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Sarah Palin GOP convention speech. Transcript.


ST. PAUL, MN.--Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin accepts vice presidential nomination in GOP convention speech. Transcript courtesy of Federal News Service.

GOV. PALIN: Thank you. (Cheers, applause.) Thank you. Thank you. (Cheers, applause.) Thank you. (Cheers, applause.) Thank you. (Cheers, applause.) Thank you so much. (Cheers, applause.) Thank you. (Cheers, applause.) Thank you so much. (Cheers, applause.) Thank you so much. (Cheers, applause.) Thank you. (Cheers, applause.) Thank you. (Cheers, applause.) Thank you so much. (Cheers, applause.)

Mr. Chairman, delegates and fellow citizens, I will be honored to accept your nomination for vice president of the United States. (Cheers, applause.) Thank you. (Cheers, applause.)

I accept the call to help our nominee for president to serve and defend America, and I accept the challenge of a tough fight in this election against confident opponents at a crucial hour for our country. And I accept the privilege of serving with a man who has come through much harder missions and met far graver challenges and knows how tough fights are won, the next president of the United States, John S. McCain. (Cheers, applause.)

It was just a year ago when all the experts in Washington counted out our nominee because he refused to hedge his commitment to the security of the country he loves. With their usual certitude, they told us that all was lost. There was no hope for this candidate who said that he would rather lose an election than see his country lose a war. (Cheers, applause.)

But the pollsters -- the pollsters and the pundits, they overlooked just one thing when they wrote him off. They overlooked the caliber of the man himself, the determination and resolve and the sheer guts of Senator John McCain. (Cheers, applause.)

The voters knew better. And maybe that's because they realize there's a time for politics and a time for leadership; a time to campaign and a time to put our country first. (Cheers, applause.)

Our nominee for president is a true profile in courage, and people like that are hard to come by. He's a man who wore the uniform of his country for 22 years and refused to break faith with those troops in Iraq who now have brought victory within sight. (Cheers, applause.)

And as the mother of one of those troops, that is exactly the kind of man I want as commander in chief. (Cheers, applause.) Thank you.


GOV. PALIN: I'm just one of many moms who will say an extra prayer each night for our sons and daughters going into harm's way. Our son Track is 19, and one week from tomorrow, September 11th, he'll deploy to Iraq with the Army infantry in the service of his country. My nephew Casey (sp) also enlisted and serves on a carrier in the Persian Gulf. My family is so proud of both of them, and of all the fine men and women serving the country in uniform. (Cheers, applause.) Thank you.


GOV. PALIN: So Track is the eldest of our five children. In our family, it's two boys and three girls in between, my strong and kind- hearted daughters, Bristol and Willow and Piper. (Cheers, applause.)

And we were so blessed in April; Todd and I welcomed our littlest one into the world, a perfectly beautiful baby boy named Trig. (Cheers, applause.)

You know, from the inside, no family ever seems typical, and that's how it is with us. Our family has the same ups and downs as any other, the same challenges and the same joys, sometimes even the greatest joys bring challenge. And children with special needs inspire a very, very special love. To the families of special needs -- (cheers, applause) -- to the families of special needs children all across this country, I have a message for you. For years, you've sought to make America a more welcoming place for your sons and daughters.

And I pledge to you that if we're elected, you will have a friend and advocate in the White House. (Cheers, applause.)

And Todd is a story all by himself. He's a lifelong commercial fisherman and a production operator in the oil fields of Alaska's North Slope, and a proud member of the Untied Steelworkers Union. (Cheers, applause.) And Todd is a world champion snow machine racer. (Cheers, applause.) Throw in his Yupik Eskimo ancestry, and it all makes for quite a package. And we met in high school, and two decades and five children later, he's still my guy. (Cheers, applause.)

My mom and dad both worked at the elementary school in our small town, and among the many things I owe them is a simple lesson that I've learned: that this is America, and every woman can walk through every door of opportunity. And my parents are here tonight. (Cheers, applause.) I am so proud to be the daughter of Chuck and Sally Heath. (Cheers, applause continuing.)

Long ago, a young farmer and a haberdasher from Missouri, he followed an unlikely path -- (cheers) -- he followed an unlikely path to the vice presidency.

And a writer observed, "We grow good people in our small towns, with honesty and sincerity and dignity."

And I know just the kind of people that writer had in mind when he praised Harry Truman. I grew up with those people. They're the ones who do some of the hardest work in America, who grow our food and run our factories and fight our wars. They love their country in good times and bad -- (cheers, applause) -- and they're always proud of America. (Sustained cheers, applause.)

I had the privilege of living most of my life in a small town. I was just your average hockey mom and signed up for the PTA. (Cheers, applause.)

AUDIENCE: (Chanting.) Hockey moms! Hockey moms! Hockey moms!

GOV. PALIN: (Laughs.) I love those hockey moms. You know, they say the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull: lipstick. (Laughter, cheers, applause.)

So I signed up for the PTA because I wanted to make my kids' public education even better. And when I ran for city council, I didn't need focus groups and voter profiles because I knew those voters and I knew their families, too.

