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Code Pink protesters arrested outside GOP convention hall. Photo gallery


ST. PAUL, MN.--Stylish anti-war "Code Pink" protesters were peacefully arrested outside the Xcel Center here on Wednesday. (photos by Lynn Sweet)






The Police Storm Trooper appearance is disgusting residue of the Bush Administration. Military-style gear has become a growth industry under the neocons. All this at the expense of the American people and their diminished rights under the First Amendment.

After hearing Mrs. Palin's speech last night, I decided to to do exactly what Obama says he will do. CHANGE! I will now vote REPUBLICAN!! I was a Democrat! Palin did what most men are afraid of doing because it will make them look bad to their peers and to the media and that is: STAND UP FOR THEIR FAMILIES and PROTECT THEM! Mrs. Palin, I hope you make it to be a vice (pit bull)pack leader. We need you and Mccain. The storm troopers that we saw in pictures are dressed that way because people that look innocent may have weapons hidden under those hideous clothes. Thank You for putting safety first.

Hey Lou R!

"Military-style gear", "Police Storm Trooper", "neocons"? I see that you took good notes during your pre-convention training classes. Did you eat paint chips as a child?

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