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Sarah Palin passes her test with ABC's Charles Gibson.


WASHINGTON-- Sarah Palin showed herself as steely and supremely confident--even when she stumbled over a question about the Bush Doctrine --and brushed off whether it mattered that she had never met a foreign head of state in her much anticipated first network interview as John McCain's running mate.

ABC anchor Charles Gibson--who had something to prove as an interviewer after a controversial turn as a debate moderator--at times seemed exasperated at Palin's rehearsed patter in the segments of the interview shown on the evening newscast.

Gibson, in the first of two days with Palin in Alaska pressed and probed in an interview where he was under as much pressure as his subject. In their own way, they both did well. Palin kept calling him "Charlie."

Palin, 44, the Alaska governor, kept herself out of major trouble, and that was her most important goal, first do no harm. She sounded reasonable--that is she is not calling for some kind of holy wars in explaining the statement she made in her church about war and God's plan. "I believe that there is a plan for this world and that plan for this world is for good."

Just as Barack Obama, 47, is arguing that his judgment trumps any inexperience, so is Palin clear that her sense of "mission" makes up for any resume gaps. That's why she said "I'm ready" when McCain offered her the spot on his ticket.

"I answered him yes because I have the confidence in that readiness and knowing that you can't blink, you have to be wired in a way of being so committed to the mission, the mission that we're on, reform of this country and victory in the war, you can't blink," Palin said. "So I didn't blink then even when asked to run as his running mate."

Gibson tested her when he asked about the "Bush Doctrine" (regarding pre-emptive strikes to protect U.S. interests) waiting to see if she knew about the doctrine that paved the war for the Iraq war. Gibson asked her if she agreed with the Bush Doctrine.

She tried to wing it---using the technique of asking "in what respect?" to get some clues about its essential elements--but Gibson made her squirm some until he gave up some details.

Points on the board: Revealing that she was getting phone briefings from foreign leaders. Asked, "Do you believe the United States should try to restore Georgian sovereignty over South Ossetia and Abkhazia," she said, crisply pronouncing the name of the Georgian leader,

"We're going to continue good relations with Saakashvili there. I was able to speak with him the other day and giving him my commitment, as John McCain's running mate, that we will be committed to Georgia. And we've got to keep an eye on Russia. For Russia to have exerted such pressure in terms of invading a smaller democratic country, unprovoked, is unacceptable...."

A low point: trying to pass off she was some Russian expert because Alaska is near Russia's edge. "They're our next door neighbors and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska."


We used to think Charlie was the most unbaised Anchor..however we have doubts that He is the best Anchor lately. I studied Journalism years ago and I am not a Journalist, but to be a great Journalist like Edward R. Mural or Concrite, you cannot let the "yellow journalism" (bias) show througn.

We used to think Charlie was the most unbaised Anchor..however we have doubts that He is the best Anchor lately. I studied Journalism years ago and I am not a Journalist, but to be a great Journalist like Edward R. Mural or Concrite, you cannot let the "yellow journalism" (bias) show througn.

I'm wondering if you bothered to actually watch the interview. She was clearly nervous and out of her element. Governor Palin has no business running for Vice President of the United States.

"Sarah Palin Passes Her Test with Charles Gibson" -- You've got to be the easiest grader around.

"steely and supremely confident"

The word you are searching for is "arrogant."

passes her test?????

I don't know what interview you saw...

she's willing to go to war with russia over georgia or the ukrain?...

people, get real....she's dangerous

You have got to be kidding. She want against John McCain's ideas on a couple occasions and was flat out ill-informed on others. Any American with half a brain would be unimpressed with this debut.

Do you mean she passed with a D? Yeah, she did. This person taking the place of the president of the United States.. Sorry, no way.

If by pass you mean a D-, perhaps.

If a reporter asks a candidate a question about abortion, the expectation is that the candidate's job to explain their position, not that the candidate's job is to show that they know what abortion is. If you're holding Palin to the standard of simply understanding the questions, then that's an awfully low standard for someone who might be put in charge of the free world.

Are you kidding me?

Did you watch the same interview as everyone else?

The whole time I was watching the only thing I kept thinking was "this is the person that we should choose as the successor to a 72 year old man with a cancer history? Really?"

The author of this article is really living in fantasy land and trying to put a positive spin on a pretty poor showing of foreign policy gravitas. I would almost give Palin credit if she, as a governor not a senator or someone else who may have done foreign policy work, just came out and said this isn't her forteit and she's learning. Instead, her campaign is trying to sell us that she knows this stuff, and the interview today had one resounding effect, it is very clear that she doesn't.

Obviously she wasn't prepped on the Bush Doctrine. You can get someone up to speed on talking points about current issues in a week, but you can't give them a complete history course. Not knowing about it just shows she hadn't thought much about foreign policy before being picked for VP. Truly scary that McCain picked someone so poorly prepared for the job. Pray for our country, OK?

While I can assure everyone that my confidence to assume the role of Vice President is at least as great as Sarah's, I must admit she is head and shoulders above my ability to see Russia from where she lives.

But seriously, can anyone who was adequately qualified dare stretch their proximity to Russia as a qualification to be elected? Has America's standards sunk so low? So she's now that she's had a few telephone calls and can correctly pronounce the president of Georgia's name. Does that really speak to the sufficiency of herqualifications?

The media is our first line of defense in vetting national candidates. You do a disservice to even suggest that her interview proved her worthiness. She was prepared for a test by tutors same as many college students cram for exams. Please set the bar higher. The American voter deserves no less.

Ms. Sweet. I have a Masters Degree in Political Science, and I have traveled abroad and have knowledge about foreigh affairs. If Charles Gibson interviewed me I know I would "pass the test".

I also want to be Vice President of the United States, but I'm a BLACK WOMAN. So, do you think if it were me instead of Sarah Palin, who does not have a Masters Degree in anything, would you write such a nice article about me?

I thought Gibson was way out of line. Obama is running for President (not VP) and has the same questions about his foreign policy exp. ... yet this is what he asks Obama...

In Summary: Gibson asks Obama things like what do your little girls think of you being such a great man who is going to be the next President.

Gibson is out of his mind. When two people debate they both are on a level playing field but when the other person debating is the guy that made up the freaking questions it's totally unbalanced. That is why real journalists try and ask the questions and follow up with more probing questions if they were looking for more...Gibson DIDN'T follow up...he attacked and argued.

And the "Bush Doctrine" can mean any number of things (which has changed over time)...she followed up and wanted to know what Gibson meant by it and that's where Gibson showed his true colors...never in the history of an interview of a President or VP canidate has a reporter had such little respect for the subject to give them a pop quiz. And certainly not on something as stupid as what it the Bush Doctrine. What in the world does that have to do with anything.

I hope Gibson is just a hardcore Democrat and didn't attack Palin because he doesn't think a woman can lead.

If I lived next to Alaska, I wouldn't go out of my way to piss them off. I'd question her judgment on that.

Remember, it was Sen. Joe Biden that the Georgians called to visit at that crucial time.

This is the type of article that demonstrates just how idiotic "journalism" has become. To Sweet, Palin "passes the test" because she is confident, although glaringly ignorant of key facts. Wouldn't our nation's schoolchildren be grateful if so little was required of them to receive a passing grade. But then, why should we expect as much from a vice-presidential candidate as we do from a sixth grader, right Ms. Sweet?

Gibson's style left no doubt in our mind that he was just like a lot of others in the media trying to trip up the best thing that has happened to politics in many a year. Just like a lot of people in the heartland Palin gives us hope that Washington can hear they are for the people by the people. Every day we are reminded by her actions that we are right in our support of true conservatism.

