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Obama new spot slams "rearview" McCain; Florida Sen. Bill Nelson optimistic overview

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Florida Sen. Bill Nelson aboard Obama campaign plane, Oct. 30, 2008.
(photo by Lynn Sweet)

SARASOTA, FL.--It's a sunny day and the grass has that fresh cut wonderful smell here at the Ed Smith Stadium, with a big crowd to see Barack Obama, with five days left to the campaign.

"We've got to work hard these last five days," Obama is saying. "...It is time to change drivers. We've got to have somebody else at the wheel."

Obama was introduced by Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fl.) who rode on the Obama plane from Orlando to Sarasota this morning, Chatting with reporters before take off, Nelson said that Obama, with five days left to the race, is in much better shape than John Kerry was at this point four years ago. Two of Obama's best field organizers--Steve Hildebrand and Paul Tewes--have been camped in the state for weeks.

Said Nelson, "So contrast to 2004, big difference was that John Kerry was spending most of his time in south Florida in the last few days. This time Obama is and Biden are all over the state. To give you another example, Michelle Obama last week in Gainesville, the largest crowd she's had in the country, was in downtown Gainesville, Florida 11,000 people"

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