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Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama Joe and Jill Biden at Obama fund raiser in Chicago. Pool report


Pool report by Abdon Pallasch
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Pool report: Michelle Obama and the Bidens at Women for Obama, DNC Women's Leadership Forum
National Womens Leadership Issues Conf., Sheraton Hotel Chicago
About 1,000 women from around the countrying paid $2,500 to $28,500 to attend.

Oprah Winfrey spoke first - we were not admitted to that.

Jill Biden introduced her husband, saying, "It's great to be here with so many amazing women.
"There are 25 days left," she said. "Each of us needs to get up every day and keep at it. Every vote counts. Every dollar makes a difference.
"Many of you know my husband as the author of the Violence Against Women Act," she said to cheers fropm the crowd.
"Many of you know him as the senator who led the effort to keep Robert Bork off the supreme court." She also mentioned his opposition to John Roberts' and Sam Alito's nominations and his support for Equal Pay for Equal Work.

Joe Biden said he and Obama -- "We've been influenced by very strong women in our lives. It may sound corny, but you can tell how many strong women we were surrounded by growing up.
"One of the issues that was raised in my debate with Gov. Palin, at least I think it was a debate..." he said to laughter, "[was] the balance of work and family. I have to say I admire Gov. Palin bringing to the public eye the choices so many of you make every day of your lives."
"Being a woman is not the same as being THERE for women -- they are two different things," Biden said to cheers from the crowd. "Ladies and gentlemen, I guarantee you, Sen. Obama and I will be there for the things that matter for the women of America."
(more cheers)

"When the economy goes south, the first ones to suffer are the women," Biden said.
"John [McCain] didn't believe there was aby need for the Violence Against Women act. Tell the 1.5 million women who have called the battered women's hotlines that this was unnecessary. Tell the women who have been battered repeatdly by men who ignore the 'Stay Away' orders it wasn't needed. John doesn't get it.
"The next president is going to get up to three new [supreme court] appointments. What they do is going to have more impact and last longer than anything Barack Obama and I do they will be there for a generation.

Michelle Obama gave the keynote:

"The leadership of women will be critical, because we all know, when you need something done, we can get it done," Obama said. "Talk to your friends and your neighbors and your colleagues. Sit down with your mothers and your fathers and your sisters and your girlfiends and tell them about the issues at stake in this election.
"We have women here from almost every state in the country. All of you live in a swing state or near a swing state, so when you get home, start knocking on those doors. Start talking on the phone. Help us get the vote out for Barack and Joe. It's never been more important that all women make their voices heard."

Her husband understands the concerns of America's women, Obama said, like how are they going to be able to afford groceries, gas..."They are worried about how they going to afford college for their kids ... mammograms they know they need, but cant afford.
"He was raised by a young single mom who was 18 years old," she said. "Barack Obama gets it. He understands the heartbreak of a broken health care system."
Obama touted the endorsement of Lilly Ledbetter, the woman at the center of a U.S. Supreme Court case the Equyal Pay act aimed to 'correct.' The court's conservative majority ruled Ledbetter could not file suit against her employer for paying her less than men with the same experience because Ledbetter did not find out about the pay disparity until after the deadline to sue for unequal pay.

"Lilly Ledbetter endorsed Barack for president," Obama said. "I love Lilly. She's a strong woman. There is only one candidate who has stood up for women like me. There is only one team in this race who will fight to see women get equal pay for equal work."
Obama, who once worked in Mayor Daley's office, also put in a plug for Chicago tourism, saying, "This is a great city. Get out of the hotel. Go eat in a restaurant. Go shopping."

Barack Obama will address the group on Saturday.