Before I became governor of the great state of Alaska -- (cheers, applause) -- I was mayor of my hometown. And since our opponents in this presidential election seem to look down on that experience, let me explain to them what the job involves. (Cheers, applause.) I guess -- (interrupted by chants of "Sarah! Sarah!") -- I guess a small-town mayor if sort of like a community organizer, except that you have actual responsibilities. (Cheers, applause.)

I might add -- I might add that in small towns, we don't quite know what to make of a candidate who lavishes praise on working people when they're listening, and then talks about how bitterly they cling to their religion and guns when those people aren't listening. (Cheers, applause.) No, we tend to prefer candidates who don't talk about us one way in Scranton and another way in San Francisco. (Cheers, applause.)

As I for my running mate, you can be certain that wherever he goes and whoever is listening, John McCain is the same man. (Cheers, applause.)

Well, I'm not a member of the permanent political establishment. (Cheers, applause.) And I've learned quickly these last few days that if you're not a member in good standing of the Washington elite, then some in the media consider a candidate unqualified for that reason alone. (Booing.)

But -- (booing continues) -- but -- (booing, chanting) -- now here's a little news flash -- (chanting and shouting) -- now here's a little news flash for those reporters and commentators: I'm not going to Washington to seek their good opinion. I'm going to Washington to serve the people of this great country. (Cheers, applause, chanting.)

Americans expect us to go to Washington for the right reason, and not just to mingle with the right people. Politics isn't just a game of clashing parties and competing interests.

The right reason is to challenge the status quo, to serve the common good and to leave this nation better than we found it. (Cheers, applause.)

No one expects us all to agree on everything, but we are expected to govern with integrity and good will and clear convictions and a servant's heart. And I pledge to all Americans that I will carry myself in this spirit as vice president of the United States. (Cheers, applause.)

This was the spirit that brought me to the governor's office when I took on the old politics as usual in Juneau, when I stood up to the special interests and the lobbyists and the Big Oil companies and the good old boys. Suddenly, I realized that sudden and relentless reform never sits well with entrenched interests and power brokers. That's why true reform is so hard to achieve. But with the support of the citizens of Alaska, we shook things up and in short order we put the government of our state back on the side of the people. (Cheers, applause.)

I came to office promising major ethics reform to end the culture of self-dealing, and today that ethics reform is the law. While I was at it, I got rid of a few things in the Governor's Office that I didn't believe our citizens should have to pay for.

That luxury jet was over the top. (Cheers, applause.) I put it on eBay. (Laughter, cheers, applause.) I love to drive myself to work. And I thought we could muddle through without the governor's personal chef, although I got to admit that sometimes my kids sure miss her. (Laughter.)

I came to office promising to control spending, by request if possible, but by veto if necessary. (Cheers, applause.) Senator McCain also, he promises to use the power of veto in defense of the public interest. And as a chief executive, I can assure you it works. (Cheers, applause.)

Our state budget is under control. We have a surplus. And I have protected the taxpayers by vetoing wasteful spending, nearly half a billion dollars in vetoes. (Cheers, applause.)

We suspended the state fuel tax and championed reform to end the abuses of earmark spending by Congress. I told the Congress "thanks, but no thanks" on that bridge to nowhere. (Cheers, applause.) If our state wanted to build a bridge, we were going to build it ourselves. (Cheers, applause.)

When oil and gas prices went up dramatically and filled up the state treasury, I sent a large share of that revenue back where it belonged: directly to the people of Alaska. (Cheers, applause.)

And despite fierce opposition from oil company lobbyists who kind of liked things the way that they were, we broke their monopoly on power and resources. As governor, I insisted on competition and basic fairness to end their control of our state and return it to the people. (Cheers, applause.)

I fought to bring about the largest private-sector infrastructure project in North American history. And when that deal was struck, we began a nearly $40 billion natural gas pipeline to help lead America to energy independence. (Cheers, applause.) That pipeline, when the last section is laid and its valves are open, will lead America one step farther away from dependence on dangerous foreign powers that do not have our interests at heart.

The stakes for our nation could not be higher. When a hurricane strikes in the Gulf of Mexico, this country should not be so dependent on imported oil that we're forced to draw from our Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

(Applause.) And families cannot throw more and more of their paychecks on gas and heating oil. (Applause.)

With Russia wanting to control a vital pipeline in the Caucasus and to divide and intimidate our European allies by using energy as a weapon, we cannot leave ourselves at the mercy of foreign suppliers. (Cheers, applause.)

To confront the threat that Iran might seek to cut off nearly a fifth of the world's energy supplies, or that terrorists might strike again at the Abqaiq facility in Saudi Arabia, or that Venezuela might shut off its oil discoveries and its deliveries of that source, Americans -- need to produce more of our own oil and gas. (Cheers, applause.) And take it from a gal who knows the North Slope of Alaska; we've got lots of both. (Cheers, applause, chanting.)

