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McCain, Obama second debate Saturday Night Live spoof; Thursday special

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1 Comment

It's actually nice to view Obama being satirized, lampoon because this is just the tip of the iceberg. But they got to work on the voice. Until someone gets the voice down, it is not a good caricature of him yet. C plus for trying though.

Seth and Amy were more succinct in lambasting the idiotic executives from AIG, though.

There was a recent article from a Sun-Times columnist speaking about the Bailout and Excutives salaries. This person tried to sale readers on the fact top-flight executives come at a high price. This might be a good sticking point if THE COMPANY THE PERSON WAS BROUGHT IN TO LEAD HAD ACTUALLY MADE MONEY(Proits FROM STRATEGIC BUSINESS MANUEVERS IN THEIR LEADERSHIP. Why would anyone expect to still be paid handsomely when leaving a company in bankruptcy when it was solvent before stepping into the role of CEO?

Sounds a lot like George Bush wanting praise for an ill-advised war with the American economy so deep in the tank it has begun to affect foreign markets...Oh just stick it to TAX-PAYER because these businesses are not really run by market trendss. NOW I GET IT!

Obviously, I didn't take the same Business and Economic courses as this guest Sun-Times colunmist nor any of the Wall Street CEO(s).

As the old saying goes "DAMN GOOD PAY IF YOU CAN GET IT" even though screwing the company up.

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