Palin represents what Washington has forgotten about people who make this country great. And the media better get it right with what little credibility they have left.

If the test was...Is she smarter than a fifth grader? She flunked!

EYEraq, EYEraq, EYEraq. Is that how the bush people say it?

Wow...even when she had all the time in the world to prepare, she still came off as amateurish and phony.

Based on your overall comments, I don't think we were watching the same Gibson / Palin interview... The Palin face and body I was watching appeared stiffly ill at ease. I heard lots of rhetoric salt and peppered with little knowledge of foreign affairs. Heaven help us all should this former beauty queen take over the office of Vice-President, or President for that matter. Wow, did McCain blow it!

When Lynn says "passes test" I would have like to have seen a grade with that header. I mean did she give her an "A","B","C","D", or what. In the case of McCain I give him a pass on intellect because of his experience. I mean like most people who are familiar with John McCain even when he says something that is completely wrong I assume that he just miss-spoke. Just as I give Obama a pass on vast experience because of his intellect. Even those that don't like Obama can't argue with the fact that he has had the best education that money can buy and graduated from one the best Universities in the world in the top tier of his class. He is known as a person that is very well read, a student of history, politics, and culture. But with all due respect although Sarah Palin is bright and seems like a real home town kind of girl (part of my youth was spent in a small town) to be VP I'm just not sure where I can give her a pass.

are you insane? how did she "pass"? bush doctrine?

"You can see Russia from Alaska." Yeah, she hit that one out of the park.

passes? really? when a candidate for vice-president doesn't know the single most influential foreign policy decision of the last decade then contradicts their running mates stance, advocating the opposing parties view on limited uni-lateral strikes on pakistan, and lays out conditions for war with russia, in their first interview... they get to pass... she's not running for student council president here, this is second-in-command of the free world, you should at least know something about foreign policy.

Of course she's spoken the Saakashvili! The McCain campaign is practically interwoven with his government.


I think you greatly underestimate the gravity of the Bush Doctrine question. In my opinion, this was a much more substantive remark than seeing Russia from the coast of Alaska.

The Bush Doctrine is a well known policy approach made famous since 9/11 by President George W. Bush as THE JUSTIFICATION FOR INVADING IRAQ. Her not even being familiar with this phrase seriously calls into question her knowledge of foreign policy and frankly her suitability for the role of Vice President should McCain be elected.

With all due respect, your claim that her "sense of 'mission' makes up for any foreign policy gaps" is completely ludicrous. Our current President, whose key resume item before assuming the presidency was being Governor of Texas, also had limited foreign policy experience. Clearly, G.W. Bush had a sense of mission as well. I would urge the readers of your column to consider this as they digest these remarks by Sarah Palin.

What low point?

Your "distortion" of the fact that Russia is a neighboring country for Alaska is a low point.

Lynn, I watched the interview and I was disappointed. I had begun to like Palin a great deal over the last two weeks. She is warm, tough, pretty and quick. However, the fact that she does not know anything about the Bush Doctrine and her tendency to be bullish/hawkish towards war with Russia put the breaks on my love affair with her. Charlie Gibson did his job. I believed that Palin only needed to be heard in an interview like the one she just had with Gibson and The rest of America would fall in love. Now I believe this interview will go down in history as a signal that the country received about who can step into one of the greatest jobs on earth. I must wait for my Sarah. I believe in another 4 to 8 years she will be a force to be recon'd with. Until then, we must do our part and vote on the side of consistent change back by highly trained, very brilliant people. I'm afraid of waking up again to another George Bush. McCain is aging and his health is poor. I'm so afraid of making the wrong decision. I will go with Obama this time. I'm still for girl power but I can't do it at the expense of my children and the American people.

Are you living on the same planet as everyone else? This woman just gave nightmares to 2/3rds of the country and 9/10ths of the world.

did you watch the interview?

My how the bar has been lowered. This was embarassing. Palin showed no real understanding of where this country has been the last 8 years. Her answer to Gibson's question regarding why we were attacked on 9/11 was pathetic and again showed no insight. It was the same flag-waving diatribe we have been hearing from the Bush administration. She is so completely unexceptional and in no way ready to serve on a national level. If she were a man her performance would be roundly dismissed as second-rate.

After her comments about the Iraq War being the work of God, it is further proof that this woman is a liar. More than that, she is a know-nothing who needs a lot more prepping before she can be let loose on her own. Apparently she is like George W. Bush who takes his orders directly from God. Scary Sarah is truly unprepared and unqualified. She all set to start WWIII - if God tells her its the right thing to do. McCain has put at risk the long term stability of this country by bringing this wingnut into the election. He has made a mockery of the electoral process. Palin must be rejected for the sake of future generations and for the entire world. Shoot First is not an acceptable policy in a nuclear world. She is another Goldwater.

I'm not sure Lynn Sweet should be a journalist if she considers Palin's performance a "pass." Palin was awkard, clearly uncomfortable, she could not answer straightforward questions, she didn't know what the Bush Doctrine was!, she repeatedly repeated standard answers and phrases even when they were not appropriately responding to the questions asked. This is McCains choice for VP? Is he serious? Palin is way out of her league... and that is obvious to anyone watching the interview. Look for the responses from the Republicans on Friday. THat should be interesting.

Has any other vice presidential candidate in the history of this country ever been grilled with such hostility? Bill O'Reilly threw baby softballs to Barack in comparison. Palin stood firm against the spitballs, curve balls, and fastballs. Nice job, Sarah. Get a job, Charlie.

These people are scary! McCain and Palin are no different from Bush who got us into all this mess in Iraq with his tough talk and shoot from the hip mindset. Her saying that she understands Russian politics because she can see Russia from Alaska , is like saying I understand the mating habits of the platypus because I live next to the ocean! Also, she better learn to "blink" a little more if she is going to have a finger on the red button.

Lynn, stop letting your mamamory glands get in the way of judgement here. Woman to woman, Palin failed the interview test. First of all, her dear in the headlights look when asked about the Bush doctrine. Not knowing that Georgia isn't apart of Nato. Then without blinking saying we might have to go to war with Russia without any caveats. Sounds too much like WWI and Iraq all over again. And someone please tell her to stop flailing her arms around when speaking.

She "passed?"

She showed herself ignorant and dangerous. Ready to go to war with whoever over things she has no knowledge of.

But very certain.

Certainty plus ignorant = arrogant and dangerous. Four more years of the same as we have.

Well, then....if Russia is THAT close, why on Earth has she not travelled there? Seeing is believing!

Come on Lynn!! Are you kidding??? You are really kidding me? Pass the test? In what country?
She answered and knew NOTHING!!! Bush Doctrine, Israel, crossing the Palestinian border, the woman doesn't even watch cable.
Another pro-lifer who shoots living things. The woman is an idiot....I was shocked on how dumb.
Lynn...come on.

You you really think she passed? I felt as uncomfortable with those empty answers as Gibson was sitting there. It is hard to listen to someone just shoveling out stuff they just learned to say in the past two weeks.

The "task from God" comment did not do it for me. There is no way to link Lincoln into it.

I keep hearing she did well, but I felt her tension through the airwaves. I kid you not - this woman is NOT prepared to be president OR VP.

Steely and supremely confident yes!