(Inaudible.) Our opponents say again and again that drilling will not solve all of America's energy problems, as if we didn't know that already. (Laughter.) But the fact -- the fact that drilling, though, won't solve every problem is no excuse to do nothing at all. (Cheers, applause.)

Starting in January, in a McCain-Palin administration, we're going to lay more pipelines and build more nuclear plants and create jobs with clean coal and move forward on solar, wind, geothermal and other alternative sources. (Cheers, applause.)

We need -- (cheers, applause) -- we need American sources of resources. We we need American energy brought to you by American ingenuity and produced by American workers. (Cheers, applause.)

Now, I've noticed a pattern with our opponent, and maybe you have too. We've all heard his dramatic speeches before devoted followers, and there is much to like and admire about our opponent. But listening to him speak, it's easy to forget that this is a man who has authored two memoirs but not a single major law or even a reform, not even in the state senate. (Cheers, applause.) This is a man who can give an entire speech about the wars America is fighting and never use the word "victory" -- except when he's talking about his own campaign. (Cheers, applause.)

But when the cloud of rhetoric has passed, when the roar of the crowd fades away, when the stadium lights go out and those styrofoam Greek columns are hauled back to some studio lot -- (laughter, cheers, applause) -- when that happens, what exactly is our opponent's plan?

What does he actually seek to accomplish after he's done turning back the waters and healing the planet? (Laughter, applause.) The answer -- the answer is to make government bigger and take more of your money and give you more orders from Washington and to reduce the strength of America in a dangerous world. (Boos.)

America needs more energy. Our opponent is against producing it. Victory in Iraq is finally in sight and he wants to forfeit. (Boos.) Terrorist states are seeking nuclear weapons without delay. He wants to meet them without preconditions. (Boos.) Al Qaeda terrorists still plot to inflict catastrophic harm on America, and he's worried that someone won't read them their rights. (Boos, cheers, applause.)

Government is too big. He wants to grow it.

Congress spends too much money. He promises more. Taxes are too high, and he wants to raise them.

His tax increase are the fine print in his economic plan. And let me be specific. The Democratic nominee for president supports plans to raise income taxes and raise payroll taxes and raise investment income taxes -- (boos) -- and raise the death tax -- (boos) -- and raise business taxes -- (boos) -- and increase the tax burden on the American people by hundreds of billions of dollars. (Boos.)

My sister Heather and her husband, they just built a service station that's now open for business. Like millions of others who run small businesses, how are they -- (applause) -- how are they going to be better off if taxes go up? Or maybe you are trying to keep your job at a plant in Michigan or in Ohio -- (cheers) -- or you're trying -- you're trying to create jobs from clean coal from Pennsylvania or West Virginia. (Cheers, applause.) Or you're trying to keep a small farm in the family right here in Minnesota. (Cheers, applause.) How are you -- how are you going to be better off if our opponent adds a massive tax burden to the American economy?

Here's how I look at the choice Americans face in this election. In politics, there are some candidates who use change to promote their careers. And then there are those, like John McCain, who use their careers to promote change. (Cheers, applause.)

They are the ones whose names appear on laws and landmark reforms, not just on buttons and banners or on self-designed presidential seals.

AUDIENCE: Ooh! (Applause.)

GOV. PALIN: Among politicians, there is the idealism of high- flown speechmaking in which crowds are stirringly summoned to support great things, and then there is the idealism of those leaders, like John McCain, who actually do great things. (Cheers, applause.) They're the ones who are good for more than talk, the ones that we've always been able to count on to serve and to defend America.

Senator McCain's record of actual achievements and reform helps explain why so many special interests and lobbyists and comfortable committee chairmen in Congress have fought the prospect of a McCain presidency from the primary election of 2000 to this very day. Our nominee doesn't run with the Washington herd. He's a man who is there to serve his country, and not just his party; a leader who's not looking for a fight, but sure isn't afraid of one either. (Cheers, applause.)

Harry Reid, the majority of the current do-nothing Senate -- (boos) -- he not long ago summed up his feelings about our nominee.

He said, quote, "I can't stand John McCain." (Laughter.) Ladies and gentlemen, perhaps no accolade we hear this week is better proof that we've chosen the right man. (Cheers, applause.)

Clearly, what the majority leader was driving at is that he can't stand up to John McCain -- (laughter, cheers) -- and that is only -- that's only one more reason to take the maverick out of the Senate, put him in the White House. (Cheers, applause.)

My fellow citizens, the American presidency is not supposed to be a journey of personal discovery. (Laughter, cheers, applause.) This world of threats and dangers, it's not just a community and it doesn't just need an organizer. (Laughter.)

And though both Senator Obama and Senator Biden have been going on lately about how they're always, quote, "fighting for you," let us face the matter squarely. There is only one man in this election who has ever really fought for you. (Sustained cheers, applause.) There is only one man in this election who has ever really fought for you in places where winning means survival and defeat means death, and that man is John McCain. (Cheers, applause.)

