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Chat live during Obama-McCain presidential debate tonight


We had such great turnout for our past two live blogs during the presidential and vice-presidential debate that we're doing it again for tonight's presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain

Everyone is welcome to participate! You don't need to do anything now, just come back to Lynn Sweet's blog before the debate gets going (9 p.m. Eastern). We'll start the chat 30 minutes before the debate, and keep it going until 30 minutes after it's over. You can join the discussion at any point during that time frame -- and you can sign up for a reminder at left.


Is it me or is McCain's whole point is to avoid answering the question and attack Obama? All the wise cracks, this is a debate. Don't tell us what Obama has done or hasn't done, tell us what you are planning on doing. I'm sorry McCain is going to be another Bush. He's more for the the big corporations and CEOs, not for the American people.

Is this a debate between dumb and dumber? I can picture Jeff Daniels and Jim Carey on a motorcycle on a trip to Colorado. Barack, the computer was not invented by the military nor was the Internet invented by Dole. With all your writers getting paid what they do, you should know that.

McCain I am not your friend so stop referring to me as one. And if you do please put your teeth in your mouth so you stop sounding like Sean Connery or some insurance salesman.

Quite honestly I would prefer to have my neighbor running for office right now. I repeat an evening of dumb vs dumber and if any of these candidates gets elected it will be us, the Americans who ar e referred to as the DUMBEST.

Have a wonderful evening and go to work in the morning so we can all increase our debt to paying for the Wall Street and lobbyists salaries.

Yours Sincerely,


I think obama won the debate all mccain did was talk about obama. Obama has slot better health care program I beleive too

As part of the arabic newspaper recent news, {Iran and syria are preparing to treat the election of Obama as a "Victory"!!!}
It seems that Obama is creating the image of pro Iran and Syria!!!
Source Almustaqbal Newspaper - Lebanon.

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