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Ayers, Rezko, Wright not likely to deny Obama White House as polls show lead widening


WASHINGTON -- With more polls trending in Barack Obama's direction and with his lead over John McCain growing, the controversial Chicago 3 -- Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright and Tony Rezko -- won't likely prevent the Illinois senator from being elected president in a few weeks.

In an effort to change this trajectory, Sarah Palin on Monday invoked Ayers' name for the third day in a row, talking about Obama's connections with the former Vietnam War-era terrorist now a respected education professor at the University of Illinois-Chicago.

"I'm afraid this is someone who sees America as imperfect enough to work with a former domestic terrorist who had targeted his own country," Palin said to cheers at a Clearwater, Fla., rally.

Hillary Clinton's Democratic primary campaign at one time hoped focus on Ayers -- a Hyde Park resident who served on civic boards with Obama before he was a U.S. senator -- would swing voters her way.

Why does the McCain figure things might be different in a general election contest?

Clinton was speaking mainly to Democrats. Republicans and undecided GOP leaners just starting to pay attention may be hearing about Ayers for the first time in the closing weeks of the campaign.

The decision to be more aggressive than Clinton ever was personally and have Palin herself talking about Ayers means the story is dominating much of the mainstream news, even with the economy collapsing.

More important to the McCain camp, Ayers is part of the larger narrative the McCain team is pushing about Obama's judgment when it comes to taxes, the Iraq surge and other associations such as with the Rev. Wright, Obama's former pastor whom he finally split with last May.

A McCain adviser told me, "Ayers is not the point. The point is he doesn't tell the truth about his relationship with him, just as he doesn't tell the truth about much of his record. Can't trust him to tell the truth about where he will lead the country."


I agree that McCain should lay off of Ayers.

McCain should point out what the Reverend Jeremiah Wright stated in his rant at the National Press Club in Washington. Wright stated "Barack Obama is a politician and he will say anything to get himself elected".

This came from someone who mentored Obama for over twenty years and who knows him well.

Everybody needs to understand that regardless of who is actually at fault for this financial mess, it happened with a Republican administration in office which clearly means that the Republicans are at fault. That's really all you need to know about it. Who really cares about the actual facts involved? Also, since the Republicans are responsible for this, and since John McCain is a Republican, then he is also directly responsible. Even if Barrack Obama's economic plan was completely insane, all Americans should vote for him because he didn't directly create this problem the way George W. Bush and John McCain did. Obama conjures up feelings of hope and Americans should vote based on their feelings and not on the issues and credentials of the candidates.

Lastly, everybody should understand that the mainstream media plays no role in how anything in this country ever turns out. They are all objective, honest, straightforward people with no motive other than bringing the American public unbiased reports. They never incorporate any of their personal opinions in their reporting. They don't care about ratings which is why they're all so honest. Everybody should blindly trust them.

You are missing the point about Ayers. If he wasn't important, Stephie and the MSM would not have carefully scripted this fake "Town Hall" style meeting, precisely engineered to deflate the Ayers issue so that Homey wouldn't have to talk about it. Observe:
After the debate, George Steph said to the "Panel of Experts" regarding Ayers: "They didn't get a question on it either from Brokaw or the crowd." Then Matthew Dowd (ABC Political Contributor) said "It's telling, in that voters and especially these people in this Town Hall don't really care about that, and so THE FACT that no question was even asked about it means that most Americans are out there saying I really don't care about that."
Now here is the reality:
This was NOT a Town Hall type meeting, where people randomly get to stand up and ask non-disclosed questions. Brokaw stated at the beginning that all the questions were submitted to HIM and he decided which ones would be asked. Any and all tough questions for Borack were filtered out, and unless some of those people come forward we will never know how many asked such questions. But of course, they would have had to sign some privacy document in order to be in the group.
Furthermore, Brokaw inserted his own follow-up questions after each candidate debated one from the group. So it ends up that half the questions asked that night were BROKAW'S!
The entire premise that this was a Town Hall meeting is a fraud, with the media in total control of the questions that Homeboy would have to answer.
Let's see if the Sun Times let's this into the blog...

