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Republicans blaming Pelosi speech for bailout bill failure. Oh please.


WASHINGTON--Everyone is surprised. The bailout bill failed on Monday; some two-thirds of the Democrats backed the legislation; Republicans could not come up with the 12 more votes needed to get it passed. Republican leaders--astoundingly--blamed a speech House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made from the House floor. What an irresponsible cheap shot during a time of a national emergency. Some feelings were hurt by Pelosi? Oh please.

Said GOP House Leader John Boehner
"I do believe that we could have gotten there today had it not been for this partisan speech that the speaker gave on the floor of the House.

"I mean, we were, we were -- we put everything we had into getting the votes to get there today. But the speaker had to give a partisan voice that poisoned our conference; caused a number of members, who we thought we could get, to go south."


That mean old Pelosi! She should know how sensitive Republicans are!


In making your comments, you could not possibly have listened to Ms. Pelosi's speech. It was nothing if not partisan and accusatory. If she thinks that taking cheap shots instead of focusing on the country's needs was in the best interest of the American people, then maybe she should find another line of work.

I read portions of Pelosi's speech and she dug her claws into the Republicans as if she were running for office -- totally unprofessional, heavily biased and lacking in good judgement -- she makes women and Democrats look bad...

Oh please? Smell the coffee. Nancy Pelosi needs to get the facts straight. How did she ever get in this position? For her to grandstand at a time of national emergency is an embarrassment to her, democrats, and our political system. The American people are fed up with this gross act of bipartisanship. Politicians, like Pelosi, will be voted out.

Seems to me if Mrs. Pelosi wanted a bipartisan vote she should have kept her weak opinions to herself. But then the same could be said for the weak opinion of columnist Lynn Sweet. Let the market work. Those that fail..deserve to fail.

Unbelievable! Seriously, a partisan speech could keep the Republicans from passing such important legislation? The Republican leadership told us how important this was. If the leadership, (including the Republican Presidential candidate) believed in this and were pushing this, but something like a speech with a few shots in it could turn certain Republicans away, then they're either remarkably immature or nothing more than self-interested politicians.

Or both.

95 dems , 40%, voted against this.

seems like 12 of them could have voted with their party.

Hey Lynn...speak for yourself...."EVERYONE" is not surprised....when will you media know-it-alls realize that many of us out here in turnip truck land are truly sick and tired of propping up people who do more squawking than working. The only thing we owe our fellow citizens is the unfettered opportunity to do their level best...and guess what Lynn? You look me straight in the eye and tell me that that is what occurring in the inner cities around this nation...and today that includes Wall Street.

This economic debacle is only the culmination of decades of dysfunction. A nation cannot "buy" it's way out of dysfunction Lynn....We have high school graduates who cannot read or put together a single cogent thought on paper...but those same dysfunctional souls have no compunction whatsoever when it comes to someone else paying for their food every month, subsidizing their rent every month, and paying for their entire health care every month.

All of us turnip truck types are tired of Uncle Sam taking from the payers of tax...while at the same time Uncle Sam is handing out or in this case bailing out...dollars for those who middle name is matter what street they live on.

I agree it is lame Bonehner's . But by the same token, why would Pelosi not just shut her trap. These were comments that could have easily been made after the vote with the same impact. Pelosi should know better. You don't insult people who you need something from. Our Party needs to replace her.

Nancy Polisi chose a poor time to point the finger away from her and her givaway dems that are greatly responsible for this fiasco in the first place. Had they not been so eager for everyone to have credit regardless of whether or not they could pay it back we would not be in this situation.When is she going to learn that "I told you so" doesn't work, she is immature and unqualified for her job, God help us if the situation would arise tht would make her President.

Ms. Sweet... PLEEZE right back at you!

Why were 1/3 of Democrats not willing to vote in favor of this bill?

I'm actually somewhat impressed that Democrats in the House are willing to listen to their constituents rather than their party leadership, much like they did when Poison Pelosi said she would never allow an off-shore drilling vote.