You know, in our day, politicians have readily shared much lesser tales of adversity than the nightmare world -- the nightmare world in which this man and others equally brave served and suffered for their country. And it's a long way from the fear and pain and squalor of a six-by-four cell in Hanoi to the Oval Office. (Cheers, applause.)

But if Senator McCain is elected president, that is the journey he will have made. It's a journey of an upright and honorable man, the kind of fellow whose name you will find on war memorials in small towns across this great country, only he was among those who came home. To the most powerful office on Earth, he would bring the compassion that comes from having once been powerless, the wisdom that comes even to the captives by the grace of God -- (cheers, applause) -- the special confidence of those who have seen evil and have seen how evil is overcome. (Cheers, applause.) A fellow -- a fellow prisoner of war, a man named Tom Moe of Lancaster, Ohio -- (extended cheers and applause) -- Tom Moe recalls looking through a pin hole in his cell door as Lieutenant Commander John McCain was led down the hallway by the guards day after day.

And the story is told, when McCain shuffled back from the torturous interrogation, he would turn toward Moe's door and he'd flash a grin and thumbs-up, as if to say, "We're going to pull through this."

My fellow Americans, that is the kind of man America needs to see us through the next four years. (Cheers, applause.)

For a season, a gifted speaker can inspire with his words. But for a lifetime, John McCain has inspired with his deeds. (Cheers, applause.) If character is the measure in this election, and hope the theme, and change the goal we share, then I ask you to join our cause. Join our cause and help America elect a great man as the next president of the United States. (Cheers, applause.)

Thank you, and God bless America. Thank you. (Cheers, applause.)



She is amazing, my vote is for mccain-palin!!

Phenomenal -- makes the knee-jerk criticism of her seem silly. She perform admirably, and under great pressure. Palin's been tested before, and obviously has come away stronger.

Sarah Palin absolutely lacks substance as far as a V.P. is concerned. She is only on the ticket with McCain because she's a woman and the republican party will use her to simply capitalize on bitter Hillary Clinton supporters and to criticize Obama, period. She has no legs to stand on, and I hope Americans can see through this shallow attempt of the republicans to steal another 4 years of American lives and money. I would have more respect for the republican party if they coached McCain into choosing a more formidable counterpart for Biden, but obviously that party lacks integrity and substance as well.

I love Sarah Palin. Obama is officially chain smoking. He is freaked out. She made him look like a an inexperienced wimp.

"...[t]here are some candidates who use change to promote their careers. And then there are those, like John McCain, who use their careers to promote change." It gave me pause to hear a Republican candidate make a travesty of Frederick Douglass' (and other African Americans') favorite rhetorical device, the chaismus. Douglass is known to have said, "You have seen how a man became a slave; now you will see how a slave becomes a man." Barack Obama is the most ethical and genuinely concerned candidate we have ever seen in American politics, with the exception of Lincoln, perhaps. How this obviously pragmatic woman has the gall to attack that kind of integrity is beyond me.

What a wonderful and inspiring speech. We are for you 100% - keep up the good work. If we had more good, intelligent women in government, our great country would not be in the mess we are in today. Our prayers are with you and good luck in all you plan to do for our Great County. God bless you and your family.Mary Drewery, Jackson, TN

I am in love with this woman. She is just what this country needs at a time when others are so quick to become followers of the pied pipers music.
People...don't lose sight of the real issues in this country. John McCain is an asset that this country cannot pass up. We need a real man in the white house.

I am disgusted by Sarah Palin's speech. her speech sounded very armature and very insincere. She was like a comedian up there waiting for the response of the crowd, which was laughter the whole time. It seems like this whole election is a joke to the republicans. The only reason Mccain chose here was because he wanted to gain some of the Hilary Clinton supporters. But Sarah is no Hilary, they dont even come close. Her whole speech last night was full of negative remarks towards Obama and the democrats, but it was full of lies. The whole night she said nothing about what they are going to do to help this struggling country. The whole thing is just sad. "OBAMA 08"

Thank you Sarah! Thank God there are people like you in leadership positions. Thanks for not being part of the herd mentality. God bless you and your family during these days of campaigning and and ultimately as Vice President of this blessed nation. The government is for the people and not the people for the government.

Brilliant. Thank you Sarah Palin for saying what the majority of Americans believe.


She is brilliant and her speech is the best in that evening. I see the new generation of Republican woman who loves this country and know how to take charge and govern also, from small city in Alaska to White House in Washington, DC. Her comments on Obama is right on and just right time to wake up those disgust with everything American.

She is brilliant and her speech is the best in that evening. I see the new generation of Republican woman who loves this country and know how to take charge and govern also, from small city in Alaska to White House in Washington, DC. Her comments on Obama is right on and just right time to wake up those disgust with everything American.

Eric, Helen and Catherine. HELLO !!! Let me guess OsamaObama's speech was great and he is concerned with our country. The country that he won't pledge allegiance to or salute its flag or display its flag. Yes he's very concerned. Thank God she is no Hillary!! America will have no legs to stand on if Obama gets in. Catherine you should refill your lithium or check yourself in.