Sorry to tell you the Democrats control Congress and it was people like Barny Frank and Chriss Dodd that are just as responsible as anyone else for this mess.

Lay off the Bush bashing, because you are allowing dirty democrats to hide behind it.

Ben, are you serious? Dodd, Frank, Raines, all democrats and all responsible for being told by Greenspan and others that Fannie and Freddie would fail. Did you forget that Congress is controlled by Dems and that they have a worse approval rating than the White house? Yes, please let's have another Democratc Pres. and Congress for two years...can you read my lips? They WILL raise taxes.

Americans love the devious, deceitful - look how we took to the Clintons

How come its ok for McCain to Bomb the Vietnamese who never attacked anyone, but not ok for Ayers to bomb the Americans who at the time were attacking everyone?

I am a registered Independant who is very unhappy about the deceit within the Bush Administration. I had resolved to vote Democratic but when Hillary Clinton lost the Democratic Nomination to Barack Obama,I had decided to vote for John McCain. That resolve evaporated when McCain chose Palin as his running mate. A less qualified candidate does not come to mind. Since McCain and Palin have decided to become so negative, lying, stretching the truth, just plain making things up and using racial inuendo, I have become disgusted with the entire Republican Party.

When Palin encourages her crowds to chant "kill him...," or "off with his head" she is inciting to riot. At what point is the McCain campaign advocating assassination as a political tool. That's for Russia, not the US. McCAin has become dangerous.

hey Ben I loved the irony in your comments. I really am starting to believe that most democrats think exactly that way. Pretty scary.

Steven, Its seems as though youre choosing a candidate based on the spin rather than the issues. Have you actually seen either candidates tax or labor plans, healthcare plans? You should do some research on the issues. This isnt a popularity contest its a presidential election. Our country and our childrens future is at stake. Change is just a word, have you really looked at what those changes will be, That is Scary!

Borack H. Obama voted Present 130 times as a state senator from Illinois.That is a state record. Is that change? When he did vote he voted The Democratic Socialists of America Party line every time. Do you call that change? Is that the kind of change you want? He joined The Socialist Party in 1995. And ran for state senator. The Party supported Obama because he was a mamber. He started his political career from William Ayers house when he ran for state senator in 1995. He sure was more than 8 years old then. Also when he was manager of the organaization founded by Ayers. What other secrets are behind the Obama MASK ?

Looks like we are seeing Hernan Cortez conquering the mighty Aztecs again in Mexico. This time it's Borack H. Obama conquering the mighty and good old USA. Thanks to Bush, not Montezuma. And certainly not John McCain. Bush attacked McCain like he attacked Al Gore and John Kerry. That's a fact.

To criticize Sarah Palin is ok. To criticize Borack H. Obama is discrimination, hate, bigotry, and every evil you can think of.I get the picture. Did you know that God created everybody? Or do you believe in God? It makes no difference who you are. If you believe there is a God, then believe and do accordingly.

A far left Media ...
A far left President ...
A far left Congress ...
A far left Senate ...
A far left Supreme Court ...
This would eliminate all the checks and
balances that our democracy is based upon.
Barack Obama formed his political and economic
ideology, and his radical associations, during the
TWENTY YEARS ... yes, that's TWENTY YEARS ... when
he followed Marxist Black Liberation Theology, in
Jeremiah Wright's anti-American, racist church.
And, now, with our country on the brink of depression,
Obama wants to impose new laws which would change
America into a third world country.
You may be upset with George Bush, but in spite
of Obama's slogans, John McCain is NOT George Bush ...
so don't over react to Obama's 600 million dollar
Propaganda campaign designed to highjack America !!!
A vote for Obama is a vote for changing America beyond
recognition ... and, it would be a vote for voter fraud,
a corrupt media, socialism, and the end to America as we know it.
Keep America free, strong, safe, and American ...
Elect McCain/Palin on November 4th.

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