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Hoosier rocker John Mellencamp radio spot for Barack Obama

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WASHINGTON--I'm listening to John Mellencamp play "My Sweet Love" as I write; is he singing to me? I'll never hurt ya, John.

I digress. (clearing throat)

Rock star and Indiana native John Mellencamp, who lives in Bloomington, recorded a radio spot for Obama's campaign in the battleground state; you can listen to it here.
Obama campaigns in Indianapolis on Thursday morning; early voting already started in Indiana.

Mellencamp, whose "Small Town" has long been an anthem, refers to his iconic hit in the Obama spot for Hoosiers: "I've seen a lot of small towns, but now I'm seeing small towns across America dying." He's careful to stay on message, in the end saying Obama is the man for small towns and big cities.

Mellencamp is a Democrat who during the primary performed for Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton when they hit Indiana. Earlier this year, the John McCain campaign was asked by Mellencamp to stop using his hits "Our Country" and "Pink Houses" at his rallies.

Click for the Mellencamp script


This is John Mellencamp; And I've seen a lot of small towns, but now I'm seeing small towns across America dying. Folks losing their jobs and their homes... eight years of George Bush have really hurt. And - John McCain is just more of the same.

Over the last eight years, thousands of Hoosier workers have seen their jobs sent out of this country.

John McCain will keep giving tax breaks to companies shipping American jobs overseas...

Barack Obama gets it, he sees the value in American made products and a strong American labor force; He'll end tax breaks for companies shipping our jobs overseas and give a hard working family a break.

This is John Mellencamp, and I'm proud to support Barack Obama, because whether you live in a small town or a big city, it's time for a change.


I'm Barack Obama, candidate for president, and I approve this message. [:04]


Paid for by Obama for America. [:02]

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Thanks for posting this--I really like hearing the ads. Please do something about the smears on ACORN. This is just not right.

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