Obama was no more than his usual bumbling, grunting, lost in thought, no nothing, and stand in for a real leader. That guy is corrupt and it’s amazing that Americans are ignoring very serious issues with Obama that MSM refuse to educate the American voter. A vote for Obama is a vote for the beginning of the END OF OUR GREAT BUT TROUBLED COUNTRY! CNN & MSNBC Saintly Obama seems to grow smaller the closer we approach him and find out the truth that cable news pundits can’t seem to find and or report? No longer can Americans trust the media, which was given special constitutional privileges to look out for the folks."Obama is an empty suit. From the day he was sworn in to the Senate to the date he declared his run for the presidency, is only 145 days on the job. He has literally no experience. (Not figuratively, literally!) He's not qualified to run a Dairy Queen. Recently, we witnessed the disgusting treatment of Hillary Clinton, including not being named Barack Obama's running mate in spite of the fact that she drew 18 million votes. No Republican has mentioned race, but it has been the trump card for the Obama campaign even to the point of accusing Bill Clinton of racism. The savage treatment of Sarah Palin by the Democratic attack machine has gone beyond the pale even involving reference to her Down syndrome baby. What possible reason could there be not to vote for Obama? Maybe because he isn't the right man for the job, regardless of race. Proven Obama has most liberal voting record in the U.S. Senate. Obama is to the left of Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Russ Feingold, Pat Leahy and Barbara Boxer. That's extremely difficult to do. Obama is a textbook big-government, tax-and-spend liberal. He plans to raise income tax rates; capital gains tax rates, Social Security taxes (by virtue of eliminating the cap), dividend taxes, inheritance taxes, and introduce a slew of new taxes. His plan will destroy this country "I think he can be ready, but right now I don't believe he is," Biden said in 2007. "The presidency is not something that lends itself to on-the-job training." In debate among Democratic hopefuls, moderator George Stephanopoulos pressed Biden whether he stood by a recent quote. Biden said, "I stand by that statement."

Obama is our hope for the oncoming years. We must as a nation and as a planet CHANGE our modus operandi. We cannot continue to live the way we do without serious consequences. It is time for more patience, understanding and tolerance towards all the worlds peoples. We must begin to realize that our natural global resources are limited. Without clean air, clean water we will not survive. This election goes beyond national party divisions: it speaks to the changes needed to bring our families and loved ones into a healthy and safe future.

All of a sudden right-wing extremists are concerned about how "terribly" Hillary Clinton was treated during the primaries. "By whom," may I ask. Did Obama force people to vote for him rather than her? I voted for Hillary in the primaries but I don't think she lost because of Obama. She simply ran a poor campaign. As a recovering Republican who made the worst mistake of my life by voting for Bush in 2000, shortly after which I lost my job, home, and health-care, I wouldn't be voting Republican anytime soon. Unless McCain can come out and condemn the entire economic philosophy that our party has pursued, I just have to say "thanks and no thanks" to quote the famous intellectual from Alaska, Sarah Palin.

Senator Obama and senator Biden have the leadership skill that America needs in this day and age.

It is just like a very strange dream. We have two candiates, none of which is perfert of course. However while we know a great deal of one, we know so very little of the other. It is clear to me why this candidate was so stealth in his approch to becoming elected. I am certain that Mr. Obama is a relatively decent fellow, but it bothers me to know end that such a person may be elected to the highest office of the United States. Not only is this a time that we need absolute certainty in our candidates, but we need real experience not a feel good sensation like we are children or something...

I think any one that steps up to lead a great country like the United States of America must be a person of vision and integrity. It takes courage and love for country to step up to such a task.

We are living in a period where we all need to co-operate and do our share in restoring the country's safety and goodwill to all - so I propose that we all remain calm and pray that all that appears wrong will be put right.

We are all anxious about things but we remain hopeful that things will turn out just right.

Republicans are running scared, so the kitchen sink ramblings you read above is what they have. It's all they have.
Obama will only raise your taxes if you make over 250000./year. Most small businesses don't clear that much, and 95 % of Americans will also get a tax cut which will help the economy get back on track.
You can fan the flames of racism and fear-mongering rhetoric in the hopes of aiding in the great distraction from the economy. That's coming from the McCain Palin stump speeches, not Obama and his supporters.
Obama has just the right kind of experience, integrity, compassion, tolerance, and leadership to be our next president. Those who say they don't know him should READ about what he has done in his life. The choices he has made speak volumes about his care, compassion and acceptance for people of all walks of life.

Republicans would have him burn in hell for merely knowing William Ayers. What happened to the Christian right wingers in that party? Don't they believe in forgiveness or in letting God be the judge? Seems hypocritical, don't you think?Ayers wouldn't be a college professor if he hadn't reconciled his past.

Sarah Palin should henceforth refrain from throwing stones...her glass house is getting more fragile by the day. Stay tuned!

