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Obama's political action committee HOPEFUND quarterly report


NEW YORK--Barack Obama never dissolved his HOPEFUND political action committee--which during its heyday took contributions from lobbyists; the quarterly report filed on Wednesday shows a small Obama presidential campaign debt.


David Axelrod keeps telling the American people that Obama has no connections with lobbyists and accepts no campaign contributions from lobbyists now we discover that is not the truth.

I wish the media had done it's function and had reported on this earlier!

This is not the David Axelod I can't put lipstick on a pig...I was 8 years old at the time...I meet a lot of people, I don't remember...I have already answered like 8 of your questions...a boneheaded mistake...typical white muslim faith...pick one.

I am an Obama supporter and I agree. If the man says he gets no lobbyist money he should be getting none, no matter how small an amount it is.

I don't see this as a game-changer, though, nor as disturbing as a great many of the issues surrounding McCain's campaign, but it is still a small problem that needs to be addressed.

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