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Lynn Sweet asks Colin Powell about the negative tone of the McCain campaign. Video



The McCain-Palin campaign has sunk to an all time low in American politics. Just the idea of insinuating that being Muslim is a bad thing, insinuates that the McCain-Palin campaign are prejudice towards Muslims. To make the claim that by giving the working middle class tax cuts, and rolling back the tax cuts George Bush gave to the wealthiest people in America is somehow socialism is ludicrous. To insinuate there are two Americas claiming there are parts of America that is pro-America, and other parts of America are anti-American; is in essence an anti-American statement within itself.

Let's discuss this Muslim thing the McCain-Palin campaign has so scurrilously thrown around. We have two wars going on in Muslim countries, and we're trying to convince the people of those countries to be more like us; a Democracy. Just think for a minute what's going through their mind when they hear the McCain-Palin campaign, who could become the most powerful people in the world insinuate that being a Muslim is a bad thing. We have Muslims in our military fighting and dying to give the McCain-Palin campaign the right to voice their opinion that Muslims are bad people. I think it would be a good idea for the McCain-Palin campaign to visit the Arlington National Cemetery and see for themselves the thousands of headstones of Muslims who died fighting for this country.

The McCain-Palin campaign has suggested there are parts of America that's pro-America and parts of America that's anti-America. I think Gov. Sarah Palin's association with the Alaskan Independent Party (AIP) allowed her heart to get in the way of her judgement with her pro-American statement. Now we have Congresswoman Michele Bachmann of Minnesota branding Barack Obama as anti-American. The Congresswoman went on to say she believe every Democrat in Congress should be investigated to find out if they're pro-Ameican or not. I think Congresswoman Michele Bachmann should be investigated to find out if she's sane or not. Just today Pat Buchanan said the endorsement by Colin Powell of Barack Obama was done because both men are Black. The behavior by the Republican party is true insanity, what the Republicans don't understand, the rest of the world are watching and remember America's past history in regards to people of color.

We go all over the world preaching to other countries how they should be like us, with the behavior of the McCain-Palin campaign, what country in their right mind would want to be like us?

Thank you Lynn for asking that question.

Excellent coverage, Lynn. The more Powell says now, the better.
His endorsement bolsters Obama's reasoned supporters and reassigns the incoherence of his party. The question remains: why has McCain made his choices, considering how defined he claims to be by his past? The GOP must be asking: Has McCain really extricated himself from The Prisoner's Dilemma?

Thank you Lynn. A well-deserving question. McCain should be called out for his shameful robo calls and negative campaign tactics.

Thank you Lynn for your detailed coverage of the issues that really matter to all Americans. Black Americans can really be proud to be Americans in this pivotal time in American history. We all belong to America and yes there are and have been times when America should not have been proud of itself. But we all know the circumstances and the reasons for its behavior in the history of Black America..Which leads me to ask you to to look into the article written by Dr. Douglas Blackmon in the Wall Street Journal on The Two McCain Families; Senator John McCain has previously denied any past history of his family participatin in the ownership of slaves which is not tarue..Not that this would be something to be ashamed of..because it was the way of life in American at that time..And not acknowledging it is denying your own history..Would you do a follow up on this story not to offend Senator McCain but to tell the wonderful story of how the slave McCains educated themselves and are still making wonderful contributions to this country jsut as his family, the white McCains did in the military and in society.

"Let's discuss this Muslim thing the McCain-Palin campaign has so scurrilously thrown around."

Let's, shall we?

First, you provide sourced evidence indicating when and where McCain's campaign was throwing around the muslim rumor.

Afterwards, let's chat about how Barack's campaign ran an ad stating McCain was out of touch since he was unable to use a computer (leaving out the fact that McCain is physically unable to do so due to his war injuries).

Furthermore, why not generate some sourced evidence that Palin was actually involved in the AIP.

Actually, let's make this a little easier - how 'bout you look to back up your evidence PRIOR to throwing any stones about.

I'm no fan of McCain, but a lot of folks upset by the nastiness of the campaign seem all too eager to ignore the travails of Barack's campaign.

But, that's cool, I guess. I mean, to be a hypocrite - since the ends justify the means, right?

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