I was disturbed by Palen's vague and UNIFORMED response on the major premise of the "Bush Doctrine".A doctrine that attempted to justify an illegal strike against a soveign nation that was not responsible for 9/11. The Bush Doctrine claims a right to preemptive war if the President THINKS we are at risk. Apply the test of the Golden Rule. This set a dangerous precendent. Any one running for public office should have some clue about this very recent history that has led us into the longest war of our national history.

If John McCain should be unable to complete his term because a return of his malignant melenoma or other cause Sarah would be PRESIDNT. One ill informed COWBOY PRESIDENT IS ENOUGH!!!!

Hey Lynn Sweet!


What is it with corporate media people like you? Why do you keep carrying water for the corrupt Republican Party that is destroying our (the one YOU live in) country?

Palin is so unqualified and clueless that it would be funny if not for the fact that half the country is infatuated with her.

Two bit dictators like Castro give more media access than Caribou Barbie does. Her and McBush scare the living crap out of me.

I find it appalling that you never mention Sarah Palin's willingness to go to war with Russia. A war with Russia would end the human race, and a person a heart beat from the trigger, that to even thing that this would be an option is madness.

If the test was to show that she is not qualified for the position, then yes, she passed the test with flying colors! I am from Washington State, can I be the Ambassador to Canada? Governor Palin is ridiculous. If this was a man who had this little of experience and couldn't answer the simple questions she was given, they would be laughed out of town - actually they wouldn't have been asked in the first place. That's sexism!

I am so glad that Ms Sweet was so impressed with one of the most mundane interviews, Ms Palin was allowed to avoid giving honest answers to straight questions, it's nice that her response to every question was based on her steely resolve, but world problems are no like shooting moose, it's a lot more complicated. Although, the most troubling answer she gave, when asked, would we attack Russia, without thought "of course" is she so sure that she does not have a clue, wake up, Russia also has nuclear weapons and a standing army.

It is apparent that she has been coached, but not well enough to be in the eyes of the public and to answer questions unrehearsed by media reporters.

Her comment about not blinking certainly was a double edged sword as first of all, Charlie had to ask her three (3) times about whether she would go into Pakistan after Al Qaeda and Taliban members if there was credible evidence that they were there,or not. How many times did she blink in that quiet moments before she formed an answer. One not quite well coached enough for that matter.

Unfortunately for McCain, her answer fell into line with Barak Obama's, thereby endorsing his foreign policy over McCain's, who said when hearing that Barak Obama would go into Pakistan to attack the taliban and Al Qaeda operatives if there was credible information, McCain said "to attack or bomb a sovereign nation is naive." No worries though, Sarah Palin has more time for the Bush advisers to get her up to speed with McCain's views.

There is a festering question in my mind however, didn't McCain say, "I will follow Osama Bin Laden to the gets of hell and back until I get him!" Well I guess John McCain will go to hell (no pun intended here), but he won't go into Pakistan to get Bin Laden? Heck, even George Bush did that the other day making Barak Obama right on Foreign Policy and McCain wrong about Barak, again!

I was also a bit dismayed with the thought of America going to war with Russia thinking that the lives of millions of Americans and others would be at stake for the 4 million or so Georgians. I am not discounting their need to have a big brother on their side, but is it worth going to war with Russia over? Economic sanctions might be a bit harder on Russia these days as their economy is on a roll and they no longer need American subsidies. So what to do? Oh yeah, she won't blink, those cute little red blinking buttons look like fun.

I bet she cannot understand the importance of Russia sending two bombers to Venezuela for some war games this weekend either. Let me make it simple for you Sarah, Russia is saying without saying (see that's how the big boys play!), that they would use Venezuela to deploy missiles or at least build a base and supply Hugo with armaments if Georgia becomes a part of NATO.
To have the Russians on our 6 (A$$e$), might be a bit disturbing.

So anyways, Sarah, get back into class with Bush's advisers and hopefully if the time comes and fingers start to move towards those cute little red blinking buttons, they won't be yours!

Are you out of your mind? Do you know what it would mean if we went to war with Russia? You remember Russia, the major super power with a gigantic army and perhaps the world's largest arsenal of nuclear weopons with whom we shared a Cold War for half of the last century and with whom we remain in nuclear detente? You know, that country?

It means we would lose and, en masse, potentially die. Sarah Palin is more than an idiot if she doesn't get that. She's a liability to the security of the United States. Hubris only goes so far. It cannot stop missles from destroying American cities.

Get it?

Sarah Palin has passed her first media interview with flying colors. The question of her readyness
to step in as president was NEVER asked to Obama,when she has more executive experience than Obama. Obama has NO executive experience at all. NADA.

pass the test? Are you high Sweet?! This is something out of a bad disney movie. The mere though of her stepping in as the leader of our country god forbid McCain dies in office or is incapacitated scares me to death. She has no real plan on foreign policy. She didn't even get her passport until last year. She's not even worthy of breathing the same air as Joe Biden. give me a break! I can't believe people are stupid enough to consider her worthy or qualified to lead a country or even be 2nd chair. All she does is throw caddy remarks about her openent around. Is that an example of professionalism that we want as a Vice President. Not to mention that she doesn't believe in sex ed in schools and believes in absentince only. Gee that worked out real well for her didn't it. That same old policy and mixing religion with policy making DOES NOT WORK!

Obama was asked the same "Bush doctrine" question weeks ago and he fumbled. I would bet if you asked most congressmen, they would be at a loss.
It is clear that the Obama people will think that he can do no wrong and walks on water while at the same time find any fault they can to berate the McCain\Palin.
The fact of the matter is that Palin answered the questions and has more executive experience than OBama. And she made decisions as mayor and govenor, which Obama failed to do numerous times when he voted "present" on bills in the congress.
How about security clearance? Would Obama have been able to get security clearance 3 years ago due to his associations with known terrorist, Bill Ayres, who has donated to his campaign?

I doubt it.

The readers are calling the Governor of Alaska dumd? Are you serious? There have been several Governors elected to the Presidency without ANY foreign policy experience. Jimmy Carter? What did he know?

Governor Palin has the intelligenceand and strength to be Vice President and more experience than Obama. Come on.

THank you for your UNbiased article Sweet! Keep it coming.

Actually, she sounded like she had memorized her answers given to her by the McCain camp. And Gibson may have been a very good reporter once upon a time but the years anchoring Good Morning America shows that he lost his ability to be a tough interviewer. Anyone who thinks she performed well is just a sad human being who wasn't taught critical thinking skills. She's just a female version of Dubya.

Gov Palin held her own against a media interviewer whose motive was to discredit her.

Unbelievable. She 'passed?' I feel like I know a handful of former political science majors who know much more about foreign policy than her. This was embarrassing, and truly scary. I have a hard time believing that you actually think this was a successful interview.

McCain is flogging his ridiculous red herring claim of sexism against Palin. Palin is now asking Rick Warren for "bible verses on how do you deal with the unfair, unjust attacks and the mean-spirited criticism that comes in.” They'll be spinning and rotating and blaming everything and everyone other than themselves for their credibility crevasse.

There's been NO attack on her by Obama or Biden. She'll display her lack of comprehension on her own, as she did in the first snippets of this interview. The opposition has every right to point out her lack of qualifications, such as her thoughtless knee-jerk about potential war with Russia over Georgia.

McCain's manipulative political snap-calculation displays serious judgment deficiency. Choosing a person so completely unqualified will bury him as her "freshness" is replaced by the facts. No one's assaulting her intelligence, just her complete vacancy on meaningful national and international issues.

