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The scoop from Washington concludes McCain spot on Obama and Ayers is misleading


CHICAGO--John McCain's campaign ads use "false and misleading statements" about the relationship between Barack Obama and Bill Ayers, according to an analysis by conclusion

Voters may differ in how they see Ayers, or how they see Obama's interactions with him. We're making no judgment calls on those matters. What we object to are the McCain-Palin campaign's attempts to sway voters - in ads and on the stump - with false and misleading statements about the relationship, which was never very close. Obama never "lied" about this, just as he never bragged about it. The foundation they both worked with was hardly "radical." And Ayers is more than a former "terrorist," he's also a well-known figure in the field of education.


Way to freaking go! You guys have bought your own LoL country. Homeschooling mothers unite! Leave Bill Ayers in charge of AERA VP Curriculum studies at public school central. To many men types theorizing while Rome burns down. McCain, you are the real hero. Tried to get Bill Ayers off the map of our school children's future. Too bad that too many men control the freaking media.

LOL. Newest homeschooling mother

There is nothing misleading about this, only facts. Obama's ties to terrorist are a national security issue and major concern. Obama has supported multiple terrorist in the past. Most recently as 2006 when Obama used U.S. taxpayer funds and his Senatorial position to campaign for one of his radical relatives, named Raila Odinga. Odinga was running for President of Kenya and lost by almost 300,000 votes. Then he called for demonstrations which resulted in ethnic cleansing and genocide perpetrated by his supporters. All of the proof is in the video. The proof is very very clear. Just watch the 8 minute video. You won't have any doubts. Titled: Barack Obama & Raila Odinga -

I am tired of the lies of McCain/ Palin and their inciting hostile emotions with their crowds. I compare it to this. My 12 year old plays soccer by the rules (that's Obama). Then, there are other soccer players that have slapped or purposely kicked my daughter during a game. Those kind of players are McCain/Palin. By the way, Palin is not a role model to my daughter I am happy to say. Obama is someone to look up to and emmulate.

If Timothy McVeigh became a born-again christian and/or monk years after he bombed the Oklahoma City Federal Building, would he have still been a 'terrorist'? Answer is YES ! So everybody stop making excuses for Bill Ayers. The only reason he got off on a so-called technicality is lets call it the way it is: He was a spoiled and bored rich kid. His daddy was Thomas Ayers, former Pres. of Commonwealth Edison. So he got away with it. McVeigh didn't, thank goodness. Ask the family of the dead victim at the Univ. of Wisconsin if Ayers is a terrorist? Or the injured parties at the buildings he and his group bombed. has shown some bias in it's reporting on issues lately- or at least omission of information.

I read the CAC and Woods Fund information and I will say straight up that they funded radical organizations - both organizations gave to ACORN the Saul Alinksy based community organizers.

Woods gave to AAAN who has 2 friends of Obama on their board-Mona Khalidi and Ali Abunimah. They advocate driver licenses for illegal immigrants. Is Chicago that far left? If so, someone needs to inform the state of IL of our 'lefty' positions.

People who take the time to actually read the information on the two foundations can see that many of the grants were kept 'in the family' of radicals. Mike Klonsky, another former Weatherman, appears in the grant information. Does this reflect Chicago thinking? Allison Davis, Obama's ex-boss got a grant for senior citizen housing--he (Davis) was partnered up with Tony Rezko at the time. Oh yeah, this is indicative of Chicago thinking.

Obama said of Rezko, "This is not the Rezko, I knew." Strange that, every major politician in IL knew Rezko and what he could do for them.

ACORN is under investigation in 9 states- problems reported in 15 fraud the kind of thinking Chicago promotes...maybe you'd better not answer that one.

Obama has more white blood than I do--so save the racist remarks, please.

I wish Thomas Ayers was here today.

He knew exactly when they met and what ties they had. Obama early days.

That close knit group from Hyde park, University of Chicago & Hospital and all those wonderful boards. Friendships and bonds that last a lifetime.

You will regret the day you supported obama, the truth will come out, but too late. he is a radical leftist that despises america. he will socialize the country and weaken our military to soothe his muslim friends. he is a muslim, he said so himself to Stepanopolis. You don't slip on what religion you are. The truth came out. All his friends are radicals, muslims and terrorists. From his college roomies to his wifes law boss, to resco, kalidi and so on. He talks about us behind our backs differently than to our face. Shame on you and people like you.

now c'mon we know that is an ANNEBERG funded as in ANNEBERG CHALLENGE which was the close-knit board Obama sat on with Ayers...aren't they the same ones that on Obama's website said Obama never worked with ACORN??? people can only be stupid for so long......

