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Katie Couric post Palin Biden debate webcast


ST. LOUIS--After the debate I joined CBS anchor Katie Couric for a segment of her webcast along with Bob Schieffer.



A lot of people talk about this debate as a success for Palin because she didn't make any major screw ups. I respectfully disagree. This was our one chance to see these two candidates talk to each other in a meaningful manner. The real question we had to ask about both of these people is "Do you think this person is capable and qualified to be Vice President of the United States of America?" That is quite a different question that very few are asking.

Biden came across as knowledgeable and capable. A man of considerable experience. While not terribly exciting, he was consistent and showed an excellent grasp of the issues and answered most of the questions asked.

Palin came across as "folksy," not presidential at all. She outright refused to answer questions posed, an indication that she is NOT very well informed. She obviously had talking points that she made and memorized, but other than that she was a rambling mess. She was all over the place in her answers, straying from topic to topic, often in the very next sentence. She did not appear intelligent or knowledgeable. Worse yet, she appears firmly in the Cheney camp when it comes to what the Vice President is all about. That is scary. Biden was quite correct when he stated how dangerous a VP Cheney has been.

There was only one candidate out there tonight who looked like they could be a capable Vice President, and no surprise, it was Biden. I don't think AMerica cares that she didn't screw up. They want to know if she can handle the job. From tonight's performance, she came far from reaching that standard.

With the economy in turmoil and all the calls for Nonpartisan effort, the congress continues down the same path as always in regards to the Rescue Bill. Both candidates have called for an end to Porkbelly spending and Earmarks, yet the new bill is full of just that. Who is the Representetive that demanded a subsidy for wooden arrows! The American taxpayers need to know who did, and didn't vote for the bill, and who demanded earmarks and subsidies that have absolutely nothing to do with America's economy in regards to the Bill. As a responsible news source, how about publishing the names, state, party, and any add-ons, of All the congressional people so we can see who the real patriots and Americans are???

The past!
I wish Joe Biden would have said something like this to rebut Gov Palin.

The McCain-Palin ticket wants you to believe that history only starts in the future. They conveniently want you to forget how we got into this financial crisis in the same way they want you to forget that the war actually started before the surge.
Most importantly, those who cannot learn from history should be reminded of George Santayana who famously said "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

After soooo many years enjoying you on TODAY I'm so very disappointed with your now OBVIOUS left wing bias. So sad.

Biden lied time & again & yet I think the majority of voters bought it. He lied when discussing McCain's voting record by equating an absentee vote as either a nea or yeah suiting Biden's point.

He lied when he said McCain voted to not fund the war by expanding a vote of bulletproof gear to the war appropriations itself. McCain didn't approve that vote because Congress had no business butting into the affairs of Pentagon appropriations. The Pentagon decides what the soldiers need & what manufacturers are best to serve those needs. Congress is unqualified to do that.

Both Biden & Obama lie when they blame de-regulation on Bush. The laws that de-regulated telecom, energy, & finance were signed by Clinton. Biden defrauded the American people last night by championing de-regulation when in fact under Clinton he supported all of these bills & helped push them through.

As for Palin she did not attack enough. When she mentioned Fannie Mae she should have brought up ACORN & the fact that Obama played a prominent role there. She should have brought up the fact Obama has former big wigs of Fannie Mae as advisers.

The current economic crisis was started in 1977 with the Community Re-investment Act. The CRA created the snowballs that have since been rolled down the hill by organizations like ACORN that use govt influence to pressure financial institutions like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, WaMu, Countrywide to offer mortgages to high risk individuals. It's not just for houses either. Retail real estate is included.

No financial institution can risk losing favor with the govt, so that pressure not only extended credit to high risk persons but it also kept that credit at low cost. This was a no-win situation for them.

So these institutions turned to the securities & derivatives market to leverage that debt for greater gains. That's where the mortgage backed securities come into play. It's like a house of cards. Great financial wealth was built on the premise housing values would remain high. As those values dropped, these financial instruments became worthless even though the mortgages remained over 80% of their value.

So if Americans want real "change" politicians need to re-evaluate the CRA itself. It's a bad Act & it gives the Fed too much power over the free market system. The problem is not too little regulation, but rather too much Federal power & influence on the free market system.

I think all Americans are in favor of citizens owning their own homes, but any govt involvement to enable that should be confined to a state level.

Last night in Palin, I saw a Governor, who feels herself above the law. McCain, knowing that she is under investigation, tabbed her VP. He showed atrocious judgment, the thuggery aspect of his character and that he learned zip from the Keating affair. He has interfered with a State investigation and injected D.C. politics in order to influence its outcome. This is the guy, who is saying that he is the one to change Washington. Fool me twice. It occurs to me that, if elected, they would further politicize the justice system on the order of Alberto Gonzales. The laws are something that others should follow, not them. With McCain, folks with "boots on the ground" in Iraq should be given deference. In Alaska, though, he just ran over State officials who have "boots on the ground" and knowledge of their own affairs. The Senate must DO ITS DUTY, investigate McCain and censure him if warranted. We are seeing a bad precedence being set. It should not be allowed to stand.

Sarah Palin came off very arrogant. It was very obvious she read from a script. She was also very comfortable in that setting. However, she was all over the place. She did not answer one question that was presented to her by the moderator. She stuck with what she knew. She never talked about what John McCain's exact agenda is if he were to be elected. She had no substance whatsoever.

