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Hillary Rodham Clinton raised $10 million so far for Obama. So who is counting? Clinton is.


Hillary Rodham Clinton is keeping close count on how much money she is raising for Barack Obama. To date, Clinton has headlined some 50 events for Obama and raised $10 millon for his presidential warchest.

She wants the record to be clear that she is coming through for him--using her network of supporters to help bankroll the presidential bid of her former rival. One reason that Clinton wants the figure out there is to keep the Obama team on notice that fund-raising can be a two way street and that the Obama donors have yet to step up with vigor to help her erase her primary debt.

Clinton made much that her father was from Scranton and she summered in the area when she stumped in Pennsylvania during the primary--a state she won. Clinton hits the road in Pennsylvania for two days starting Sunday in Scranton, where Joe Biden was raised.

Hillary and President Clinton join Biden and wife Jill in Scranton on Sunday.

release from Clinton political operation.....


What's Hot?

Barnstorming the Keystone State: Hillary Clinton kicks off a two-day swing through Pennsylvania this Sunday, October 12. First stop: "Obama for America" rally in Scranton, PA with President Clinton and Senator Joe and Jill Biden. Monday, Hillary hosts a "Conversation with Working Families" with congressional candidate Allyson Schwartz followed by another rally for Obama-Biden in Philadelphia.

As of this week, Hillary has headlined more than 50 events and has raised more than $10 million dollars for Obama-Biden.

On a call today with Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter and NY Assemblywoman Ro Ann Destito, Hillary invited her supporters to sign up for Hillary Sent Me! (HSM) in the Keystone State this weekend.

For those interested in joining HSM in Pennsylvania this weekend, email
To learn more about HSM in the coming weeks, please go to:

Honoring the Legacy of Eleanor Roosevelt: On Monday, Hillary spoke at the 8th Annual Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Committee Luncheon:

"I am absolutely positive with every fiber of my being that we must elect Barack Obama and Joe Biden to be our President and Vice President on November 4...The biggest risk for America is four more years of the last eight years. The last thing I want - and I hope you agree - is to put mavericks in charge of the United States economy at this moment of need. Mavericks in Washington and on Wall Street got us into this mess. Let's have some adult supervision again and pull ourselves out of it." Watch and read excerpts.

The Economic Rescue Package Was the First Step; We Have to Do More: At a press conference on Monday, Hillary told reporters:

"The rescue package passed last week was a crucial first step to prevent the economic troubles from deepening, but now we need to focus on helping Americans who are feeling the crunch of this economic crisis and get our economy back on the right track."

This week, Hillary continued promoting specific initiatives to ease the credit crunch and prevent additional job losses and other economic challenges from hitting Main Street:

* An E-Trust program protecting taxpayers by making transactions transparent
* Homeowners Mortgage Enterprise (HOME), modeled after the Great Depression-era Homeowners Loan Corporation (HOLC), to rewrite mortgages and reset terms so that creditworthy families would be able to keep their homes and make affordable payments
* The Emergency Stabilization Fund to make emergency loans and establish temporary lines of credit for small businesses, schools, and to help stabilize municipal bonds.
* Pressure on the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) to approve a grant to allow New York State to assess the impact of the ongoing economic crisis on jobs in the region and plan a strategic response.

In recent days, McCain has "inaccurately compar[ed] his mortgage buy-up plan to the one proposed earlier this year by" HRC: "It's wrong to suggest the new McCain plan is what Senator Clinton proposed ," said Clinton spokesperson Kathleen Strand. "She and Senator Obama are focused on helping struggling homeowners and holding bank lenders responsible. . . Senator McCain's new plan calls for bailing out and rewarding irresponsible bank and mortgage lenders, while sticking taxpayers with the bill." Read more.

"Clinton Urges Women Not To Vote For Palin:" Clinton responds directly to a Westchester Journal News' inquiry about Governor Sarah Palin as VP. Read more.

"I think that there are people who are excited by the fact that the Republicans have a woman on the ticket. I think that's a legitimate reason to be excited...The Democrats did it in 1984, Republicans got around to doing it in 2008. And there's reason for people to see that as a real milestone.