If Hillary was an "enabler" for Bill, Nancy seems to be a "roadblocker" when it comes to doing things that are in the best interest for regular Americans.

I agree Boneher's statement is lame. But by the same token, why would Pelosi not just shut her trap. These were comments that could have easily been made after the vote with the same impact. Pelosi should know better. You don't insult people who you need something from. Our Party needs to replace her.

40% of her own party voting NO is hardly "some two-thirds" and certainly points to some leadership problems on her part. This can't be laid only at the feet of one party.

Pelosi is an idiot and worse yet the Republicans who were "poisoned" by her words are far worse. Are they not politicians who speak ill of there opponents everyday with no recourse? Get beyond thier egos and get behind thier constitiuents.Talk about grandstanding!!
If the shoe had been on the other foot it would have been the same... that is what is really sad with our "Reprasentatives" in Government. Our elected officials don't give a dam about the voter, they just care about themselves. Anybody who believes any different is a just as dillusional as Boehner and Pelosi


If all of the Democrats had voted for this Bill then no other votes would have been needed.

In science, we call it a catalyst. And it was irresponsible for her to start pontificating. Dems & Republicans are BOTH to blame for this mess.

The mere fact that nearly 1/3 of the house Dems voted AGAINST the bill, and 2/3rds of the republicans, either support
1) the bill was not supported by their constituents.
2) the bill wasnt a responsible plan
3) nancy pelosi should have practiced a little more diplomacy.

I am with you...#3 isnt the reason. Seems like that leaves #1 or 2.

Still doesnt mean it is smart to bring a can of gasoline to a bonfire.

If all of the Democrats had voted for this Bill then no other votes would have been needed.

So don't blame the Republicans!

Oh please. If there was any fairness in the media John McCain did his job and Barack Obama is being the politician he claimed he was NOT! Arent they both still Senators? I Heard Pelosi's speech and she did not have to say what she did before the speech and the "failed" economic policy was approved by, i dont know, CONGRESS.

If it takes bruised feelings to stop this legislation, then thank God for the thin skins of the Republicans.

Any bill pushed in under such Draconian measures, literally declaring Martial Law on the House, and not even allowing the content of the bill to be posted on the internet before voting on it should raise a red flag for EVERY lawmaker.

What frightens me is that so many were willing to give the YES vote to a legislation that would have literally picked the pocket of the average taxpayer to keep a failing derivatives market afloat - in essence passing the cash on to those who already have more than the average Joe - without even reading it first!

Were they aware that this law would have required fingerprints just to get a loan? Where is the outrage over this invasion of privacy?

I am a Libertarian, and all I hear is petty political partisan propaganda till I grow ill of it. The one time it works in our favor, we have columnists trumpeting the ills of the other side.

Sure, the upcoming depression is going to be tough. The bailout bill wouldn't have halted it. It would merely deepened and sustained the pain. And it would have given a safety net to the criminals who are the architects of our current crisis.

The republicans voted a party majority against the bill. The democrats voted very strongly in favor of the bill. The game of politics is blame, and it's rarely set in the right direction.

235 dems in the house total, more than enough to ram this through without ANY republicans voting for it at all. 140 democrats voted for passage. That means that 95 democrats wouldn’t play ball. So how is this the republicans fault again?

Why is this a national emergeny??? Go see youtube.

You can say - "oh please" all you want. When you call someone's baby ugly, expect fallout. I don't care what side of the aisle you are on...

WOW, what a bunch of whiney Republicans. Here on this board and in the House. All Pelosi did was tell the truth and it hurt feelings...hahahahahaha ..Give me a break. The repubbies had 7 years to fix this mess, and they did nothing but make it worse. I wasn't for this bailout anyway, but I don't see it being one sides fault over the other. IT FAILED, get over it....and let's get on with our lives...

