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ABC's George Stephanopoulos launches new political blog. Welcome to the neighborhood.


WASHINGTON--Scoops and analysis is being dished up on a new political blog launched Monday by George Stephanopoulos, the Chief Washington Correspondent for ABC News and anchor of ABC's Sunday morning political affairs program, "This Week with George Stephanopoulos."

Welcome to the neighborhood, George!


What's also interesting is that besides being one of the press spokespersons for the 1992 Democratic Party presidential candidate before eventually being hired by ABC News, Mr. Stephanopoulos apparently attended Columbia College in the early 1980s--around the same time that Barack Obama was (in a mysterious way) invited to just spend only his last two years as an undergraduate at Columbia College, in order to obtain his Ivy League undergratuate degree.

And, coincidentally, guess who else was also attending Columbia University's Teachers College around the same time that Mr. Obama was attending Columbia?

It's a small world, isn't it?

Why don't we have George blog about the Bilderberg Group and what they really do?

Gosh GJ, just what I was thinking. Maybe George could give us some insight. Or maybe more of us can give George some insight, by letting him know that are more of us who know that Obama and Georgie boy are just puppets. The movement is growing and we will not sit passively by while our country is destroyed.

Dear George,

My father & I watch your program every Sunday & we love it! I have two complaints: #1 - I wish you would include audio with the Memorium. My Father is legally blind & cannot see the picture of those that have passed on. He uses headphones in the kitchen & I am in the family room listening to your broadcast. #2 - I have a complaint about George Wills. I am becoming very weary of his complaining about President Obama & how he is becoming very boring & in our face all the time. Well, I want to say to George Wills, I tune in every Sunday & you are usually around the table with George S. to discuss issues. You are in my face every Sunday, would you like me to stop watching "This Week" because you are in my face & sometimes as boring as elevator music. I voted for President Obama because he committed to be in my living room with his news, important issues, etc. I never get tired of hearing him, he is uplifting, positive and I feel like he sincerely cares about us common folk out here who are struggling. I am very disappointed in any others who are more interested in accepting dollars from lobbyists working for the insurance companies & seem to care less about us!!
I do want to say thank you to George S. for one of the most interesting programs on the air. I love your patience with people & your ability to remain unbiased with issues discussed. Thank You for being in my living room & keeping us informed. Darlene Wood, Ogden, UT

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