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Want to live chat during the presidential debate? A call out to the Sweet blog community.


WASHINGTON--I'll be in Oxford, Mississippi on Friday to cover the presidential debate, though it is not clear as I write this if John McCain will show up to face off against Barack Obama.

McCain wanted to postpone the debate if Congress did not strike a deal for economic bailout legislation. It seems there is some kind of a deal in the works--even if GOP House leadership is not on board as I write this.

Anyway, something will happen Friday night and it is an opportunity to start to create a political community where we can chat about an event as it happens, and not wait for a specific post to come up or for me to have time to upload comments. I hope our online audience will join me to live chat online during the presidential and vice presidential debates.

Since I will have to also write a print column on deadline off the debate, post some items and chunks of transcripts, I'd like to get a running start today in organizing the Sweet blog community and make sure that I have some folks lined up in advance to comment in order to keep the conversation going through the debate.

Please send me a note at if you want to be part of the first live political chat at the Sun-Times.

Michael in Seattle, that means you. Bill G. in Santa Monica, Calif. that means you. NFS in Highland Park, that means you. Eddie in Key West, that means you. Phil who posts comments in CAPS, that means you. Judy H. in McClean, Virginia, that means you.

The guys over at Sun-Times sports did a live chat during a Chicago Bears game recently and lots of voices joined in.

Please join the conversation.


Hi Lynn,

At this stage of the game can't help but think that if Hillary were in Obama's first place would things be turning out differently, if Hillary were vice would the ticket be stronger? So nervous about the race factor coming out as people face the voting booth, different than the primary.

What a year, keeping up with your columns and blog, Sandra Weisman Peters - Steve's sister.

So, Obama has CNN in his back pocket? Why would CNN participate in such "sleezy" campaigning? When is someone form the MEDIA going to ask Mr. Obama why the democrats have put a 20% payout for "Acorn" in the bailout plan? Could it be the MEDIA really don't like to write about facts...just fiction?

I'm craking up. Some people are suggesting that Obama (and I really do like this guy) is stronger on ecomomic policy than McCain. Are you kidding. For a look at the outcome of Obama's economic policies if implemented, just take a short flight to Europe - anywhere- you choose. What you will find:
Free healthcare (gov't controlled)
Cheap College (PhD for a few thousand bucks)
4-5 week vacations from most if not all jobs
Decent minimum wages
Labor tribunals to protect workers....

Sounds good so far yes. Ah, I think I forgot to mention a few minor items.

60% taxes (that from the ones you can actually count)
near 10% jobless rates (when the real rate is shared by the government).
5-6 dollars per liter (not gallon) of gas.
10 dollar packs of cigarretes.
No women in the corporate world (at executive levels or on Boards).
Diversity in the workplace, but never in politics and never at high-levels.
The biggest old buy clubs in the world.
Shrinking populations (like in Germany) due to emmigration as a result of the rediculous government policies.
real estate deflation.
Nobody buys (or owns houses in these countries, at least not middle class people).
3 to 4x the real estate prices per sq ft compared to the united states most expensive areas.
The free healthcare is soooo bad that the people who can afford it, actually buy private healthcare plans and end up paying for the healthcare that is supposed to be free.

Doctors that leave, (and come to the USA of course) because while they can't get sued, they can't earn a living after going to school for 10 years after highschool.

All that wonderful stuff and this is in the great European countries. What a joke. Ireland is completely government subsidized. 75% of the work is government work. Once it starts, it can never end. Trust me people. Socialism has nver worked, isn't working anywhere now and will never work. It's nice to care (liberally), but government being your conscience and paying for it, will never work. Keep thinking though!

why hasn't anyone asked Obama about william ayers! How can we trust a man who's good friends with a terrorist especially while we are in the middle of a war on terrorism?!? And his plan to stop over spend doesn't make any since. he talks about lowering the spending in Iraq and how much that will help the economy but knowing to beat afgan we will basically triple the spending in that. Alsowhat about the fine you'll get for not having health insurance because he never denied that he wasn't going to do that all he did was started to bash McCain instead of really talking about his TRUE plan for his health care plan!

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