I am not a republican or a democrat, but this posting is hypocritical. You say it is ridiculous for the republicans to be upset by Pelosi's speech but you make no mention of the fact that after days of bipartisan cooperation, Pelosi got up and made this partisan speech bashing the republicans for their "failure".

You have no right to be a journalist anymore, Lynn. You are biased and unashamed to be so. Nancy is just as guilty but you can't say that because she is a democrat.

the republicans wont take blame either.

YOU, Lynn are to blame. You and people like you who fan the flames of hypocritical, bipartisan, unintelligent squabbling.

You and those like you are a burning example of what is wrong with our country and our biased, unbalanced media.


can you run califorina into the ground any faster?
o not if i run the rest of the nation down faster

But Bev---

What if it's an ugly baby ?

Nancy Pelosi is part of the problem and has done the unthinkable... sacrificed the American people for her own partisan agenda. She's nothing short of accusatory and vicious in recent speech as if she was hoping it would fail. nancy knows the longer she can delay the result, inflame both sides-- (which is what her defamatory speech was designed to do) the better for her party. If Bill Clinton hadn't voted down the regulations set in place since the depression, NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED!!!! (Graham's bill)

I have already intimated to you the danger of parties in the state, with particular reference to the founding of them on geographical discriminations. Let me now take a more comprehensive view, and warn you in the most solemn manner against the baneful effects of the spirit of party, generally.

This spirit, unfortunately, is inseparable from our nature, having its root in the strongest passions of the human mind. It exists under different shapes in all governments, more or less stifled, controlled, or repressed; but, in those of the popular form, it is seen in its greatest rankness, and is truly their worst enemy.

The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge, natural to party dissension, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism. But this leads at length to a more formal and permanent despotism. The disorders and miseries, which result, gradually incline the minds of men to seek security and repose in the absolute power of an individual; and sooner or later the chief of some prevailing faction, more able or more fortunate than his competitors, turns this disposition to the purposes of his own elevation, on the ruins of Public Liberty.

Without looking forward to an extremity of this kind, (which nevertheless ought not to be entirely out of sight,) the common and continual mischiefs of the spirit of party are sufficient to make it the interest and duty of a wise people to discourage and restrain it.

It serves always to distract the Public Councils, and enfeeble the Public Administration. It agitates the Community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms; kindles the animosity of one part against another, foments occasionally riot and insurrection. It opens the door to foreign influence and corruption, which find a facilitated access to the government itself through the channels of party passions. Thus the policy and the will of one country are subjected to the policy and will of another.

Get another job dipstick...Obama never supported the bill and Pelosi put the nails in the coffin...Dems never wanted this bill.... not enough PORK in it for them or they'd got the job done themselves....wake up little sister

Right before trying to get a bipartisan vote on this issue, the great diplomat, Nancy goes on a rant?


PLEASE!! You mean to tell me the Republicans changed their mind on a critical vote, based on a speech given on the floor. What happened to "country first". Who cares what she said...where is the backbone of every congressman to cast a vote for "country first"!! This is nuts!

In the end, it will be great that the repubs blamed the speech. I would not have paid any attention to the speech. I have a life and have been busy all day and had no idea that a speech was made on my behalf by Nancy Pelosi today. I am no fan of Pelosi, believe she sold Hillary down the river earlier this year. But then I turn on the tv at 3pm and hear about a speech, a speech so horrible it derailed the saving of the US economy. So what do you think I did? Of course I googled it and found blogs like this one. I finally found the text of the speech and surprise, surprise, I agree with every word. Thanks, House Republicans, for making me aware that a great speech took place today.

Nancy Pelosi is woman raised to her highest level of incompetence. She just had to act like professional, but she could not keep her comment in check. Her emotions are in control - she shows her contempt and she attacks at every possible opportunity. I have tried today to contact her in every direction, her web sites are as inept as she is. I ask for her resignation - now!

