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McCain's one million strong volunteer army. Campaign memo


TO: Interested Parties

FROM: Mike DuHaime, McCain-Palin 2008 Political Director

RE: Week In Review: On The Ground Intensity

DATE: October 24, 2008

With the growing interest in get out the vote efforts with election day quickly approaching, we wanted to provide you with an update as to the McCain-Palin/Victory campaign ground operation nationwide. This week we have seen a dramatic increase in the intensity of our ground operation:

· Voter Contact: Yesterday, the McCain-Palin/Victory effort reached over 900,000 targeted voters. We are currently averaging 550,000 targeted contacts per day. This past week, we made 76% more voter contacts than during the same week in 2004. This weekend from our 372 McCain-Palin and Victory offices nationwide, we expect to make 1.7 million targeted volunteer contacts.

· Voter Identifications: Due to improvements in technology and exceptional volunteer intensity, the McCain-Palin/Victory effort has collected 600% more individual ID's than in 2004.

· Voter Technology: Beyond the raw numbers, technology and targeting are key to a successful turnout operation. As The Associated Press reported on October 11: "The GOP has been honing its voter file for more than a decade; Democrats have made strides since 2004 in building theirs. Democratic operatives privately agree with their Republican counterparts that the GOP's information is more precise and Republicans probably are more advanced on the technological aspects of manipulating it."

· Campaign Volunteers: In this election, the McCain-Palin/Victory campaign has more than 1.1 million active volunteers.

While the Obama campaign has more paid staff and offices, we have a quietly efficient, battle-tested organization of staff and volunteers armed with a proven turnout method and greater targeting and technology than ever before.



I hope the McCain volunteers are no more capable than he is.

...They are not only capable, but tactful and hardworking, like McCain, doing a record breaking job with the campaign nation wide.

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