's Leadership Issues Conference
with Barack and Michelle Obama,
Joe and Jill Biden, and Oprah Winfrey


Women Leadership conference? What women leaders? All I see is men, and Oprah, I don't see Hillary, just the same men doing fundraising in a "women's leadership" conference organized by MEN.

I saw Barack Obama when he was last on Oprah's show. I'm glad she will be involved with his campaign this weekend, however, I regret that her speech will not be covered by the media. Obama is the best candidate this year and I'm so tired of hearing the "talking heads" ask why he can't close the deal. The reason is that is skin is Black. Barack and Michele Obama are such a class act. I am proud to see how they are responding to the nasty, hate-filled stuff that comes from Sarah Palin and John and Cindy McCain.

I have just listen to Fox News, Hannity & Holmes.
An interview with Mc Cain/Palin. I have newer heard such a dirty work from an reporter not
to mention the two kandidates MC Cain/Palin,
I hope America can restore its leadership by voting Obama/Biden

Barack & Company...You are in my daily prayer for total victory over the greed and corruption which has engulfed the world. Godspeed, and I am a supporter and believe in the cause of freedom.


God Bless Oprah??

For the first commenter - why don't you do a little research before running your mouth off about something you obviously have no clue about?

The list of women at the conference was pretty amazing -- Michelle Obama, Madeleine Albright, Susan Rice, Suze Orman, Lilly Ledbetter, Janet Napolitano, Amy Klobuchar, Penny Pritzker, Mellody Hobson...

And the entire event was organized by Women for Obama and the Women's Leadership Forum, all made of entirely of (surprise!), women.

My daughter was at the conference and she tells me that there were PLENTY of WOMEN with opinions and ideas, no less!

She is reinvigorated by being around so many women role models.


My daughter, Natalie Jones, is the DNC National Finance Director for the Women's Leadership Forum. She is from the Chicago area and now lives in DC. Natalie, her staff and others were instrumental in organizing this 2 day event that raised nearly $5 million and helped over 2000 women come together in support of our next President, President Obama. My wife and I went as CICs Cheerleaders-In-Chief and met many tremendous women including Suze Orman ... if she had a senior leadership roll in our government over the past 8 years I can assure you we would not as a nation be in the financial mess that we are.

George Jones

I attended the conference and found it to well-run, informative and inspiring. It was further evidence of how important it is to elect Barack Obama President of the United States. Your daughter and her team did an outstanding job. You must be very proud!

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