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Barack Obama taped Ellen Degeneres show


WASHINGTON--Barack Obama, who showed Ellen Degeneres his dance moves last time he was on her show, taped an appearance with her on Tuesday in Miami.

"It is a surprise appearance and there will be a live studio audience," reporters were told.

The taping occured "---right after the rally---he had 30-40 people behind him and appeared via satellite--surprise to the audience," I was told.


I was on that taping, and I approached Senator Obama and as a nurse I asked about health care and nursing education. He responded sincery, and honestly. My elderly mother was next to me, he held her hand and even kissed her while speaking in spanish to her.
He won my vote!


He might kiss your mom ... but he has coldly denied life preserving care to babies born alive from botched abortions. That means ... 1. abortions kill real human beings with their own fingerprints, brainwaves, bloodtype; and 2. Obama cares nothing about babies (including female, black, and hispanic ones). As an RN you should feel outraged at this. He doesn't have my vote! He shouldn't have yours either.

A-a-a-a-rgh! What a Schmuck!

Booky, how could you say that about Obama. You obviously only heard what McCain said to make him look bad on the last presidential debate. If you heard Obama's response, in which he simply said - if you think that I would deny care to babies in need, then you really think badly of me. He is a sincere human being, you need to view with a more objective eye - this was just McCain trying to make Obama look like an uncaring, unfeeling person. Look to your female instincts, Booky

I'm not American, I'm also Venezuelan, but guys, don't think I spur up Chavez (in my opinion he's crazy), I think Obama is a great president for the United States, and I hope US still having good presidents because I would like to live and study in college in US, I'm 13, but I understand the happenings.( if you find some language mistake here please tell me, I'm trying to learn all English faster)

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