I am baffled by Sweet's judgment that Palin has passed any kind of test, particularly the smell test. "...kept herself out of major trouble, and that was her most important goal, first do no harm. She sounded reasonable..." This is considered passing a test? There has been plenty of harm to the public's perception of McCain's and her competence. McCain will be strongly challenged not to look equally as ill-equipped in the debates with Obama.

Is this American Idol for VP or what???

Palin was plain old scary in that interview.

If Obama/Biden loses it will be a travesty

"Palin, 44, the Alaska governor, kept herself out of major trouble, and that was her most important goal, first do no harm."

Really? That's what we expect from a future VP? That she just not muck things up? As potentially the president of the United States, she has to be able to do more than just survive an interview for which she's been coached extensively. In these times we need someone better than a person only able to "do no harm."

It's hard to believe that John McCain chose Governor Palin to be his runningmate, given her lack of experience in national politics. It's hard to believe she would consider going to war with Russia over Georgia.

I honestly believe that she and McCain do not like change unless it means lower taxes for those most able to afford them, vouchers for religious schools to help people pay for a religious education, being ready to expand our military presence into other countries even though we are already overextended, and just ignoring that millions of Americans are suffering economically. They also don't mention the debt we have run up under George Bush in Iraq, which actually hinders our ability to go after terrorists where they are.

She is not qualified, either in judgment or temperament, to be vice president or president, let alone because she does not have the requisite experience.

It's hard to believe that John McCain chose Governor Palin to be his runningmate, given her lack of experience in national politics. It's hard to believe she would consider going to war with Russia over Georgia.

I honestly believe that she and McCain do not like change unless it means lower taxes for those most able to afford them, vouchers for religious schools to help people pay for a religious education, being ready to expand our military presence into other countries even though we are already overextended, and just ignoring that millions of Americans are suffering economically. They also don't mention the debt we have run up under George Bush in Iraq, which actually hinders our ability to go after terrorists where they are.

She is not qualified, either in judgment or temperament, to be vice president or president, let alone because she does not have the requisite experience.

No matter how bad Palin did I knew this would be Lynn Sweet's headline coming off the interview. Even though every other news outlet talked about her being weak on foreign policy, seeming stuck on certain questions, and not very confident, Lynn Sweet thinks she was great! Wow, you are living in a different, and more biased world Lynn. Be a fair journalist and for once leave for personal views out of your three paragraph columns.

What is going on here? Why is the media accepting whatever this HOCKEY MOM says or does. Her acceptance speech for the vice presidential nomination said nothing - her speech at the convention lacked discussion of policy and intellectual insight ...and now her first interview is weak and nervous.
Lets go back to the comment she made at the convention about her support for special needs children yet she cut special needs programs by 67% in Alaska.
Sarah Palin is involved in a well structured politicla platform - we should be buying her hook line and sinker yet her true
character and lack of integrety always seems to shine through. I think she is very scarey...but why is the press cutting her soooooooo much slack? That also is very scarey.

Shame on you Charlie Gibson. Where are your ethics?

I must say I am very impressed with your assessment of the interview!

Fair and balanced from the Sun-Times?
What the heck is going on here?
Must be the MCNBC blowback effect...

Anyway, all you naysayers better get used to it the new game in town.

Now say it after me for practice,
"The New Vice-President of the United States...Ms. Sarah Palin!"

I guess a Palin with half a brain would be a step up from what we have now.

Palin did really badly, Lynn. You can't spin this one away especially since her supporters were touting her so strongly. I'm still frightened that she believes, as does Dubya, that she is inspired by God. We know where that has led us.

I'm sorry, I'm still shocked that anyone takes Caribou Barbie seriously.

It was a pointless, trappy interview. I am looking forward to direct questions about important issues. Bring on O'Reilly. Enthusiasm for Palin forced Obama to O'Reilly. That was a good interview and did Obama a lot of good.

It was interesting to watch good old lovable Charlie Gibson try to be Bill O'Riley. During the entire interview he never cracked a smile. His mission was to show his liberal and biased media brethren that he could do what they wanted him to do. Trip her up and make her look foolish. Well he did not succeed! The bottom line is that there is no way she could have satisfied the Obama supporters with her answers to questions never asked of Barak Obama who is running for President or of any other Vice-President candidate in the past. It is laughable to think that Obama's message of change in Washington begins with his selection of a senator who has been part of the old boy network for 30 plus years. When will Joe Biden be asked the same type of questions that Sarah Palin has been asked? Then again, does anyone even know if he is still a part of this election?

Oh boy. We're in trouble. Up until last week Palin probably thought Russia had invaded the US Georgia; just like in the 80's movie with Patrick Swayze (Red Dawn???) when they invaded Idaho! In regards to taking on Russia, she must think it's not so bad because what she can see from Alaska doesn't look so bad! Hey, as long as she's against abortion and willing to follow God's plan for us (even it does lead to Armegeddon), it's all good. Who cares about the stuff that really matters to most of us? In the immortal words of Glum... WE'RE DOOMED!

Charlie had a poor performance for a Journalist with his years of experience. Who are you for Charlie? I don't think anyone noticed.
For the viewers who indicated Governor Palin will be the successor to Senator McCain and she has no experience, they plan to vote for a Senator with no experience for President? Makes since!
Did she have a poor showing on Foreign Policy? Do you know the difference between a bewilderment type question and a specific type question? What is your take on the tactics used during WWII? She asked for a specific example and Charlie was unable to provide one; shame on him. She had a great showing and put ABC to shame for this poor opportunity to ask great questions of our future Vice President.
What is truly scary is voting for someone with less experience than what Palin has for President. Praying for our country is the right thing to do.
It is time for change; clean up Washington, bias News reporting and to fight Pork spending. Go McCain/Palin.

This is the same lame thing the press did with Bush - they set the bar so low, a chimpanzee would have passed it. That's how we ended up with the stupidest President in modern history. Shame on you for participating in greasing the skids for this clearly unqualified woman's coronation.
So having no clue about the only major Bush foreign policy - the centerpiece of GOP foreign policy - isn't a gaffe ... one wonders what qualifies. I'm guessing "lipstick on a pig?"
Pathetic. Can you please try harder?
As to the Repubs whining about Gibson: Get real!
Gibson was neutered long ago - The GOP picked Gibson to do the interview precisely because he's a spineless softball- pitching wimp.
What would you guys do if real journalists were still allowed at the big corporate-owned news organizations, like Rather or better, Sam Donaldson? Liberal media, my a!!
As to you Sweet, you're an embarrassment. Why are you carrying water for them?

Sounds like those supporting their favorite south side son can't handle the heat. I am sure just about everyone of you would have not provided the exact answer Charlie Gibson was looking for about the Bush Doctrine.

I bet that VP Candidate Biden was saying to himself, boy, I'm glad he didn't ask me that question.

I heard Sarah answer several questions last night and she did not hesitate with her answers. On the Bush Doctrine, once she fully understood where Charlie was coming from, she provided an excellent answer.

I have taught in schools for a number of years and my greatest problem with school testing is that no one is expected in business to solve a problem without the use of resources available including written material. Why do we use one's ability to answer any question by memory as the measure of knowledge. I look for problem solving skills in individuals, not a supersized memory. Based on Sarah's performance as mayor and governor, I would say she has lots of problem solving skills. I cannot say the same for Obama.

Passed the test! You've got to be kidding. Why are reporters constantly giving this woman a pass. But to frank about they give all politicians a pass. Every speech was given at the convention was given a praise, when I though most was just mediocre. I had much hope that this time, the election was going be something of substance, but it has been a joke. We are reporting and arguing about who is the celebrity, and lipstick comments. Its hard to even to watch the campaign anymore, just like it was hard to even watch the interview. It was easy to see she was just reciting talking points. She has no clear deep understanding or her own opinions about any matters on any issues except energy. Everything else is clearly new to her.

