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RNC's Alex Conant reply to Obama team debate memo


"It says a lot about the candidates' priorities that while John McCain was focused on rescuing the economy, Barack Obama's campaign was drafting a debate memo. Strong leadership does not transparently attempt to lower expectations by circulating clips criticizing yourself. We are confident people are smart enough to see through Obama's silly spin and recognize it as just another blatant example of the old political tricks." - Alex Conant, RNC Spokesman

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Yes, while Sen. McCain blew into Washington and disrupted fragile economic talks so that he could have his photo op and grandstand, Sen. OPbama was hard at work.

What's wrong with that Republican spinner?

(Why would McCain be working hard on the economy? Aren't the fundamentals strong like they were last week? For him and his bought off campaign manager, Rick Davis?)

It says a lot about the candidates' priorities that while Barack Obama was focused on all of the country's critical issues, and preparing his persuasive argument that he is the right leader to bring this country out of its economic, social and political tailspin, John McCain was employing yet another cynical, fatuous stunt in order to make himself look important. I am confident that people are smart enough to see through McCain's preposterous antics and recognize them as just another blatant example of old Rovian political tricks.

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