I found the speech to be acerbic in tone and content. I did not hear any distinct platform points. I heard a speech that was meant to defame and muddy others, but I do not see how that is Christian in nature. Where are the morals and actions of a woman claiming to be a follower of Christ, and don't tell me she's not perfect just forgiven. I really want an explanation as to how this can be justified.

I felt the bashing was immature, unprofessional, and inappropriate. What are we teaching our children about politics and professionalism? I was excited to have my children tune in to watch both sides and let them know how the presidential race is won. After the Sarah Palin speech I feel that the GOP is a bad influence. I do not want my kids to grow up thinking that the best way to win a race is by earning bashing point on the opponent without using any of your own skills or talent. The republicans looks like they have the Green Eye (Envy) and is jealous and desperate.

Wow...this is some kinda woman, makes a real man proud! She's hit every beat, spoken to every issue out there...she's the all-American mom, not your usual lip-service poltician. Too bad she's not running for Prez...hope she don't get "eat-in" up in the Washingtoon atmosphere...she got my vote!! And her husband's a real Native, too!

I lean left and have no idea of anything Biden has said. I am following Palin very closely. She is bringing excitement to what I expect may have been quite dull. I also believe there is more substance to her than some would like to admit and I think that there is a too eager attempt to discredit her in any way possible. It's like she's on trial. I think it's a too strong. JohnJelly

Uh, except the party they are trying to reform is their own party! They are not running against anything -- they are running FOR eight more years. Why would you believe that the Republicans seek energy independence now? Why would you believe that the Republicans seek smaller government now? Why would you believe that the Republicans seek less government intrusiveness now? Why would you believe that the Republicans are for saving money now that they have increased the national debt so tremendously?

Yes, lets elect her homecoming queen -- and let the grown-ups govern our country.

To never ceases to amaze me how people only hear the part of a speech they choose to. Did you, Helen, not hear the part about the plan to get the USA less dependent on foreign oil? I have voted for both Democrats and Republicans, and it behooves me there are those who are so "drowned" in a party they cannot even consider another candidate. There was a time I felt the two-party system was what kept us a great nation. Now I feel they will be our destruction. The Bible states "a house divided against itself cannot stand"....same is true for a nation.

A very good speech. However, I still can't get over the small issue of her being the person that would be the US president should something happen to McCain.

Unfortunately, despite the tough hockey mom speech, I just can't see her standing a chance against the likes of Putin or Ahmadinejad.

Sorry, but the world stage is a bit tougher than the PTA Sarah.

To never ceases to amaze me how people only hear the part of a speech they choose to. Did you, Helen, not hear the part about the plan to get the USA less dependent on foreign oil? I have voted for both Democrats and Republicans, and it behooves me there are those who are so "drowned" in a party they cannot even consider another candidate. There was a time I felt the two-party system was what kept us a great nation. Now I feel they will be our destruction. The Bible states "a house divided against itself cannot stand"....same is true for a nation.

OK, so "I was a Mayor and a Governor and had actual executive experience"...Obama did not and was just a "community organizer" (and US Senator for twice as long as she has been Governor of Alaska). Let's see -- McCain never ran anything, either, right?, being only a Representative, then Senator, as far as governmental experience. Or Harry Truman (the only thing she has in common with him was he was from a small town, too); or JFK, or Lyndon Johnson, or any number of past US Presidents. I fail to see her logic in this (or logic is not her strong suit).


Extremely refreshing and enlightening. Why on earth do you obama folks keep saying McCain chose Sarah Plain to "get" all those Hillary Clinton "lost votes"? You are obviously uninformed. the 2 women have NOTHING in common, other than the fact that they are both female. And that boob who is allowing her children to watch...blah blah blah....the republicans using trashy tactics to win an election?? GEEEZE! open your eyes and your minds people. Obama believes the current government is violating the rights of terrorists. TERRORISTS DON'T HAVE ANY RIGHTS. ALL THEY WANT TO DO IS KILL US, ALL OF US.
i strongly recommend all of you research what sarah palin has done for the GREAT STATE OF ALASKA. go ahead. then ASK ANY ALASKAN.

Folks, in the lower 48..Please do your homework..Do not take things at face value .SPalin is not ready to lead our nation.She was mayor of a town of 6,000 ( where she enjoyed benefit of 27 million dollars in earmarks, and raised local taxes for construction of her Hockey Arena). Her claims on what she has done as Governor in Alaska are misleading and the comments on earmarks are outright lies.On the day of this Hollywood delivered speech for VP, she was served with a second ethics complaintthe from the Alaska Department of State Troopers.She has sold out our Alaskan environment; voting no on a measure for standards to reduce the release of toxins from mining in our water, drilling in a protected refuge, and arguing against global warming and polar bear endangerment. She is against abortion period, f believes in abstinence only education and cut funds this year for a teen pregnancy home.I could go on...