John McCain and Sarah Palin do not represent change.She didn't answer many of the questions thoroughly at all.She is not for the middle class. America :Go to fact and check the facts!

Senator Biden, showing a diplomatic stature, heard and responded in respectful words and tone to the often misstated comments of Governor Palin. On the other hand, the Governor attempted to take over and control the forum she does not manage or own. Based on the debate and the post Katic Couric interview comments, it seems Governor Palin would be better suited for infomercials than having to respond to a media person's questions. Where did Senator McCain find the amazingly unqualified VP candidate? Now, even the people of Alaska are finding out things about their Governor they did not know.

I thought the Governor from Alaska was there to debate Senator Biden. Initially, I thought something was in Ms. Palin eye, but I realized this woman was flirting with her smiling, winking and over the top mantra of Republicans as Mavericks and "Going back to the past, Joe". The past eight years of THE Republican Presidency is so painful she doesn't even want to KNOW the nightmares of how America's ECONOMY is view domestically and on a global scale.

Here we are supposed to be leaders on the world stage and this person is winking. Am I offended? Yes! Let any man do this to a woman while at work or seeking employment during an interview and guess what will happen to him? He will be terminated or shown the door before the interview is three minutes old.

Is that how she plans to handle international diplomacy when traveling overseas? I notice she mentioned Kim Jong Lee a few times, what the hell is she going to do? Wink at him and he won't use nuclear weapons! Also say, "What the hell Joe Six Pack stop building nukes?

Give me a break with Ms. Palin! To put forth her rote memorization of facts displays our education system moreso than her NOT WANTING TO ANSWERS THE QUESTION DIRECTLY POSED TO HER! Which she had no problem telling the American voter this as well.

Here it is we are getting screwed by the present Republican administration with its cloak and dagger methods and Ms. Palin cannot or will not answer a question posed directly to her!

Before the debate she comes running out, and ask Senator Biden is it alright to call him Joe. What the heck is that? As though he is going to say NO on a public stage. She couldn't remember to address him as Senator Biden during her rote mantra to a query from the moderator?

No, the Repugs use her for their little ploy to use his name against him! What the hell is Joe-Six-Pack supposed to mean when finally giving an answer, damn didn't I say that once? If that resonates with middle America, I definitely live in the wrong neighborhood.

She did not say ONE THING during the debate to change an iota of my opinions of this facade of constant hidden agendas by the Repulsive-can Party.

I wish American really had TRUE third and fourth political parties, but para-phrasing the late great George Carlin, "Hey this is what the American system produces, so why in the hell should we expect better?"

So on that note, at least I can view Senators Obama and Biden as statesmen who can lead America out of this Republican mess, but Senator McCain and Governor Palin simply dispense more fodder for regular folks like me, and I don't need to stay up late to watch "Saturday Night Live", or any of the "Late Night Shows' for the jokes to be told.

To the people who are Independents, Republicans and undecided Democrats, step back from your anger and disappointments for the next several weeks, vote with your common sense, use your brains and not your the scare tactics perpetrated by Republicans to make you think the Democrats will not protect this country. That in itself makes no sense!

Our nation is in a Finanicial Crisis and we still have to look for Bin Laden! Remember him? How can we be so gullible?

The fact of the matter is that certain politicians have caused the mortgage crisis. They decided that everyone had a right to own a home. Thus anyone who wanted a home loan got one. They didn't have the income to own a home but the government made it clear to banks that "redlining" would not be tolerated. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bought all of those no good loans and guess what? Surprise, it was a huge disaster!

My husband and I bought a house that we CAN AFFORD. We make our mortgage payments without the help of anyone else. We didn't lie to the financial institutions. We don't expect the government(the taxpayer)to bail us out if we cannot afford our mortgage in the future. Why is it that liberal politicians think that everyone should have whatever they want? Who do they think is going to pay for it? There is no big money tree in the sky people! Live within your means and don't expect others to pay your bills for you. I don't drive a Lexus because I CAN'T AFFORD it! I wouldn't qualify for a loan for one. And I certainly don't want the government (the taxpayer) paying for one for me just because I think I deserve it! Socialism doesn't work! Politicians know that too. They are patronizing the American people. All they care about is getting elected. They say things to make people feel good. They play on people's emotions rather than their ability to think.
They create disasters and then they act like they are the only ones to solve the crisis. Talk about the fox in the hen house. If the United States (God forbid) becomes a socialist nation we will all have the same thing. We will all have tiny houses. We will all have less than adequate healthcare. We will all be the same; poor and unhealthy. Of course those in charge will be rich and healthy. They won't have to use the socialist government programs that all of us will be required to use. One only needs to look at how the government runs anything. Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, the VA, subsidized housing, etc. are a few examples of government run programs. This is the reason why I am not supporting Barack Obama and Joe Biden. They don't believe in a free market system. They want everyone (but themselves and other elite politicians) to be taken care of by the government. That's called enslavement and I don't want any part of it. I will continue to work for what I have and hopefully the government won't decide one day to take all of my money and give it to everyone else. Believe me I am not being paranoid when I say this. There are plenty of examples of socialist nations around us. They are taxed to death and receive very little in return.

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