"But that's not a reason to vote for the McCain-Palin ticket. You have to ask yourself, who is going to be better for you and your family? And in New York it's not even close. We will have such a better future if we have Democratic leadership back in the White House."

HRC at HRC: Filling in for Senator Biden Saturday, Hillary spoke at the Human Rights Campaign dinner where she "called McCain a 'mimic' of Bush, not a maverick." Read the AP story.

USA Today Must Read: Clinton goes to bat for Obama and party. Read more.

Hitting the Battleground Airwaves: On Thursday, Hillary hit the airwaves for a round of early vote interviews for Senator Obama and U.S. Senate candidate Kay Hagan in the battleground state North Carolina.

Mark Woodson (WECU, Greenville, NC): Senator Clinton, I know you have been crisscrossing the country campaigning for Senator Obama and other Democrats. Why is this election so important?

Hillary Clinton: This is such a turning point election. It is historic, unprecedented, it would have been in any event - but the recent downturn in the economy has brought it home to everyone.

You can't turn away and ignore what is happening to jobs and incomes and home ownership and your bank accounts and your retirement accounts. It's so important that we elect leadership that will be able to solve these problems. And that's why I'm working so hard for Senator Obama - because he will bring the kind of leadership of competence and confidence and optimism that we desperately desperately need in our country. Full transcript here.

In the HillPAC spotlight this week: "Valuable Allies" - Eric Massa, Rick Noriega and John Boccieri

HillPAC released an email today from Hillary:

"John, Eric, and Rick aren't just great friends -- they're great leaders. They are honored veterans who will be valuable allies to Barack Obama and Joe Biden in Congress."

Visit for more information

West Virginia & Arkansas: Today, Hillary traveled to Charleston, WV where she endorsed Anne Barth at a rally. Later in the afternoon, Hillary held a rally for Obama-Biden and the Arkansas Democratic Party on the Capitol Steps in Little Rock.

Terry Virginia: This Monday, over 300 students, activists, and organizers gathered in HillPAC's Virginia headquarters to join Terry McAuliffe, Maria Cardona and Minyon Moore for "Terry Unplugged: A Campaign 2008 Update." Read more and see photos here.


I am an independent who for 47 years voted mostly democratic, until this year. The more I hear of Obama and his political alliances, the less sure of him I am. Secrets always eventually come out!

is it me or is there something very shady and unsavory about how Hillary is keeping a running tally of what she's done and how much money she's raised?? After the election you can bet she's gonna call in her chips and insist Obama instead of resting immediately start raising money for her. That's how this makes me feel.
She's not the only one stumping 4 Obama-Kathleen S., is stumping in state after state 4 O, Bill Richardson-wow he's ALL OVER THE PLACE.Many others Napolitano, Sherrod, Rendell, Culver, RFK, Claire M.etc But you dont see them giving the press a running tally of what they'd done. Bill r raised a lot of money in Sept in NM fundraisers 4 Obama. Caroline K has stumped and raised money, so has Gore. Clinton is the one who wants payback. I knew I didn't like her 4 a reason.

buddy, none of those names are as big as Hillary Clinton. I know that if Hillary were not keeping track of what she was doing, Obama supporters would say she wasn't doing enough. Also, Hillary is also doing her part to help downticket Dems like Anne Barth in West Virginia and Rick Noriega in Texas. Rick Noriega is way behind but she is helping him out anyway; how do you Hillary haters spin that into Hillary just trying to cash in a political favor?

If people constantly accused you of not be sincere in your support, you would track what you were doing for them, too. Oh, and you think Bill Richardson doesn't want something in return for all his efforts? Grow up. You don't know much about politics do you?

I am from New York and I can say I am very happy with Hillary and would have been proud to call her my president. I am going to vote for Obama and I believe that we as a nation had not had a better economy in the last 30 years as when we had a Democrat in office. I think looking into some of these articles that are being written by others about a canidate is just as bad as only looking at what party they belong to. I agree it is a bit tacky to comment about how much money she has raised but on the same token the comment could have been taken out of context and misused. I am a Democrat who isn't afraid to vote for a Republican but in this case I believe its the better choice for our economy and our Nation.

I can picture her wearing a visor, while pulling down the crank of an old style adding machine, with a huge roll of paper.