Did Sarah Palin realize she was on stage at a convention, not at the Improv? She is so immature it's disgusting. How exactly did she stand up to Big Oil when he husband is an oil worker? Maybe she thought nobody would catch that. She also forgot to mention that she wanted the "Bridge to Nowhere" to be built until it started looking bad for her, at which point she said "Thanks but no thanks". Her goal in the White House is to set the country back a few decades by trying to overturn Roe v. Wade and ban same-sex marriage. What qualifications doe she believe she possesses that means she can tell people what to do with their bodies and with who? Get over yourself!! Obama may not have been governor of Illinois, but I'm sure if he had been, he wouldn't have supported secceeding his state, as Sarah Palin did with Alaska. Of couse Obama hasn't claimed victory in his speeches about the war. It's a disaster, a disater John McCain wants to see going on for another 100 years. He can only use that "I was a POW" line for so long before everyone realizes it's a shroud hiding his lack of answers for anything. McCain should have just chosen Ann Coulter to run with him. At least she's forward with how she feels about everybody, and knows what's going on in politics, unlike Sarah Palin, who left the convention to go straight to a political "boot camp" to teach her what she needs to know. I guess they sent her there so she wouldn't go on television again and say she has no idea what the vice president does. That said, I almost feel sorry for this woman. If Hillary had gotten the nomination, she wouldn't even have been shortlisted. But she's the one who put her family in the spotlight, so she needs to take the responsibility for it. McCain said Wed. that people need to stop looking into her background, which is ridiculous. What do you want us to do John? Are you handing out free rose colored glasses somewhere? This man is an idiot if he thinks people are going to hand over a nomination without checking her out first. Maybe he's just hoping.

I am a Democrat and I have said in the past I would never vote for a femal President or Vice President. I have changed my mind. When she said that she will not go to Washington to make the reporters happy, I began to change my opinion. It is time to have people in office who are not there to make the press the happy. We need a president who is not there to make other politicians happy, not there to make big business happy. We need a President who is there to take charge and do what is right for the country and the people. McCain-Palin is the right way.

Phil the only way people will read your osama obama dribble is you have to put it all in caps! How come you people can't see Sarah Palin for who she is a "breath of fresh air" Alaskan air! Palin and McCain are real people we can all associate with. He fought for our freedom and she is a typical mom with all the same problems we all have. This ticket will bring "real people" back into the White House! We don't need anymore Washington Robots we need people that understand what we need. McCain & Palin 2008!!!!

I use to give a lot of great speaches. I could lie and argue to a point and "wow" my audience. Time after time, I won depates about subjects with which I strongly disagreed. Anyone can learn to paint a beautiful, convincing picture with words. A lie is still a lie, even if the audience is cheering in favor of it. Wow, Sarah certainly paints an ideal picture but there are a few tell tale frightning facts that we need to focus on. Every lie should be scrutinized. We need to examine all that was left out of the speach. Forget all the fluff. If one paragraph in her speach should sum up her whole attitude it would have to be the following, " I came to office promising to control spending, by request if possible, but by veto if necessary. (Cheers, applause.) Senator McCain also, he promises to use the power of veto in defense of the public interest. And as a chief executive, I can assure you it works. (Cheers, applause.)"....
BY VETO IF NECESSARY...! Now, all this means is that for another four years, she intends for the American people to not have a say in anything. Haven't we had that long enough? One man in office has ruled and set policy and destroyed spirit and common sense for eight years now. And all of you are cheering for yet another four years of the same nonsense. This was a very dangerous speach indeed. Listen up all you Republicans who have forgotten how to think for yourselves. A vote for McCain/Palin is a vote to keep America in prison for four more years.

This election was so depressing to me. I could hardly stand to even think about it. But Sarah Palin stepping up to the VP spot, has changed everything for me. I live in a small town and fight hard for every change and positive thing I can for this town and for my own five children. When she talks about the good ole boys and fighting for reform, there is a honesty in what she says and for me, she has made this election much more believable and finally there seems to be light. Win or not, at least there is someone to vote for instead of just voting against.
I may not be political minded and but this is the first time in years it felt like someone was speaking honestly rather than just the party lines!

A big welcome to Sarah. When I heard the announcement from Sen. McCain my reaction was, "you just hit a home run" and I still believe that he hit a home run. My 38 year old daughter who has never been involved in political matters is so excited that she said, "For the first time in my life I am excited about voting and I can not wait to vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin. Sarah is what this country was waiting for in this election and we will continue to see McCain's going forward to Novemeber and I look so forward to him and Sarah starting their 1st term in January and then in 8 years we may be lucky enough to have Sarah as our first woman president.

Sarah Palin delivered a great acceptance speech for the Vice-Presidency on Sept. 3, 2008, at the Republican National Convention. She has demonstrated leadership ability in her roles as Mayor and Governor of Alaska. She also demonstrates excellent oratorical skills.
Governor Palin has an ebullient style reminiscient of the late President Reagan and the courage of Margaret Thatcher.

Her courage and commitment to truly serving our great United States of America along with her other fine attributes of upholding principles, fighting for American values of maintaining families and freedom, will make her an excellent Vice-President or President of the United States.