Barack is such a refreshing presence, in addition to his brilliance-standing first in his class at Harvard Law School, his self effacing manner and grasp of macro and micro issues, this Harvard graduate is our hope in this country. Our hope that goodness and steadfastness and intelligence balanced with strong Christian faith that has encouraged and fostered his service to his community in Chicago and now his community at large-America. This amazing man is going to bring us together and like Coca-Cola --he's the real thing. There is no pretense. There are no skeletans in his closet. And like John McCain-he isn;t married to the mob. He has not been involved in any scandals. He has reached across the aisle, reached across race and reached into our hearts. He is a child, like many of us are, of a single parent with grandparents who were pillars of strength and resolve who gave him his faith, will, and love. He has in turn given all that and more back to Chicago and America. He is ebulliant, level headed, judicious, passionate and has the vitality and keen intelligence to propell this country forward--much like John Kennedy. Obama's vision and his charisma will breathe life into the heavy corpse of fear and doubt that Republican leadership has led us become as a nation, weighed down by careless spending and empty suit leadership. We have had a series of empty suits and my friends, Obama is not one. He brings to mind John Kennedy. He is a leader and peacemaker. Obama is the hope that America needs now.

How can you argue with Lilly Ledbetter? Only Obama is for equal pay. John McCain is angry and clueless when it comes to real peoples' needs. It's time to get informed. Watch Obama's speeches on Youtube. Register and vote. It's your future and your childrens' future too. He is the genuine article: Barack Obama.

gail................You wasted your time writing that nonsense.

If Joe Biden can answer one question for me, explain why his female aids make 20% less than there male counterparts?
Is it because he says one thing to a crowd of high paying female contributors and then does another behind there backs?

Dear Richard Olson,

As with McCain, Obama's life is a public record. Perhaps, we need to ask ourselves if we are uncomfortable because he is different compared to those we typically elect to the oval office (e.g. Kennedys, clintons, bushs,etc). On Experience, where did Dick Cheney's experience get him? How can a person in one breath promote Sarah Palin for VP and then question Obama for president. The reasoning does not seem logical. If finding out about Obama is truly your key issue, then I suggest you read his books, check his public record and google him. One other thing - you cannot expect an insider to change any establishment - it is rare. On McCain's experience - we need not just any experience (e.g. erratic decision making) but one that would yield successful reults and not divide us as a nation. I want a nation that thinks 1st and foremost as Americans not as Republicans vs. Democrats or hockey moms vs. non hockey moms. kind regards, Sam

McCain should retire. Palin should go back to hunting moose in Alaska.

When I read comments by Republicans who are still questioning Obama's experience, I have to scratch my head. People, what on earth is going to happen if you elect John McSame and Sarah noone-knew-her-name-until-now Palin is going to step into the presidency? This is a woman who was under investigation when she was nominated, she is married to a man who has been registered to the AIP party, a political party that believes in succession from the United States. She is a woman who believes that a woman who is impregnated by rape should be forced to have the child. John McCain switches his viewpoint on the economy on a daily basis. He is so old he cannot remember what he said the day before. And you think this is the team who is going to bring new ideas to America and lead it in a new direction? Remember, it was discovered that Reagan had Alzheimers DURING his presidency. This is a team, who when they started plummeting in the polls after the last debate, decided to pursue hate tactics as a way to win votes. This is not a team I want to run and represent this country on an international basis.
And you want to quote Biden saying "this isn't a position for on the job training?" Sarah Palin didn't even know what the Vice President did until she was nominated!! Do you think she is ready to step into her position and be one heartbeat away from the presidency? She is incapable of thinking on her own and cannot answer a question her PR team hasn't prepped her on. You need to really listen to yourself when you say things about Obama's lack of experience.

Regarding all of these "very serious issues" that you claim that Barack Obama has, let's talk about John McCain and his "very serious issues like: his involvement in the Keating Five scandal (where thousands of people lost their life savings) or his close personal friendship with G. Gordon Liddy (mastermind of the Watergate scandal) where Liddy hosted a campaign fundraiser for McCain at his home (sound familiar?) and McCain just recently did an interview with him and he hugged him and told him how very proud he was of him.

And how about Sarah Palin and her "very serious issues" like: the Troopergate scandal for which she was found to have abused the powers of her office and violated state ethics laws or the fact that she and her husband have VERY close ties to the Alaska Independence Party which hates America so much that their only purpose in life is to secede from the union and start their own country. Palin did a welcome for one of their recent meetings where she ended her speech with "keep up the good work!" And we won't even talk about her trying to get the local librarian fired for not wanting to ban certain books from the library!

As my Grandmother used to say, you may want to check your own backyard before you try to start digging up skeletons in someone else's!


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