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CBS report of Obama lack of small dollar fund-raising transparency



You know all of this is just really starting to get on my nerves... by law he does NOT have to publish their donors.

If it is killing you, I donated $100.00 to Obama.

Why don't you start reporting on something of value.

bah... Katie Couric is an ass

Once we're in--we need to no go centrist. How DARE CBS publish such a misleading piece so close to the election. Since the far right Rehnquist court has deemed commercial speech SPEECH--and failed to enforce election spending rules Obama played the ONLY game available to anyone hoping to work for the PEOPLE. His operation raised a lot of money so that the longer commercial messages can rise above the smears.
We need to make sure we get needed financial regulation reforms. Notice how the price of gas always drops in advance of elections where Repugs are about the get their arses kicked? Shouldn't we do something about our lack of an energy policy?

I am a small donor and proud of it $50 a month and $100 in Oct. So there!
I just what a president who is smart and thoughtful for a change!
I guess Republicans just can't believe that Obama appeals to so many people - It must be because Obama calls out to the "better angels" in so many of us and does not count on the demons of "wedge issues" that have poisoned and corrupted our nation for so long. Sorry supply-side economics fans. Sorry Karl Rove, Pat Buchanan et al.

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