To Lynn Sweet:

I thought your tease-line was a joke. But then I was flabbergasted to discover that you were SERIOUS! The "head" of the Chicago Sun-Times Washington "bureau" thinks that Sarah Palin is a-ok?

I agree with Thomas Dzurison's musing: "What is going on here? Why is the media accepting whatever this HOCKEY MOM says or does?". I dunno, Tom. Sweet seems to be wearing rosy glasses. If this had been a 44 year-old man offering those responses, and with Palin's paucity of international knowledge, I can only imagine that Sweet would have offered anything but namesake-style commentary.

Charlie Gibson is amateurish and phony.....


You need to quit. SaraCuda the Pale passed? By whose ABYSMAL standards?

That chick sucked HUGELY! What became obvious last night is that this crackpot can't tie her own shoes unassisted. I wouldn't trust Sarah Louise Heath Palin to take Hillary Rodham Clinton's least favorite pantsuit to a dry cleaners. This feckless idiot is an insult to America's collective intelligence and sets women's rights back to the dark ages.

Lynn Sweet, the writer of this column must be 'incorrigibly delusional' if she thinks Palin's performance was "supremely confident.




Favors new drilling offshore US

Yes -McCain

No - Obama

Will appoint judges who interpret the law not make it

Yes - McCain

No - Obama

Served in the US Armed Forces

Yes - McCain

No - Obaba

Amount of time served in the US Senate

22 YEARS - Guess who?

173 DAYS - Correct!

Will institute a socialized national health care plan

No - McCain

Yes - Obama

Supports abortion throughout the pregnancy

No - McCain

Yes - Obama (throughtout..discussting)

Would pull troops out of Iraq immediately

No - McCain

Yes - Obama (flip flopper)

Supports gun ownership rights

Yes - McCain (Home invasions think about it)

No - Obama

Supports homosexual marriage

No - McCain

Yes - Obama (it's never going to happen...wake up my fellow homo's)

Proposed programs will mean a huge tax increase

No - No

Yes - Yes

Voted against making English the official language

No - McCain

Yes - Obama

Voted to give Social Security benefits to illegals

No - McCain

Yes - Obama



0% on home sales up to $500,000 per home (couples). McCain does not propose any change in existing home sales income tax.


28% on profit from ALL home sales. (How does this affect you? If you sell your home and make a profit, you will pay 28% of your gain on taxes. If you are heading toward retirement and would like to down-size your home or move into a retirement community, 28% of the money you make from your home will go to taxes. This proposal will adversely affect the elderly who are counting on the income from their homes as part of their retirement income.)



15% (no change)


39.6% - (How will this affect you? If you have any money invested in stock market, IRA, mutual funds, college funds, life insurance, retirement accounts, or anything that pays or reinvests dividends, you will now be paying nearly 40% of the money earned on taxes if Obama becomes president. The experts predict that 'Higher tax rates on dividends and capital gains would crash the stock market, yet do absolutely nothing to cut the deficit.')



(no changes)

Single making 30K - tax $4,500
Single making 50K - tax $12,500
Single making 75K - tax $18,750
Married making 60K- tax $9,000
Married making 75K - tax $18,750
Married making 125K - tax $31,250

OBAMA (reversion to pre-Bush tax cuts)

Single making 30K - tax $8,400
Single making 50K - tax $14,000
Single making 75K - tax $23,250
Married making 60K - tax $16,800
Married making 75K - tax $21,000
Married making 125K - tax $38,750
Under Obama, your taxes could almost double!



- 0% (No change, Bush repealed this tax)


Restore the inheritance tax

Many families have lost businesses, farms, ranches, and homes that have been in their families for generations because they could not afford the inheritance tax. Those willing their assets to loved ones will only lose them to these taxes.


New government taxes proposed on homes that are more than 2400 square feet. New gasoline taxes (as if gas weren't high enough already) New taxes on natural resources consumption (heating gas, water, electricity) New taxes on retirement accounts, and last but not least....New taxes to pay for socialized medicine so we can receive the same level of medical care as other third-world countries!!!

I can see the moon from my bedroom window. Perhaps NASA will hire me as a lunar expert. I see - therefore I understand?

As an independent I don't care what the conservatives say or don't say. Its all a bunch of spin to me. Moreover, I think the liberals are just as bad and I probably believe even less of what they say. I think Governor Palin did a much better job than most people would have done on their first interview. She definitely is not a Washington politician which is REFRESHING. She seems to actually care about people and seems like a throwback to the days when politics was about public service and not self service like it is with today's politicians. She has definitely distinguished herself as a knowledgeable, sharp, experienced person and carries herself like a CEO. I'm 99% sure she has won my vote. I love the idea that we could have a strong woman in the White House who will mix things up in Washington. I thought we'd have that chance with Hillary, but at least we can have it with Sarah.

It's very dangerous to keep escalating the war of words and personally vilifying candidates because we disagree with their policies.

Let me ask you one question: are you an American first, or a Democrat or a Republican first?

America, let's dial back the rhetoric. The people here blasting Sarah Palin wouldn't vote for her if she perfectly answered every question. Moreover, where are their credentials? When were they elected Governor, or to any other office?

Ironically, right now, Obama is sinking because of the harsh rhetoric he and his followers are using against Palin. Americans see themselves in Sarah Palin, which is a concept lost on many Democrats. Keep it up, and you are handing McCain the White House.

In the meantime, how about acting like adults, and teaching our children how to treat others with respect, even when we disagree? Or do you want to keep pushing America to the brink of civil war?

WOW! How obvious it is that left-leaning individuals have more time than the rest of us to comment on articles -- particularly those that do not say horrible things about Republicans. I must agree with Susan Page Coffee when she said, "Has any other vice presidential candidate in the history of this country ever been grilled with such hostility?...Palin stood firm against the spitballs, curve balls, and fastballs." Perfect interview? No. But come on, let's be fair, not brutal!

Gibson didn't even define the Bush doctrine correctly, showing she was exactly right to ask him what he meant. The Bush doctrine: If you harbor terrorists, we treat you the same as terrorists. Gibson mentioning preemptive war just shows he's a leftist as much as he wants to hide it.

How low have your (or the MSM's) standards become for you to believe that Palin 'passed the test'. The mark of a prospective vice president or possibly president isn't one's ability to withstand an interview without breaking down (which she seemed to come close to a time or two). Any criteria should be based upon how well the candidate grasped the implication(s) of a question and expounded upon an answer. Ideally the candidate would be able to provide answers based upon the deep thoughts, study, and experience they bring to bear. There were hardly any times during the interview where Palin demonstrated she has thought a lot about foreign policy or that she's considered long term implications of hers, Obama's, or even McCain's proposed policies. Her answers were obviously coached and her words were not her own. For these reasons she decidedly failed. And because she won't open herself up to more interviews we can only assume she would continue to fail. She has yet proven herself to be qualified for the position of VP.

Oh come ON! In what sense could any of her comments above be construed as "steely and supremely confident"? Because she didn't stutter? Her voice didn't shake? She didn't burst into tears and crawl off stage?? Has the bar for Vice Presidential candidates truly fallen that low? As long as someone can speak English and deliver rehearsed lines, they're "doing well"??

I'll admit, the ability to recite full sentences is a step up from George "Nucyuler" Bush. So perhaps now all present and future political candidates will be compared to him and declared to be geniuses.