I will adhere to what Hillary has said before, that she doesn't consider Obama to be trustworthy. Just wondering why is she in full support of him right now? As far as I'm know she's still burdened with debts and it is only Obama who can help write them off but the problem is if he will really keep his promise in helping her if he win this election. I also don't consider Obama to be trustworthy. We are a group of Hillary supporters who will support the McCain/Palin ticket who we trust more than Obama.

To: jp, michigan. It is true secrets do come out, he just look at the dirt that is coming out on Sarah Palin. However, when you hear such smears and attacks you have to find the facts. I have be listening and searching the internet for myself and I'm not finding any facts or truth.
Everything that has came out on McCain and Palin has been backed up.
Please keep this in mind, don’t take to heart every single thing you hear, don’t be so easily swayed.

Oh, come on. Hillary is keeping tabs on what she raises because they HAVE to do that so that they can show that they did not get money from lobbyists, minors and such. And as for not voting democrat because of the stories being told - Listen to the man, look in his eyes, vote with your heart. EVERYTHING he has ever done shows what a wonderful human being he is, including the fact that he is not telling all these tales (and plenty are available) about his opponents or exagg.erating facts - as I assure you, the republican ARE

to buddy: well all the people you mention also stumping for Obama matter very little financially and politically. Clinton is the democratic leader and btw, how much money has Gore raised for Obama? I thought so.

I just feel that Hillary is doing what she must for the party. I'll never believe that she really feels obama is the "one". Never. This Democrat is voting Republican because McCain is the lessor of the two evils (so to speak)

Buddy...surely you jest?!?!

HRC has done more for Obama than any former candidate has done for their former opponent by FAR!!! None of those people you mention even comes close to what Hillary has done...NONE!! I can't believe HRC is doing so much, after the caucus fraud, the RBC robbery, the media mockery....She is the most gracious politician I have ever observed! She and Obama had an agreement that she would throw her donors to him, and he would encourage his donors to help with her debt, which by the way, is customary, not an unusual request at all. As it turns out, HRC came through with her end of the bargain, but BO has been dreadful to her with regard to his end of the bargain. I'm hoping she had BO put something in's pretty evident his words are empty.

Buddy, your point does not make any sense.

Hillary fought tooth and nail against Obama and now is encouraging swing voters to vote for him. Bill Richardson and the rest do not have as much political clout as Hillary. Obama is very silly for overlooking Hillary: her 18 million supporters may cost him this election.

She should keep a running tally on what she has done for him. I don't see him going to any extra lengths to help her pay off her debt. Mr.Obama has hardly mentioned her at all, but he needs her and Bill. No other rival of the President primary race has done as much as Hillary has done for Obama. He should be grateful and help her pay off her debt.


Are you kidding me?

First of all, Obama is not going to "rest" after the election unless he loses. If he wins, he will have to immediately start working in assembling his Cabinet and being briefed by the current Cabinet in ALL affairs of state.

Second, Hillary Clinton raising $10 million dollars for Obama is a HUGE amount of money, more than any other donor or organization could even hope to come up with. And, she has campaigned for Obama more than any other person besides Obama himself, by far. Very far.

And, yes, it is both fair and normal for her to expect to be given some kudos for that. Believe me, everyone who comes in even close to the top 20 supporters will be well rewarded, and she is the first among those at this point. And yes, if Obama loses, it means Hillary's nose is still clean. So what? Isn't that good? Isn't that what you would want for Obama if Hillary was the candidate?

Get over yourself.

