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Obama raising money to fund presidential transition


KISSIMMEE, Fla. -- The Obama campaign has opened a new fund-raising front, I've learned, creating a nonprofit entity to bankroll Barack Obama's presidential transition operation, quietly in business for months.

The organization is called the "Obama Transition Project." The money is being raised from individual donors -- no Internet, direct mail or events -- with a $5,000 donation cap. Under self-imposed rules, lobbyists will not be allowed to contribute.

Though Obama has raised more than $600 million for his White House bid, legally it is for the election only. The first disclosure report does not have to be filed until Nov. 15

The Obama campaign, which has made transparency a centerpiece, is not making any voluntary early disclosures.

Federal money kicks in to bankroll a transition--staff and offices, etc.--once there is a vice president-elect.

The money Obama is raising is pay to for costs to deal with a potential transition during the ongoing campaign.


"The Obama campaign, which has made transparency a centerpiece,"

Too bad he's only talking about transparency and not actually doing much about it.

I'm still curious as to the lack of credit card checks on his website, and quite concerned about the fact that he's unwilling to disclose his donor's list.

But, hey ... what works in Chicago will work on the Federal level, right?

Or, would that go the other way 'round, next election season (specifically the aldermanic elections in '11)?

Hopefully, we'll still have Patrick Fitzgerald after January.

If not - that will tell you all you need to know about Barack Obama.

i donated $2,300 to Obama in the primary, another $2,300 for the general election, and then $1,500 more to the Democratic National Committee after that--the "Obama Victory Fund". (There don't seem to be any limits on donations to these parties, by the way.)

I made all these donations by Internet, and I can only tell you that my credit card information WAS checked every time I made a donation, so I'm not sure what McCain and all these other Republicans are talking about. You can't even make a donation unless your name, address and phone number match those on the credit card.

This I know from experience: the Republicans are simply lying about it.

I see the Messiah is so certain it's in the bag that he is already planning his transition. I suppose he is simply demonstrating his confidence in his supporters to steal this election. It is interesting that Democrats are always complaining that Republicans steal elections when historically it is the Democrats who are the expert practitioners of that dark art. People of Chicago certainly have first hand knowledge of this fact. I grew up in another state owned by the Democrat party and know it so first hand from there. And please, you Obots, don't tell me about the 2000 and 2004 elections. Every objective study done since then has demonstrated that Bush was elected on the level. The anger comes from the fact that the Democrats weren't able to steal them.

Hopefully, Patrick Fitzgerald will be the Attorney General after January.

I have a townhouse apartment furnished and will provide information on to someone connected to leadership of Obama transition. This apartment is available immediately at a very reasonable price to the right person, for a short term or long term rental. Convenient to Metro and all highways in Rosslyn, Virginia.

Hey Bob--What was that you were saying? Looked like a landslide to me.

OK Republican toadie Bob. If Democrats have been stealing elections for years as you claim, why do the Republicans always end up in office? "We're going to rig this fight so the other guy wins and no one suspects us! Brilliant!!" Please...

Apparently you have been smoking crack with Evangelicals for the last 8 years, or just too busy cruising other Republicans in airport bathrooms to face reality. Do you honestly think Bush was elected, "on the level", TWICE?! NO. It has been proven that voting machines can be hacked in a matter of seconds, and WERE hacked for Bush. Watch the documentary "Hacking Democracy" for starters, then look into the complaints from voters in both election scandals. On the level? Hardly. Democratic and Independent voters were denied their right to vote, and the majority of Americans did not vote for Bush, who is undeniably the worst president ever and the reason we are in such a financial mess. As a nation we are a bigger target for terrorists than ever before thanks to Bush and his greedy, war-mongering Republican backers. As for "the Messiah being so confident that he's already planning his transition" - yes, it's called being prepared. Are you going to tell me that McCain didn't have a team of aides whose specific purpose was to begin planning the transition in case he won? Then again, as McCain showed us all on national television, he can only handle so many issues at one time. And since it has been obvious for a while that the Republicans wouldn't get away with stealing THIS election, McCain may actually have known there was no point in preparing a transition. Open your eyes and look outside of your little bubble. This country wants change, and the best candidate for that was Obama. McCain proved himself the lesser candidate and not a good choice for President. For the record, I'm an Independent who has always liked McCain a great deal, until this election. Not only is he not a sound choice for President, he won't live through office and then we'd be stuck with the nightmare of President Palin. But that's a completely different rant.

Sorry if a Democrat in office puts a dent in your tax break and ends the Republican free-for-all that has been raping this country for the last 8 years. Now go steal some more money from your company and take a fancy indulgent vacation so that all the poor taxpayers of this country can bail your ass out again and pay for your extravagances. That's the Republican way....

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