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Obama makes it official: Chicago's Grant Park on election night.


WASHINGTON--Barack Obama will celebrate election night in Chicago's Grant Park---providing scenic backdrops of the city--and near where demonstrators gathered during the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago.

The Grant Park location is down the street from Obama's national campaign headquarters on Michigan Avenue.

Obama Campaign Announces Location for Election Night Event

CHICAGO - The Obama-Biden campaign today announced that the location for the Election Night event on Tuesday, November 4 will be Chicago's Grant Park on Hutchinson Field.

Grant Park is regularly used as an open-air venue for concerts, charity events and sporting activities such as the Chicago Marathon and Taste of Chicago.
Additional details will be announced as they become available.



Who is paying for this? I assume us taxpayers will be hit.


Or it comes out of the massive amounts of cash the Obama/Biden camp have earned through donations.

Even though he will win that evening - he can't make use of tax-payer money until January. I am sure his campaign has plenty of cash to celebrate with.

Do the Chicago Marathon and Taste of Chicago take tax-dollars?

Well, this taxpayer will be taking full advantage. Can't think of a better spot - why close it off in a ballroom, let the celebration (or pity party, God forbid) be open to as many as possible.

I hope it rains, or that lovely Chicago November mixture of rain, snow, and high winds.

The amount of money the city will raise from out of town visitors will far outweigh any costs of this event. My parents live in the suburbs and they are already planning to book a hotel room!

To T-Chicago:

As mentioned, Obama can't utilize taxpayer money until he wins. Beside, even if he could... he's coming home to his childhood city to celebrate victory or admit defeat in an incredibly historical campaign... get over your stinginess and crappy attitude.

Well if the pissed off white trash red neck conservative party can spend $150 grand on hockey mom's wardrobe, why not have a victory party!!!

Aren't we paying $25 mil on the fountain? I'd much rather pay for this party.

Dave, Chicagoans have never been afraid of a little rain and snow. I hope it snows too, then they'll see how tough we really are. :)

We can handle just about anything in Chicago. The election night rally will be beautiful.

Wow! I hope I can go! By the way the McCain camp will have a rally too. Why comments about taxpayers paying for it etc. Both candidates will have an election night party.

I am in Rockford, I need more info and advice about time, parking etc. I want to be a part of this history and share it with my 20 year old daughetrs as well. How exciting!

It's the banks that you need to direct your oh so precious tax money anger towards.

It's like your being bent over and done by a banker/wall st. and you complaining about a nickle that may be used by our own local candidate.

I'd love to be there. It will be AMAZING!
Where is Grant Park? (I'm in Milwaukee).

Rain, sleet, or hurricane, I already told my employer to find me a substitute for the day because I plan to attend this historical event. I'm doing it for my grandparents and great grandparents who prayed for this day to come but couldn't stay around to see it, and for my children and great grandchildren.

Barbara - Actually John McCain may not even have a party!!! John McCain's election night watch party might be missing John McCain. Instead of appearing before a throng of supporters at the Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix on the evening of Nov. 4, the Republican presidential nominee plans to deliver postelection remarks to a small group of reporters and guests on the hotel's lawn.

The obama camp is covering the cost.

All you out of the city folks, take the metra. It's cheap and will drop you off 10 minutes (walking) from grant park.

Everyone come and be part of history!


Im glad OBAMA is having his party outside where thousands/millions can attend. With the style that I have seen thus far I am sure the party will be very very nice. Obama camp said they were willing to spend their own money so what's the big deal. McCain is so amazed that a biracial candidate was able to raise this kind of money. It's impossible for Barack to loose if we have moe Democrates registered than Republican the only way McCain feels like"he got us right where he want us" is because they are trying to trump the votes with those faulty machines....People lets not foget that Sarah Palin has already left the camp she is doing her own thing and McCain can't tell her nothing. Im so proud that Barack/wife both have law degrees. I see Sarah Palin has never said anything about that smart, intelligent Michelle Obama because they are not equal. Sarah is a pro at having children and you see god don't like ugly when she first became governor of Alaska she cut the funds for special needs children. Then she wind up having a special needs child. If Mccain wins we are going to be in BIG trouble...Everyone please vote EARLY.......

Does anyone knows if we will need to get tickets?
I am coming from Milwaukee, where should I park the car and take the metro? Any recommendation?
Thanks in advance.

I am extreamly excited and am definately going. I will bring my sons who are 8 & 5 and of mixed race to this event as well. Obama is a great role model for them. If he wins or not this is still history in the making and I want my kids to witness this. Go Obama!!!!!

Yes you do need tickets! I got an invite through my email, but perhaps you can visit the site to get them. You will need to have a printed out ticket and a photo ID to get in. Also no umbrellas, strollers, signs banners etc. Out of towners should take the metra or Amtrack, parking will be a nightmare. Chicagoans lets do the green thing and take CTA, bikes and our own two feet!

See you all there!!!

Here Here for our next president!!!


This event will cost $2 million dollars paid for IN FULL by the Obama/Biden Campaign.


To Lynn... first responder here... IT COMES FROM HIS CAMPAIGN DONATIONS. How old are you?

Milwaukee, Rockford, Des Moines, wherever you're coming from, leave your car THERE and take public transportation.
Or you can buy parking from me a couple blocks away.

Lucky Chicago! I'm jealous I can't be there even though those of us here in Florida are central to him winning the election and we've busted our butts for over a year working to get him elected...too bad it couldn't have been here. We sure would have had nicer weather for him!

The final Word was GOD's to chose, If He says yes
nothing will change that Look at king David in the Book Of Samuel he was the least likely man to be King, and When GOD told Samuel to annoint him, it took a awhile but he became King and ruled like a man after GOD'S own heart. So will Barack Obama.

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