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Novelist Richard Stern on dinner with Ayers and Dohrn

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CHICAGO--As the McCain campaign presses Barack Obama on Bill Ayers, the former terrorist now University of Chicago professor, Richard Stern, the novelist at the University of Chicago posts an essay at The New Republic about dinners at the Hyde Park home of Ayers and wife Bernardine Dohrn.

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It is bizzare that we are even dicussing the issue of William Ayres. It is quite mind-boggling to suggest that by mere association, Barrack condoned Ayres actions. That is poor and perverse logic to say the least.
May I ask, where is the christian compassionate attitude gone? Do these Evangelicals understand and know the tenets of reconciliation and forgiveness? Before Obama met Bill he had been rehabilitated at the University of Chicago as a Professor of Education. Was this a poor judgement on the part of the University? No I do not think so.You cannot visit the sins of Father on the child, in this matter a friend/colleague. Obama was 8 years old when these atrocities were committted and he has condemned them unreservedly. What would he have done? No I donot wish to know about this because it is not relevant or germaine to the political discourse at present. McCain is disingenous with the truth. I thought McCain put country first. This anything but putting country first. HE IS VERY VERY DANGEROUS INDEED. I CANNOT TRUST HIM WITH THE PRESIDENCY. EDWARD

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