Shoddy, Sweet, very shoddy.

I thought she did fine. Different people bring different things to the table on a team. What Palin brings is fiscal reform and a knowlege of energy. She seems bright enough to pick up the rest as she goes. Imagine you had to take a test on your worst subject? How would you do? The lady who said she had a Masters in Poly. Sci. said she could "pass the test". How would she do on energy? Could she find ANWR on a map if her life depended on it? Can she tell me what "gasoline" really is without looking it up?

Palin is no Henry Kissenger (yet), but what she does understand is energy and how to make a government more efficient. And she is more of an "environmentalist" than most people ever will be. In this age, energy IS national defense. (Venz. and Colombia recently.)

If inexperience REALLY scares you, consider that although Palin is "a heartbeat away" from the Presidency, if Obama is elected, he WILL BE President. They both have roughly the same experience. Which scares you more? Suddenly it's not such an issue, is it? :)

You have no idea how much I can't wait for December to get here....

I think this interview was probably the only time she failed in past some years...the reason being she skipped some greades in between cannot get to eight grade after your third...Governor of Alaska is a great job for her currently to gain experience and come to national spotlight after few years of dreaming to become president or vice-president ...I think she did not even dreamed sometime to become president ...let her do that..

Putting your bar so low you will hurt her future as the Putin's of the world will not explain things as Charlie did..

All I have read here thus far is a bunch of democrats trying to dismiss the fact that Charlie Gibson was extremely rude, arrogant and his body language shows me he is biased and sexist.
Did Palin do well? I believe she did, considering he made this interview turn out to be more like an interrogation than anything else, and i felt the tension from my own living room!!
Charlie, you are a news reporter, you are NOT supposed to be have an unbiased view of what you report. You obviously did not interrogate the lame Obama Islama no mama candidate who is clearly not qualified to run this country.
Nor is his wife by any means ready to be first lady - she has racist issues and belonging to a racist congregation for 17 yrs ALONE should spell it out to America.
But everyone is ignoring that - they only see that he is Black and young - and has tinseltown backing him up. Ok - great.
Now where are your credentials??????????? Oh, you have NONE? Oh, ok.....sure.
Black, purple, green or red - Obama is NOT qualified to be President. PERIOD.
YOu want to see changes, oh you will see many changes IF he gets in. Then we are all screwed.
Especially the middle class and rich!!

Question is, who wrote the questions for Charlie to ask? Clearly Charlie couldn't field a clarification request made by Sara. This was no interview. Maybe we should try to find out what Sara thinks, rather than to try and confirm what we hope she doesn't know.

passed her test? she looked like an idiot.
Anybody who votes for this Dipsy Doodle needs to hbe checked for early dementia.

The Sisterhood of the Ya ya Stoopidhood. Get a grip. Walmoms. You are a world-wide disgrace.

Have you liberal idiots ever watched Obama stutter and stammer through interviews and not give straight answers? Do you know where sarah stands on the issues,yes you do. Do you know what Obama would do about Russia or NATO entry for Ukraine and Georgia? No you don't.Sarah's not a polished career politician like Obama whos' been running for President since kindergarten.Her everydayness is what people like.

For her first global interview, Palin did a fabulous job. Charlie didnt...He was uncharacteristically out of style from his previous form as an interviewer. You will notice very clearly if you watch the interview again, every question was very specific with an intent to stump Sarah. He put her on the defense instead of allowing her to let her thoughts come out with heartfelt conviction though i think she was able to throw in some of her real feelings about certain issues. She's new on the global scene. His questions were fair game but as compared to his interview with Obama, Barack got off easy and i must say i think it was intentional. Mr. Obama has not been asked the hard questions by Charlie or anyone else of William Ayers, or any hard lined specific questions throughout his 19 month campaign. And just after 2 weeks of Ms.Palin being on the political scene she gets grilled over like no other yet in the campaign. And 30 lawyers and numerous press people in Alaska looking for mudd is an abomination of disrespect. This tells you a lot about Baracks wish to control in ways we have never seen in this country. And he has the media and most of the public convinced already of his doctrine of control. If i were Sarah i would gather them all in a room and tell them, knock this crap off. I'll see you in court and you will see your transgressions. We never witnessed the leagues of bottom feeders chasing the other candidates did we. Something is awry in politics/journalism now like no other season and it needs to stop! The American people arent stupid and are remembering the shinnigans going on.

I believe the American press predominently the male bosses of the now atrocious media are scared. Scared of a woman getting in the high office and flexing her muscles over men. I for one being a middle aged male resent the male chauvinism thats being forced down the publics throat at the expense of Ms. Palin. No worrys though, she is tougher than nails and will come out of this hideous approach to journalism and will be our next Vice President.

I would suggest you all that are running scared of this 130lb torpedo to be ready for some serious changes that will bring our government back to the people. Isnt that a novel idea! She's just getting started and will be up to speed before she takes office. Just what we need second in command. Finally, someone with non-blinking guts and confidence.

Maybe it's just me, but from the snippets of the interview that I saw, Gibson came across more like a principal calling a student to his office than a professional reporter interviewing someone running for VP. I think she did fine in the parts I've seen. She certainly came across at least as well as Gibson did.

As for the so called "Bush Doctrine", I think she well knew what Gibson was referring to, but expected Gibson to clarify what "he" meant by the use of the term. Not everyone has been on the same page with what they consider it to be. It was obviously an exam question to Gibson, as he seemed a bit annoyed that he had to explain how "he" was using the term.

I wish Gibson or any objective "reporter" would interview Obama and ask him to clarify what he means by his promise about cutting taxes. From the info I've seen on it, it sounds more like a government program which actually means taking more money from some, as well as making the difference up by "printing" more money and sending it out to many who didn't pay taxes in the first place. That's not a tax cut...that's reallocation, in order to create a big government socialist program.

Tax promises that come to mind...Clinton's promise to cut taxes for middle class and instead he raised them. Bush Sr's promise to "Read my lips, no new taxes" and what did we get? New taxes.

As someone else mentioned about studying journalism, I also have. I'm not sure we really have professional reporter journalists any more. Sadly, it seems to be a thing of the past. The bias is all too often evident.

A reporter use to deal with facts, not their own biases. Today, IMO, way too often "journalists" are no better than town gossips.

I could ask any number of people what the Bush Doctrine is and get who knows how many different answers. I wonder how many here in this forum would have given the exact same definition as Charlie did. You can read about it at wiki and see that the Bush Doctrine has changed over time and is more than what Charlie described it to be. So when Palin asked exactly what he meant, that can be understandable.

But the main thing people should know is that she does not represent the Bush Administration. McCain and Palin are all about a new administration. A different administration. And hopefully, they will do things as they deem best whether it is in line with the Bush Doctrine or not. Hopefully, they would employ only parts of a previous administration that worked, and cast off what didn't work.

Instead of playing word games in using a question that could have elicited any number of answers, Charlie should have cut to the chase and said what to you think about preemptive strikes, or whatever it is he wanted to know about a particular part of an outgoing administrations policies.

After all, if this is all about stump the guest, than that same tactic could easily be used to make Obama look dumb. After all, it doesn't take a whole lot to catch Obama off guard. How many times have I seen Obama stammer, and do the ah ah ah ah thing? More times then I can remember.

I believe Palin's answers were fine, and, there was none of the stammer and ah ah ah stuff Obama is becoming known for either.