I had to do some reading about Ayers myself. It turns out henever killed anybody nor planned to, nor was he convicted of anything. Also, the reason he started the weather underground was his rage over the murdering of innocent people in Vietnam that the government gets away with. Particularly, the My Lai Massacre where a whole village of innocent unarmed people were looted, terrorized raped and everybody was murdered by American Soldiers. No wonder Ayers was angry with the pentagon. Then there is Kissinger, McCain's advisor who was responsible for civilian bombings in Vietnam and Cambodia,charged for war crimes, and he's a respected advisor.

Has the whole world gone crazy? Bill Ayers is not the issue here. The issue is Barack Obama. Bill Ayers is a terrorist--- albeit the most mild terrorist in American history considering he isn't in prison. Barack Obama was 8...I'll repeat that... EIGHT years old when Ayers was active in a radical group. Obama's relationship with Ayers has always been purely legitimate and based entirely around education reform. 90% of American's wouldn't know who Bill Ayers is had McPalin not dug up old, irrelevant smear attacks. McPalin is desperate. Desperate. Desperate. If we want to talk about character, lets look at McCain and Palin and their supporters. The angry mobs that flock to their "stump" speeches have stolen all respect I ever had for McCain. Calling for the hanging of Obama while McCain is speaking is flat classless---indicative of McCain, Palin, and their entire campaign. Bush league--- literally.

Obama will do whatever is good for Obama.

McCain will do whatever is good for McCain.

Their major difference is who purchased pieces of them.

(Chicago is not left or right; it is crooked.)

That's great Lynn Sweet! Ayers is cleared because he is a large part of education. Education of what!?!? Osama has schools too! Is he okay to be associated with? Let's put him at Harvard!
You Guys are warped, where is your patriotism for the men and women who gave their lives for our freedom? Where were you on 9/11?

All this hullabaloo over a man who is of no consequence in this election. Bill Ayers is a man with old worn out ideas that are extreme and out of mainstream thoughts. His radicalism is out of touch and of no consequence to our daily lives. Let's put it in perspective.
Obama has always been a part of mainstream society. For godsakes he was the President of Law Review at Harvard. You don't get to be that if you are a radical and especially if you are a terrorist. He sat on a board with Ayers, so what? If Ayers taught your child is he also a terrorist? Let's use some common sense here. Walter Annenberg whose foundation gives millions for education. He is a dyed in the wool, staunch Republican, and has endorsed John McCain. He knew Ayers was on the board. If he was worried about Ayers philosophies harming us, I am sure he would not have allowed him to sit on the board in the first place. It was not Obama who picked him. He happened to be one among many who sat on that board looking for ways to improve the education of children. A majority of board members were Republicans. If there were anything to this story, don't you think Annenberg and the other Republican members would have come out and affirmed these accusations? Most board members were CONSERVATIVES. Does that mean Conservatives associate with terrorists or are PLANNING TO OVERTHROW THE GOVERNMENT or worse... puppets of this dark figure waiting to destroy the country? Come on. Give me a break! I feel sorry for all the handwringing conservatives who haven't been able to find a way to bring Obama down. It is clear the American people are not stupid. They see through all this nonsense. When you are worried about whether or not you can pay the rent next month or have enough gas in your tank to drive to work... all this peripheral stuff is nonsense! Barack Obama is not a terrorist or a Muslim or an Arab. Let's get that staraight once and for all. All this c..p is getting us off the subject of truth. Truth is, Obama is a wonderful example of someone... who can come from any background and grow up to be President of the United States. My grandson in the Marines says; "We will be better off with someone who isn't looking arouind each corner for the Boogie Man." That is exactly what Republicans are doing. It won't work this time. Obama will be the next President of the United States. You can take that to the bank. I go with the Las Vegas bookmakers predictions, as well... and they are pretty on target... So get out your towels all you worriers. Be ready for a landslide.

Sign this petition if you think McCain should stop talking about Obama and William Ayers...and start talking about the economy instead:


Oh well......
Half of you people don't even know what Acorn really is, or who Ayers really is. Just keep getting your talking points from Bill Orally, and Rush "Oxycontin" Limbaugh. It's helping the Obama campaign more than you know.. hahha

Educate yourselves on how the GOP deceived you in the last two elections on the Acorn issue. And how A.G. Gonzales fired attorneys because they wouldn't lie to cover up the GOP's false claims of voter fraud and voter manipulation in '04. And yet, the GOP continues this tactic.

I find it hilarious... You people nitpick over NON-FACTS, NON-ISSUES and not the REAL issues... Because, it's all you have. Because you know McCain is a major failure when it comes to real issues. Or is it you don't want to talk about your Messiah #2 Palin doing (and being charged by a bi-partisan review) in exactly what she is campaigning against? Some change there.. haha.