You know, I was not a solid Hillary fan and am certainly not an Obama fan, but I did think that Hillary had more class than to stump for Obama. Although Hillary didn't win the ticket, and supported some issues that I did not agree with, I really didn't think she would support someone for America with Obama's lack of experience and his hedious background with radical individuals and organizations. Oh well, I guess Party first and Country second is now her theme. If she ever runs again, I will not vote for her for the simple reason that she put greed in front of doing what is best for this country. She could have solidified the ticket in the future if she had gone on national TV/radio and said that regardless of her political position she could not in good faith support a radical far left wing, liar and socialist like Obama. Well McCain will get the last laugh. He'll likely live long enough to see Obama sweet talk and smooge his way into ruining this country with his socialist ways. Anyone who cannot see that his plan (just like Freddie and Fanny) is to GIVE to the people who will not do for themselves on the backs of people that work hard to be independent. Expert after expert in the financial arena has said that Obama's economic plan is disasterous. With a Democratic President and majority in congress rubber stamping his programs, we can count on Socialism soon. So sad to see this happening to my country, our country, a country that has offered so much to so many. He will never be my presiden. f\For me, he'll just be someone I hope we survive. Apparently the American citizens have forgotten 9/11 and are willing to elect someone who would sit down and break bread with country leaders that hate America. I think he gives himself far too much credit. He might be able to dupe people in the US, apparently we have more illegals and welfare people than ever imagined, but I doubt he will swoon over those countries that would destroy us. Or maybe that's all part of the bigger picture.

when will Hillary start doing tv campaining for Obama, we have not seen her, on any major TV net work news!Are we going to let all the hard work she did, be wasted and have another 4 more years of bush policies to destroy our country.

Barry (BO) never keeps his word to his constitutents. Whether it be freezing folk in Chicago, the FISA bill, Rev Wright, or his grandmother. Barry is only true to one person "hisself". Instead of doing his job he take money from William Ayers, the nuclear industry, telcoms, etc. When there is a choice between what is right or what is best for Barry he always does what is best for himself!!! As a lifelong DEMOCRAT I can not in good conscience vote for the worse, least experience, and no character candidate of my life!!!

Has a chance of being the greatest President since FDR,if he makes his decisions without politics in mind:

Hitting the Battleground Airwaves: On Thursday, Hillary hit the airwaves for a round of early vote interviews for Senator Obama and U.S. Senate candidate Kay Hagan in the battleground state North Carolina.

To: jp, michigan. It is true secrets do come out, he just look at the dirt that is coming out on Sarah Palin. However, when you hear such smears and attacks you have to find the facts. I have be listening and searching the internet for myself and I'm not finding any facts or truth.
Everything that has came out on McCain and Palin has been backed up.
Please keep this in mind, don’t take to heart every single thing you hear, don’t be so easily swayed.

What we DON'T need is Pelosi's stimulus package which will give "billions of dollars into infrastructure projects and budget relief for cash-strapped state and local governments." What we need is another tax rebate!!! Why should Wall Street and the government agencies get all the big hand outs? C'mon Dems....even Bush was smart enough to give some CASH directly back to the American people. Maybe the presidential candidates will stop spending HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS for ads and start giving some of it back to the people...just goes to show ya...were dealing with Twittle Dum and Twittle Dee here! Take people's money for donations...than the economy goes bad...but keep the money so you can create a half-hour Obama show or a McCain anger-filled rally so many Americans are poor no matter who they vote for. I miss Hillary!

Hillary had done right by Obama and I'm sure her efforts will be rewarded. As for the girl going on and on about 9/11 ...... wrong country - wrong man sweetie. Where in the hell have you been??? You only won't vote for Obama because he is black - just be honest and get real. The Ayers story is old ....... real old. Barack Obama was 8 years old when Ayers was bombing up things. Get a frickin clue. So what if he sat on a board with him .... so did many Republicans. Do you have a problem with that? I didn't think so. How about your precious McCain with the Keating scandal. McCain is far from squeaky clean - but apparently you only watching one news channel. Perhaps .... F.X ???

Am I missing something here? Didn't she ask Obama straight up for help with her enormous campaign debt and didn't he crudely and rudely turn her down flat? What is it with this woman? Does she just emjoy being kicked in the teeth by men? Heck she should have kept the money and paid off her debt and told Obama the ingrate to go take a walk. She is a Senator, if and when the guy is president he should have to come crawling to her.

She should be the nominee. I don't care what anyone says, with all this acorn crap coming out I'm wondering if he won the nomination fair and square. Hillary should not lift a finger to get him elected, he's going to win anyway. She should just sit back and observe. But that's just my two cents.

you are a boring, brain sucked, selfish and ignorant person who forgot that people like you elcted BUSH who sat down and broke bread with someone who was responssible for 9/11.
I Hope some day people like you realize that no one else in the world is agaist you... but your selves. Open your mined to the world. it's not all about America, it's about the World.

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