I agree with Gov. Palin's (1) energy independence plans, (2) lower taxes for both individuals and businesses in order to stimulate the economy, create more jobs and enable the U. S. A. to remain financially solvent. She did not mention how to reduce the National Debt, but Senator McCain and she have time to address this.

Senator McCain is a fine man who can be trusted to keep his word; I feel that Gov. Palin can also be trusted to be a person of her word, to deliver what she says she will do.

Obama has absolutely no leadership experience or ability and in my opinion he never will have. He is a "follower" who has formed and maintained friendships or relationships with persons who are very questionable if not done right threatening to the safety of Americans. It will be calamitous if Obama is elected President.

Sarah Palin's high approval rating is due to her distributing windfall oil profits to Alaskan citizens. She mails out money, and people like her - hardly a shock. However, the oil companies in the region are reducing output, because with the new royalty/tax rates, they can't make money. ConocoPhilips canceled a refinery project, taking away jobs and refining capacity, and BP is investing in the Gulf of Mexico, not the North slope in Alaska. Instead of creating jobs and investing in Alaska, oil companies are going elsewhere, including outside the USA.

The outcome here is that Alaska will have fewer jobs and capital is flowing away from the state. Palin did the state no favors by "standing up" to big oil, and her policies mean that the companies won't want to "drill baby drill" because she will simply take away the profits. Economically, Alaska loses with Palin. Best for the rest of us if she stays there!

My, oh my! Good for John McCain! As an independant, I was waiting to see who Senator McCain was planning on choosing as his VP running mate. I was so hoping he wouldn't do what Obama did and choose a puffed up, rich, blow-hard white dude. Obama needed a white guy to ligitmize him. Obama spouts off about "change" and he picks Biden???!!! McCain, on the other hand, showed that he had the guts to REALLY make a change. Obama would have never chosen a woman as a running mate because his ego couldn't have handled it. I'm impressed with Gov. Palin, so far, but I'm waiting for the debate with Biden before making a final decision. However, I really don't want Obama as President because I haven't heard him explain where the money is going to come from for all of these government programs. Reform has to be instituted in Washington and I'm afraid that Obama is part of the problem - not part of the solution. Finally . . . . anyone Oprah crys and slobbers over would not be my first choice.

Sara; Can you hear yourself? "Her goal in the White House is to set the country back a few decades by trying to overturn Roe v. Wade and ban same-sex marriage"? Set your country BACK? Oh, pleeeeeas. The Druids were up to those tricks 3,000 years ago and look what happened to them. Abortion may be convenient and homosexuality may be fun but only an idiot would think it was 'advanced'.

I wish Palin was a politician here. The only thing European politicians think about is how to destroy each other.

Sarah Palin is America's Margaret Thatcher. And as Maggie said, "if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left."

Palin has brazenly exploited her family for her own political ends. While she might have felt pressured into admitting to her daughter's pregnancy, it wasn't necessary to divulge the marriage plans or to trot the young father out on to the stage. Discretion was called for here. These two teenagers have been thrust into the public spotlight and entrapped in order to demonstrate Palin's version of "family values".
Even the baby has been exploited. It's not appropriate to expose such a young infant for hours to the din and roar of a convention hall. I doubt that this would have happened, had he not been a poster-child for her pro-life stance. Some mother. Some values.

I felt pretty discouraged after watching the Democratic National Convention. But then Friday, when I watched the announcement of Sarah Palin for VP, it felt like a revitalizing breath was blown into the heart of the Republican party. Watching her acceptance speech made me feel even more confident about the chance Republicans now have to defeat Obama. I'm very proud of the McCain-Palin ticket and believe they are sincere about change. John McCain's record has been to vote for what he felt was right, not what would please others. That is a TRUE leader. I truly fear the consequences of Barack Obama as President. I'm a proud Republican voting for John McCain and Sarah Palin.

The rest of the world is relieved to see that Americans now have a real choice of leaders in McCain/Palin instead of toying with the idea of Obama as president. Americans should by now have awoken to the fact that Obama is unknown,dangerous and a loud mouth who would sooner plung America and the world into deeper shit than Bush could ever aspire for.

The rest of the world is relieved to see that Americans now have a real choice of leaders in McCain/Palin instead of toying with the idea of Obama as president. Americans should by now have awoken to the fact that Obama is unknown,dangerous and a loud mouth who would sooner plung America and the world into deeper shit than Bush could ever aspire for.

I have a been a small business owner for over 20 years. My wife and I have personally been involved with the lives of over 4000 men, women and children during the past 9 years and have helped restructure, improve and save many them.

Today, they are more than our freinds, we consider each of them part of our family. This philosophy is what I hear coming from Sarah Palin. It was loud and clear in her acceptance speech and, if each of us took the time to truely investigate Mrs. Palin's past, it comes across in all the interviews she has done. She is a true advocate to her Alaskan family and, hopefully will get the chance to prove it to the rest of America.

She believes in the goodness and immense recources of America and her people. Her ideas, of lower taxes on small business, the use of American resources first, while rewarding business for new discoveries and her strong stance on human life is exactly what America needs.