Oh....And what is that coming around the corner, you ask?
Obama at the finish line!
Your Neo-Con days of ruining this country are OVER!

But don't worry, we still love you. We will still give you affordable health care, jobs in this country, and benefits if you are ever down on your luck.

They won't be taken away from you, like they have been to 95% of Americans currently.. Just this time around, it will be for all - and not just the few rich neo-cons. Nothing to be scared of my neo-con friends.

Please, all my neo-con friends. Take the fancy bed-linen off of your heads, put away your stuffed toy monkeys with Obama stickers on them and go home. A true patriot will soon be in the White House.. Don't fear him, even your Messiah #1 McCain says he's an upstanding man:

Stop using false excuses for not wanting to vote Obama, and buying false crap from McCain camp. If you are that off vote Bob Bar or Ron Paul.

-------------------------------------------- and the “Annenberg Challenge”

Contrary to suggestions we've seen in some conservative blogs, there is no connection between the Chicago Annenberg Challenge and, save for the fact that both received funding from the Annenberg Foundation. The foundation supports a wide variety of charitable causes – a total of 5,200 grants during its first 15 years of operation. It was founded in 1989 by Walter H. Annenberg, a newspaper and magazine publisher who died in 2002. is funded by, and is a project of, the Annenberg Public Policy Center, which was established by the Annenberg Foundation with a $20 million endowment in 1993. The Annenberg Foundation also made additional grants to support our work. We also receive funding from the Flora Family Foundation to help support our educational offshoot, We receive no other outside funding. came into being in late 2003. Director Brooks Jackson states: "Our mission is to be as neutral and nonpartisan as humanly possible. Annenberg supports that, and nobody at the Annenberg Foundation has ever tried to influence anything we've written."

For the record, the Annenberg Foundation's president and chairman is Leonore Annenberg, the founder's widow. Public records show she's given $2,300 to the McCain campaign, which announced on Oct. 8, that she has endorsed him for president.

Take the Rev. John Hagee for example, whose endorsement McCain has embraced despite his anti-Catholic and fundamentalist views. McCain blatantly solicited Hagee in order to shore up evangelical votes. While Obama has distanced himself from his former pastor's actual statements, the Pope-bashing Hagee endorses McCain solely because he believes the senator's willingness to kill Arabs en masse might jump-start Armageddon and bring back Jesus. Even more hypocritical, in 2000 McCain rejected the Christian right, comparing Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell to Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan. In 2008, McCain says of Hagee, "I'm glad to have his endorsement."

McCain has repeated the talk radio assumption that Obama's reluctance to end his "relationship" with Ayers and denounce the "terrorist" is indicative of what kind of leader he might be. Writes the Chicago Tribune's Steve Chapman, "What McCain didn't mention is that he has his own Bill Ayers — in the form of G. Gordon Liddy. How close are McCain and Liddy?
At least as close as Obama and Ayers appear to be."
Not only did Liddy spend four years in a federal prison for his involvement in the Watergate scandal, but as Chapman notes, he proposed kidnapping anti-war activists during the 1972 Republican National Convention and even planned the murder of an unfriendly newspaper columnist.

FACTCHECK.ORG is owned by "Annenberg" - has been since 1994 (check Wikipedia its there). How many people are aware that Senator Obama has ties to, vis-a-vis the Annenberg Foundation and through the Annenberg Challenge Obama is deeply connected to Bill Ayers, a former member of the violent Vietnam War era Weather Underground terrorist group.

Bill Ayers was a “key founder” of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

In 1995 Obama was appointed Board Chairman and President of the Annenberg Chicago Challenge, a “branch of the Annenberg Foundation”.

Obama and Ayers “guided” monies to ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now). is part and parcel of the Annenberg Foundation. Factcheck was also chosen by the Obama campaign as the arbitrar of whether Obama’s birth certificate, which purportedly proves he’s a citizen of the United States, is authentic.

How convenient.....


Frankly, it's not about any of these issues. It's about who has the most experience to lead the country and its military. And it ain't Barack Hussein Obama, my friends!

John, Oct. 11th,

"If Timothy McVeigh became a born-again christian and/or monk years after he bombed the Oklahoma City Federal Building, would he have still been a 'terrorist'? "

Actually, Timothy McVeigh WAS a born-again Christian, of the Third-wave variety, at the time that he planned and executed the bombings.

Al Brown from Freeport, FL: you are an irresponsible idiot. i feel sorry for you and your family.


I find it disturbing that you claim you are a mother that home-schools when your post is rife with English language inaccuracies. I weep for the future of your children if this is the kind of education they are getting. At the very least you should use a grammer and/or spell-checker.


Get your facts straight. McCain used $85 million of public sector funding while Obama used $0.

Too many idiots on this board.

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