Pelosi's speech was dead on. The fact the this bill even comes up is a result of failed Republican policies of deregulation dating back to Ronald Reagan. The role of govenment in a market economy is protect the little guy from the big guys. This was not done and it needs to be reiterated so that regulation is in place to prevent a future fiasco.

The rush-rush nature of this bill is reminiscent of Bush's rush to the Iraq war and to the passage of the Patriot Act both big mistakes.

Maybe this defeat will force legislators to actually read the bill and think about it before giving Bush and his cronies another carte blanche with the taxpayers money. Maybe if they take their time this will be a better bill. Maybe if the bill is not passed the banking industry will get just what they deserve.

Beverly, you know that "someone's baby" is disastrous Republican deregulation that led to this collapse, right?

That is an ugly baby indeed, and it's too bad Republicans were too delicate to put what's right for the country over their own delicate feelings when Pelosi said so.

You Republicans always claim you love straight talk. Well, your rich-guy-take-all economic policies are b.s. So there you go. Feel free to go whimper to John Boehner about your hurt feelings. You should start a support group for Republicans who can't stand to hear it like it is.

Pelosi is a moron, she is the SOH, not a Rep from Marin, but she couldn't help her hersef, she is petty and small and and wanted one more dig at Bush, and it blew up in her face and that is her legacy as Speaker, a series of gaffes and blunders under her watch,and when she is gone, the most notable thing she will be remembered for , besides the deer in the headlights stare at the cameras , will be the fact that she changed the salad bar in the HOR dining room, throw her and Reid and Hoyer and Rangel and the rest of those bums into the street and run them over with a bus, time to clean house in a month!

Carl Mohr
Torrance, Ca

Does anyone know the H.R. bill #?

Pelosi does this regularly.

In a time of national crisis she grandstands for partisan politics. She's been doing it all week.

I am long-term Democrat and an Obama supporter, but (even though I think it's absurd to say Pelosi's speech is "the problem") I think she showed amazingly poor judgment in her remarks. I have difficulty imagining Obama grandstanding like this. I think the attraction of his campaign has been in general to get us beyond this kind of nonsense. THE PROBLEM WAS NOT CREATED BY "DEMOCRATS" OR "REPUBLICANS"! It was created by a lot of people buying and selling the illusion that risk goes away if you package it differently. The culprits are the illusion sellers. And though I personally think that government probably needs to be more regulatory than Bush's has been, it isn't really the GOVERNMENT'S fault that regulations are needed. That's like blaming a doctor for not forcing you to wear the condom you didn't have on when you got some STD. As Pogo said in the 1950s, "We have met the enemy, and he is us." Wall Street can't sell an illusion Main Street doesn't find attractive--both sides thinking they're going to get something for nothing. And, yes, regulations can easily produce the opposite of the result intended. Anyway, partisanship and namecalling are the last thing we need right now. I think the bailout is probably our best option, but remember that NO ONE (including Paulson and Bernanke) KNOWS if it will work.

As a registered democrat, I must say that I am continually embarrassed by the lack of tact that Nancy Pelosi exhibits. When we saw her speech on television I must say that we all sat stunned. At a time when we need congress to put aside their political differences, Pelosi stood up and took cheap shots...she never ceases to amaze me.

Nancy Pelosi is totally to blame. As the leader of the House, she is expected to actually exhibit some leadership and not resort to party partisan politics. I am a registered Democrat and am continually embarrassed by her commentary and outward bashing of the Republicans. Show some leadership and build consensus.

Let's try to pass this bill again with the following included. Expel the big mouth Italian Pelosi from her seat and impeach the worst president in U.S. history. Stop waving the Republican and Democratic flags and pick up an American flag and start acting as if you represent our country and not your party !!

Mrs. Pelosi was never wrong, she just came up with her version you like it or not should not change a decision that will keep-up the stability of the country, when you get elected you wow to the constitution that all your egos and personal feelings and family will take secondary primary being services to the country, so did you fail to standy- by your promises.