We have been permitted to make too many excuses for everything that we do that is wrong, as a Nation and in our personal lives. We need someone that is not afraid to wake us up and get us to believe in America again. To believe in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

I support Sarah Palin, for what she stands for and her willingness to sacrifice her life to promote it.

I hope this country wakes up to Mr. Obama, and realizes that the mentor's in his life and their influences are part of what he believes. If he disagreed with them, then why does he still describe them as "Mentors". We all must understand that a mentor influences, and the longer you hang around the more you must agree and believe in what they have to say. Come on, "America" wake up! "Vote for America", "Vote for McCain and Palin in 2008"

The world is relieved to see that Americans now have a real choice of leaders in McCain /Palin instead of toying with the crazy idea of Obama as president. Americans should have awoken to the fact that Obama is unknown, dangerous and inexpirienced loud mouth who would sooner plung the world into deeper shit than Bush would achieve in 8 years.

The speech was well-written (by Bush’s speechwriters, not Sarah Pallin) and well-delivered (albeit off teleprompters). In many ways it was a typical Republican speech, full of misleading half-truths and mean-spirited barbs. My concern, which has been confirmed by the lack of interviews on Sarah Pallin in the subsequent days, is that she is being hand-crafted by the Republicans to make her into a candidate. Hopefully we will hear Sarah Pallin’s own words soon to make opinions on her, her take on the issues, and her plans and goals. In general, I feel there is more honesty and civility in the Democratic speeches.

I am disgusted by her and the mockery McCain has made of this election by selecting her as his running mate. She is utterly inadequate and quite frankly unqualified to be the 2nd in command of this great nation. I will surely leave this country and seek citizenship elsewhere before I subject my way of living to the likes of someone who preaches the importance of teaching abstinence while parading around a pregnant teenage daughter (whom I'm sure they are forcing to get married in light of this pregnancy--yea that will be great for the kid " a forced marriage").

This is a ploy to pull the Hillary votes, however be advised Hillary's supporters are intelligent and they will see beyond the smoke and mirrors, because thats all this is-is a terrible prank that McCain is trying to pull on the American people.

I cant speak for anyone else, but I for one refuse to get punked by McCain or the Republican party again.. 8 years of getting punked was enough!

Obama*Biden!!!!!!!!! 2008.. time for change!

Sounds like the leftists are scared of Sarah. There is an air of desperation in their attacks. 16 governors were elected to the office of President; two senators were elected to the office of President. TR was two years a governor, as was Grover Cleveland. John Edwards had 17 months of experience as an elected official when he was nominated as the VP candidate. Barack made the keynote address to the democratic convention in 2004; at the time he was just a state senator. What justifies that? Sarah has more than enough experience.


I have never voted anything but democrat in my life. However, I simply cannot trust in what Barack Obama has offered. He has shown ill-judgment and his experience shows a marked lack of accomplishment on the national stage. I was set to vote independent in November. I will now give McCain/Palin a chance to earn my vote. I liked what they both had to say on the RNC. McCain is a moderate which I like and Palin holds her values close which I also like. And I must say, with her likability and fierceness, she is going to be a handful whatever she is chosen to do. Bravo to the Republicans for thinking outside the staid Washington 'box' on this choice.

What a fantastic choice for a running mate for the moderate Republican. Palin has style, grace, talent and obvious smarts. She's shown in the past a tenacity, capacity to learn fast and a spirit of accomplishing. I chuckle when I read anything from democratic supporters (which I have voted in past elections) criticizing her 'inexperience'. Hello? Look at Obama! Not only inexperienced in any way that matters (she's completely right about his lack of legislation) but he is downright scary in his judgement. I could have voted for Hillary Clinton but I can't pull the trigger for Obama. Too crazy liberal. I'll go McCain/Palin for this one and feel pretty darn good about it.

I have to agree with what Eric said on this one... Eric being the one at the very top of the comments. He is right. She shouldn't be VP. I find her to be a rather bitch for saying those things about Obama and the others... They really didn't say anything in their rally against McCaine and others.. God.. She really bugs the crap out of me... Her speech maybe be awesome as it sounds.. but my god woman.. get the stick out of your ass.

I have read all these comments and I am appalled with the narrow-mindedness of all the nasty comments. Democrats have been trying to equate McCain with Bush in their convention, although they know this equation is a lie. But they accuse Sarah Palin of lies. McCain is the one running on a ticket of real change, and he chose Sarah Palin because of her record of change. People think that this was a ploy to attract Hillary supporters, but I really doubt that anyone in his right mind, and McCain is in his right mind, would really have thought that she would appeal to Hillary voters. On the contrary, she was meant to appeal to core Republican voters, and she is doing just that. This was a brilliant choice from a candidate who has always sought the non-conformist solution to problems. I am not a Republican, but with McCain/Palin on the ticket I am becoming one. This is the ticket for real change.


Phil Smith Jr. Get a freaking life buddy, and ditch the all caps. thanks! bye

Phil Smith Jr. Get a freaking life buddy, and ditch the all caps. thanks! bye

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