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The Lynn Sweet GOP convention balloon drop video


ST.PAUL, MN.--Kick back, space out and watch the confetti and balloon drop at the end of the GOP convention here. I shot this standing near the Texas delegation.
(Video by Lynn Sweet)


Here is a thought-provoking matter to ponder over about Gov Palin. In Alaska there is a Statutory Rape law on the books that says that if an 18yr old has sex with a 17yr old it is a felony, and this law is implicit. Though I personally don’t agree with teens having sex because of what can possibly happen, as in the case with Gov Palin’s daughter. However, my argument is not whether an 18yr old should be arrested for having sex with a 17yr old, which I am not all that crazy about, but the law is the law. It can also be argued that Gov Palin has been an irresponsible parent for allowing it to happen, by not taking a stronger stand in educating her daughter about what can happen if she makes the choice to date and have sex, not to mention his age. This has more to do with Gov Palin being an irresponsible elected official, for not upholding the laws that she took an oath to uphold. Gov Palin along with others are treating this only as a personal matter, while totally disregarding its legal implication. I know this has caused personal embarrassment for Gov Palin, and I can sympathize with her for the embarrassment it has caused. Yet Irrespective of your differences with my opinion on this matter, I am sure we can all agree that we need someone in the Whitehouse that would implement the laws that they are entrusted to uphold. Because when we take a closer look at this matter, without any doubt there is a double standard being applied in this case, while many youngsters around the Country are serving jail time for commenting this same offense? After all, isn’t the Republican the ones that are always saying building more prisons, is what this Country needs? How can we allow Gov Palin to govern America, with this type of mentality? I HOPE THIS IS NOT WHAT SHE MEANS WHEN SHE SAYS THAT SHE IS A MAVERICK!

Cindy, you are exhibiting the same nitpicking tendencies that the leftists have vilified the right for. I've been around long enough to know how hypocritical politicians and politics are. That also holds true for their zealous followers. Politics are a matter of feints and dodges; misdirection. All of our Presidential campaigns are about diverting the voter's attention from the real solutions to problems. Neither of our candidates have offered detailed plans (the how to) to address the country's woes. This campaign is just another Mr. America contest. Bring back candidates like good ol' Ross with his charts, bar graphs, and actual statistics. When a candidate quotes a number or percentage to a slavering crowd, they should have the facts to back them up, instead of blind acceptance from their followers. Don't hold your breath. Our politics is just like our society, superficial and self-gratifying.

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Lynn Sweet is a columnist and the Washington Bureau Chief for the Chicago Sun-Times.

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