The Trojan Moose completely failed the test.....this is the scariest stuff I have seen in my fifty years on earth. To think that the Republicans have sunk this low to drag this carcass out of the North woods and prop her up to be a candidate for the 2nd highest office in the land is all about distraction and trying to win. And they have the nerve to talk about country first. One thing that would come out of this in the un-likely event they that illegal immigration will cease because there won't be a job left in this country. She would'nt pass the smell test to a bull moose in heat.

Gibson must be pandering for the Press Secretary position, and the video editor would be his under-study while plumping the casting couch cushions for Chuck. What a shill for the patriarchy of the almighty Obamanation :rolleyes:

Keep drinking the hater-aid and attacking her peoples. Please please please continue on with the rapid, vicious, elitist, too-smart by half, chauvinistic attacks.

It's driving traditionally voting democrat moms like me to the McPalin ticket faster than you could ever imagine.

Mav/Cuda 2008

Sarah Palin was astounding with Gibson.
Obama continues to sing, "It's my Party & I'll Cry If I want to, You would Cry to If it Happened to You!" See Political Satire You Tube
"Sarah The Dancing Queen & Obama Sings "It's My Party"

Yesterday afternoon while in the middle of a Scrabble game with Mrs. Dada, we were interrupted by Charles Gibson interviewing our next vice president(?), Sarah Palin. Her repeated obfuscation served up in her answers to Gibson's questions were annoying at the least, scarier than hell at most.

We learned she didn't know what the Bush Doctrine is. But we also discovered you can actually see Russia from someplace in western Alaska which, right after her visit to Canada is sufficient experience to validate her foreign affairs expertise, hence, to blow to smithereens Iran on behalf of the Israelis.

(NOTICE: Dada can see Juarez from here in El Paso and, should McCain win the election, please note - based on that experience - I plan to vie for the ambassadorship to Mexico at the least, or the State Department's chargés d'affaires of all of Latin America at most.)

The deeper Gibson and Palin got into the interview, the more and more I found myself thinking of Britney Spears and her sweet yet very dangerous political naiveté. Maybe my confusion was why I was expecting Palin to grace us with a few bars of "Hit Me Baby One More Time."

Curious side note: After the interview, we resumed our Scrabble game and Mrs. Dada immediately hit me with the 7 letter word: n-a-i-v-e-t-é!

Hmm, synchronicity? I think not.

Yes Sarah Palin did wonderfully. Yes, she is ready to take the seat of the Vice President and I pray too for our troops since my only two sons are both serving this wonderful, exceptional country and one recently wounded, I am proud to support her and her mission to reform our troubling elite washingtonian politicians. Charles Gibson did little to lift himself up in the eyes of this voter. He should be true to his calling of interviewer and remain neutral, yet he showed his true colors. Shame on you Mr. Gibson, shame on you.

The woman is a moron. She may even be dumber than George Bush. She, too, can't pronounce the word "nuclear." My 11 year old is more well-versed in politics than this woman.

I found Charles Gibson to be condescending as he asked his questions. As a single mother, I know what it takes to raise a child, work and earn a degree at one time. It takes a lot of discipline, a tight budget and self confidence. I heard Sarah Palin considering the questions asked carefully before answering just like anyone would when under scrutiny. I have met the same condescending attitude from people with small minds who cannot understand what makes a person dedicated and self-motivated to reach his or her goals. Charles Gibson's face and tone of voice shows that he is one of those closed-minded types who would rather try to make someone look bad at any cost rather than make an effort to understand a different point of view.

tomato, tamahto, what's the difference? All I can see is most people here believe what they see on TV, and have never actually read the full transcript of the interview. Try reading that...

First of all, it is obvious that most of the people posting that she got a D are liberal Obamaites. You would have come here and posted those same comments no matter what happened. You are absolutely commited to trying to manipulate any situation to make Palin look bad.

The funny thing is that none of you get it. People like Charlie Gibson are going to ensure a McCain Palin victory. Every time they take this new "Liberal Doctorine," of the ends justify the means and do whatever it takes and say whatever it takes, MSNBC keith olberman style, to make palin look bad and Obama look good, they will push independent voters to McCain.

read the new article in the washington post by Charles Krauthammer. Atleast someone got it right. "What is the Bush Doctorine?" what an idiot. He didn't even know what it was!

Charlie's liberal bias came shining thru during the interview with Sarah Palin. Looking down thru his glasses like he was playing stump the chump. Gibson came across like a condescending fool. But you elite fools just keep on keeping on
you just keep sliding down the polls.

OMG... Thats text speak for Oh My God, speaking of God I think the next time I need a raise at work I'll pray for the good ole' USA marine Corps to start a holy way w/ upper management. This was a joke... Giving Gov Palin a passing grade here is being biased beyond belief and I am a 17 year Republican, I may sit out this election, but there is no way in HE (double tooth picks I'm voting for the ignorant small town Hick Peggy Hill, clone. I would much rather lose and election than the eastern seaboard w/ a 50 mega-ton nuclear bomb. She didn't the Bush Doctrine. Sad Sad Sad. If we vote for this, poor excuse for a VP we deserve what we get. PTA...."QUALIFIED"....United States Vice President....."NO THANK YOU".... Sorry Lynn, She failed.

Charles Gibson was disrespectful to Sarah Palin. He started the interview with an attitude against her and it was very clear as he was speaking "down" to her. Goodness, she did not deserve to be treated like that. Nobody deserves to be written off before they were even heard.

Charles Gibson asked: "How did Sarah Palin do in her first interview?" My question is HOW DID CHARLES GIBSON do.... I sure DO NOT plan to ever watch or listen to anymore of his news cast. Gibson sounded to me that he was on Barack Obama's payroll. Gibson was very rude in that interview.

What is wrong with Charlie? I think he is one of the worst interviewers in history. His attitude problem only makes Gov Palin look better. She has my vote. Boo to you Charlie.

After the interview with Charlie Gibson, I think it is time to for Charlie Gibson to retire. Charlie Gibson needs to apologize to all of the career women who are successful raising a family and having a career. Has Charlie Gibson ever asked a man if he thinks he can handle a family and an important career? That question was insulting to the female gender. ABC should apologize for letting that question be aired.

Charlie Gibson only enhanced S. Palin's chances of being elected.

the Bush doctrine might have been understood as spreading democracy to the Middle East to drain the swamps of extremism. That seems to be Palin's initial track.
The preudo intellectuals who claim to know better should take a class in humility.
Bottom line, ignore the cult of Obama mania,
this is a decent human being who has a civil right not to be slandered, misrepresented, edited, and streotyped.
She has as much experience as the Democatic presidential candidate and far more down to earth common sense.

I LOVE it!!!! All the lefty criticism of Palin -from "Shane", "Julie", "Mr.Fakename" etc. is the very same criticism that we right-wingers have for Obama. But our criticism is rooted in fact. It is amazing how left-wingers seem blind to the hollowness of their presidential candidate. He is a fraud and the American people are seeing through it. Let's remember here...Palin does have executive experience. He has zero. Zip. Nada. Zilch. 143 days in the senate does not qualify him to be THE President of the United States. And, there is nothing glorious about his career prior to that. Palin makes decisions. Obama? He votes "present". The GOP's Vice-Presidential candidate HAS MORE EXPERIENCE than the Democratic candidate for President! McCain-Palin! What a package!!!!!

Not sure what "She didn't the Bush Doctrine" means. Sad, sad, sad?

Phillip, I find it extremely hard to believe you are a Republican. If you were objective, you'd know the term "Bush doctrine" has had many meanings and was "coined" by a reporter, not Bush, himself.

