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Obama robo-calls hit Wisconsin


WASHINGTON--Obama campaign rebuttal robo-call was launched Tuesday afternoon in Wisconson, featuring a woman identified by the campaign as Jeri Watermolen, a small business owner from Green Bay, a former John McCain supporter who now is for Barack Obama because "sleazy phone calls and mail" from McCain slamming Obama.

A robo-call is the nickname for an automated, or robotic recorded message computer dialed to telephones. Click below for the script. Click here to listen.

The script:

Hi, this is Jeri Watermolen, calling for the Campaign for Change. I live in Green Bay and, like you, I've been getting sleazy phone calls and mail from John McCain and his supporters viciously -- and falsely -- attacking Barack Obama.

I used to support John McCain because he honorably served our country -- but this year he's running a dishonorable campaign. We know McCain will continue many of Bush's policies, and now he's using George Bush's divisive tactics. In fact, he hired the Bush strategists whose attacks even McCain once called hateful.

Barack Obama will turn the page on these negative politics and stand up for the middle class. That's the change we need, and it's why I have changed my mind about John McCain. Join me in voting for Barack Obama.

Paid for the Campaign for Change, a project of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, 608-255-5172, and authorized by Obama for America."


We've been getting robo calls from Sarah Palin. This is odd since she is on record saying she does not approve of robo calls.

I'm surprised she took time off from her $150,000 shopping spree at Bloomingdales and Macy's in NYC to record her disjointed and shrill tirade.

In a normal year, republicans and democrats should be poling in Wisconsin about 50-50. The evidence says that McCain and Palin are tanking in Wisconsin, perhaps by 14%. I'm guessing people are pretty fed up with the negativity and lies, innuendo and code-word guilty by association slander from McCain.

I've seen one single McCain yard sign in our village, and quite a few on isolated farms in the countryside, but on a recent drive to Mineral Point, the only McCain signs I saw were on the shop windows of the better business bureau and some investment brokers. Go figure.

John McCain is at a nice retirement age. He could easily pass his final days polishing his 13 cars at his 8 houses and trying to spend his wife's millions in the brief time he has before old age overtakes him. Why he feels he needs to inflict his bigoted vision of america on the public is beyond me.

Please Senator McCain, ride off into the sunset and let this nation heal itself. We don't need 4 more years of festering putrid sores.

I have also been getting calls from the Republicans. But these are highly racially charged, claiming that Obama is a 'black foreigner' who wishes 'harm on our country'. I do not know which Republican organised these but they are disgusting! I am deeply offended and as a result will not vote Republican this time.

I see you all have not lost your fight :

GOOD! Because we have a lot to do. You! (the American people) are going to have to take back control of your elected government at every level, and set your government back on the right path of service to you, and the greater good of the World.

Barack Obama and the democrats are your best hope of doing that now. Tell your family, friends, and everyone you know to support them as best they can. Because the Bush McCain vote fraud, vote cheating, vote buying, vote manipulation machine is already hard at work to cheat you again. And we all know what a disaster that has been the past 8 years of Bush McCain.

Barack Obama and the democrats will need all the power you can give them at every level of government (Federal, State, County, and local City elected governments). Obama and the democrats will have an enormous mess to fix for the American people, and the rest of the World. A mess caused by the corrupt Bush McCain administration.

You see, starting back in 2000, and before 911, it was mostly the Republican governors, Republican legislatures, and county elected Republican officials that conspired with the corrupt Bush McCain administration to raise college, and university tuitions by the fastest, and highest rate increases in American history. Some state tuitions went up by as much as a WHOPPING! 30% in one year.

The reason the Bush McCain administration did this was to force struggling working class kids into the military to pay for the sudden jump in tuition. Which was forced on them by the corrupt Bush McCain administration, and their corrupt Republican Governors, and republican controlled state legislatures.

See, Bush McCain had plans to get us into all these immoral, foolish, criminal, and unnecessary wars from the start. So they could use these wars to seize power, and later to get reelected. But, for their evil plan to work they needed more volunteer soldiers struggling to pay for an education whose blood they could spill to help them seize more power. Remember Bush McCain's "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!" theatrics.

The exploitation, and lost lives of these finest Americans is despicable, disgusting, immoral, corrupt and criminal. And it makes me SICK, and ANGRY!

You will have to vote for Obama, and the democrats in overwhelming numbers to overcome the Bush McCain vote fraud machine. Vote early if you can. Then help your fellow Americans cast their votes now, and on through election day. Vote for Obama, and the democrats like your life, and the lives of your loved ones depends on it. Because it does. You will not survive 4 more years of "Let Them Eat Cake" Bush McCain, and their republican allies.

Just look at the mess we have now.

You can fix this mess with your votes for Obama, and the democrats. And REMEMBER, no matter which of us may stumble or fall, the rest of you must continue to surge forward for Barack Obama, and the democrats, and for your-selves most of all. The children, and the World are counting on us.

It's in your hands now. And I know you will get it done.

God bless all of you.



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