Why can't Dems just be honest and say they are Dems? Be proud instead of pretending you're something you're not. ;)

Charlie "ask the same question a million times until you get the answer you are looking for" Gibson.

She looked confident in her answers. She didnt get scared into answering directly to his biased questions. She displays common sense.

You liberals are funny - you really think visiting a foreign country makes you qualified to be a national leader? Its about being able to build relationships, making wise decisions in complex situations, and sticking to the ideals that make this country great even when under tremendous pressure. Sarah Palin can do this. she has a pragmatic, common-sense approach most career politicians dont have.

I am proud to talk to my daughter about the possibility that she will get a chance to run for a national political office someday, too!

Sarah Palin and John McCain make a great team! I can't wait to vote for them!

Charles Gibson conducted the most slanted and biased "interview" I've ever witnessed in my 40 years of following and being involved in politics. He pandered to the ratings and played to the news elites to demonstrate he could ask tough questions. Too bad he doesn't know how to listen and recognize that some things "under the microscope" are actually praise worthy items. Sarah Palin did a good job and I am more confident she can make measured and wise decisions as a leader than I was before the attack dog nibbled on her leg. Obama is far less capable than Sara Palin, of this I am confident!

I am stunned that people reacted to Palin's performance positively.

I saw it only on YouTube, and only parts, but every minute to me was a trial. I felt the same embarassment as I would listening to an unprepared student take an oral exam.

I felt sorry for her, but hardly ready to vote for her.

I have to agree with most of the comments in that Sarah gets, at best, a "C" on Gibson's interview - and I'm a staunch conservative. However, when I think of all the sleaze, on both sides of the aisle, that are informed, educated, and pc trained, I'm not really all that concerned. Jimmy Carter and Trent Lott come to mind. True, it would have been nice for Palin to turn off the pre-record and speak her mind. But then, that's what Biden does and it's sunk his ship. It's an election year and both the media and the politicians get a pass on speaking the truth. There is some obvious sarcasm in that last statement but, sadly, it's also true.

Thank you Lynn Sweet, Charlie Gibson and ABC,

I have come to the saturation point concerning Sarah Palin. That's it, no more! Parceled out interviews and "exclusives" kept us hanging on for days. And what did we learn? Who cares anymore?

Good for you Charley.I used to wach Brian Williams but changed to you. Now I am at a loss .That was the most biased and sexist interview possible. Fox is stii the best news out there so I guess I'll stick with Them. Thank you for helping in my decision.

Charlie Gibson should either go back to Journalism school to learn how to do an interview or else retire. He treated Sarah Palin rudely, was condesending, talked down to her and was demeaning in his approach.

All his peers have made jokes about the Bush Doctrine .......none the next day, said they had a clue as to what he was asking Ms Palin and it turns out neither did Mr. Gibson.

The only fixed "doctrines" in American history are the Monroe and the Truman doctrines which come out of single presidential statements during administrations where there were few other contradictory or conflicting foreign policy crosscurrents.
Such is not the case with the Bush doctrine.

There is no single meaning of the Bush doctrine. In fact, there have been four distinct meanings, each one succeeding another over the eight years of this administration -- and the one Charlie Gibson cited is not the one in common usage today. It is utterly different.
He asked Palin, "Do you agree with the Bush doctrine?"
She responded, quite sensibly to a question that is ambiguous, "In what respect, Charlie?"

He stated the Bush doctrine "is that we have the right of anticipatory self-defense."

Actually if one is trying to define the Bush doctrine the closest one can come is ...

the grandly proclaimed (and widely attacked) freedom agenda

Charlie Gibson should do his homework before making a fool of himself.

Tough questions should be asked of course, but
not in the rude, impatient, eyebrow raising, snobby way Gibson presented himself.

ABC used the time to get their message to the people ... we don't like Sarah. Even their intro was a disgrace. Here we have a governor with 85% approval rating - higher than any governor in the country and the reporter finds one friend, who says she isn't sure she'll vote for her "friend". Give us all a break please.

I am so disgusted with the media and unfair biased treatment. Very shameful.

It pains me to believe any reasonable person could say Gov. Palin was steely and supremely confident during her second public display to the american people as to what her experience and style brings to the republican ticket. I would say weak and swiftly obdurate is more appropriate. People listen up. This is a person, who if elected to be VP and our potential 72 yr old president (According to the 2008 Statistical Abstract of the US, in 1936 the life expectancy of US born male was 58 yrs of age and a white male born in 2004 has an average life expectancy of 78.3. Statistics would place McCain with a life expectancy something short of 78.3 yrs of age.) would be our nation's head of state, not our next American Idol judge. Making insertions about Charlie Gipson having something to prove when asking Ms. Palin about the Bush Doctrine is ridiculous and a waste of a voter's time. If any comment should be made it should be that Ms. Palin deliberately and uncomfortably tried to fake her way through her first test and failed miserably. She has done nothing but embellish her accomplishments and stretch the truth from the beginning. When caught with her hand in the cookie jar she is like a child in a pre-operational development stage using reverse sexist jesters of winking, smiling and perverse humor to have her way. People, we have 53 days left to make a 4 year decision. For the past 8 years our economy has hemorraged and our status as a superpower weakened. If you want to make a difference and keep more of the same out of the White House vote for true change with Obama.

I was amazed at how Gibson handled the interview. Instead of being fair, trying to bring out Sarah's views, he grilled her, accused her, tried to trip her up. Clearly, he wants Obama to win. He wants to destroy Sarah. It was obvious. She did pretty well, considering she must have been surprised at how he was going after her. She kept her cool and answered better than most of us would have. She has years of executive experience and is of good character. I found the hateful remarks about her heartbreaking. Is Charlie Gibson going to go after Biden and Obama in the same fashion as he did Sarah? There is plenty to know about what Obama was really doing in Chicago. I'd like to see how Obama and Biden answer the same hostile "gotcha" questions. Gibson is not fair, he's biased and way too obvious.

Republican Party = Every man / woman for himself or herself.

If body language counts for anything, Gibson meant to put Palin on the defense which is pretty obnoxious IMO. I do want to know more about her, but I want her to feel comfortable enough that she can not "check" her words and instead just be Sarah. I would want that for myself.

I think it is not at all strange that Palin is short on foreign experience. That is the reason Biden was added to the democratic ticket to make up for that fact that Obama has none there either. Today it is hard for candidates to have that experience since rarely do any of them venture out of Washington to serve on any post as they once did. Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Spiro Agnew, all were governors that had ZERO foreign policy experience. Apparently there were going to have to "wing it" when they got the job. That being said, I am from the camp that much prefers that candidates have executive experience instead of JUST legislative, although the latter is certainly an asset. I am very encouraged that McCain picked a woman that is knowledgeable about our energy woes and clearly has an opinion about drilling and alternative energy possibilities. Obama is wrong that change comes from selecting another Washington insider as his VP pick. We should remember that his mentor was Ted Kennedy another seasoned senator. There are pluses and minuses there. It would seem that if a ticket had both "new" and "old" that the latter should be on top of the ticket so the youth/new can influence change for those coming up. By definition "youth" cannot have the most experience such as Palin and Obama clearly come up short compared to McCain and Biden. The dems have their ticket upside down.

Sarah is awesome and proved that once again she can stand up to the men and answer the hard questions, unlike the men who are only given softball questions! Charlie Gibson is soooooooooooo biased. He should have the same type of interview with Obama and let's see what would be said because as everyone knows Obama has a very difficult time without his teleprompter.

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