Bailout option is 100% wrong to this problem.
Bailout is provided to convects, we havent yet found the problem then why are we talking about bailout.

People think that $700 bln will save the financial crisis but it would still pull down, its not a sinking boat its an quick sand it will take the $700 bln and the industry down.

$700 bln is not a small amount.
Here are the numbers the total federal budget $2.4 trillion. FY2007 on-budget receipts were $1.7 trillion. FY2007 off-budget receipts were $608 billion
• $1.1 trillion – Individual income tax
• $370.2 billion – Corporate income tax
With the $700 billion bailout plan and with the above numbers are we trying to say that we are waying off the Corporate income tax for the next 2 years ?
This $700 Billion is just a tip of the iceburg, you should understand this is just a litmus test if you cannot find your bugs here going forward in the dog and the bone test you will get the actual numbers that could be very scarry.
Here is another example:: The total damage from Katrina is estimated at $81.2 billion (2005 U.S. dollars), we are in a position to estimate the natural disaster damage but unable to predict the numbers for a small financial industry? Imagine that if the Disasterous hurricane costed $81 billion and this industry that we created has already shows 10 times that of the Hurricane.
None of the leaders came forward when this natural disaster occurred killing several people with a relief plan, now that ever politician comes forward to help the crisis, I am sure they are not tying to kill the problem but trying to grow it further by helping it with the bailout.

On an historic day when Nancy Pelosi could have helped American with bipartisan leadership, she chose to attack Republicans and the President's entire 8 year term of office in a viscious, rude manner. Instead of leadership, she chose partisanship, and displayed a total lack of common sense and judgement. Watch the video- it is much more strident than the prepared text. Speaker Pelosi could have been a uniter, not a divider. She could have chosen to think of helping America, rather than posture politically for her party. She was unwise and displayed the opposite of any form of leadership. Disgraceful.

I invite you all to google "regulate fannie mae" and see if you can find how many times the need to investigate this mess was brought up and denied by republicans and democrats in the years leading up to this.


Honestly, did anyone think the price of houses along with the adjustable rate mortgage craze coupled with Greenspans' low interest rates wouldn't blow up as soon as interest rates rose and those loans reset.

One can only hope that our congress isn't really that blind and stupid but the sad part is we vote for these idiots to run our country time after time.

My old man was a very wise old barber and he had the right idea,
"If their in, I'm against 'em!"
Excellent advice to us all, and I say, "Throw the bums out!"

The failure to pass (which I dance in glee over!) is the "fault" of the Republicans playing politics and the Democrats playing their follow-up game.

The Repub's don't want to vote for it so that when it passed they could go home and say passage wasn't their fault and how the Dem's are siding with Bush to give rich-folk a bail-out. A few Dem's, sensing the way the wind was blowing on the vote, also backed out so they couldn't be painted as caving in to Bush.

It's political hypocrisy at its best and its disgusting. However, I'm still glad at the result.

Why is is that nobody can seem to think of a bottom-up solution?! Why is the ONLY solution to give gobs of cash to rich folk and hope they act more responsibly with it than they did in the past? And yet, people are still getting tossed out of their homes. It is sickening to think that this trickle-down solution is the *best* the Dem's can come up with. After 12 years of Reagan/BushI and now nearly 8 years of BushII that should be obvious to everyone.

A regulatory oversight found the issue back in 2004. Falcon presented it to Barny Frank and Frank said there was no issue.

Seriously though what would you expect the DEMs to say when they had 11 of their own people in Pelosi's offices to have them change their votes to yes FAILED. She can't control her own people.

She is very unprofessional.

And if you want someone to vote with you, why slap them down before the vote. Oh yeah I'm grateful for the 94 dems that voted no.

And the media, misses every heart beat of this since day one. I blame congress and the media for this nightmare.

12 of 37 DEMs on Frank's own committee voted no.

Come on, the American people rejected this one. Emails and telephone calls hit the hill and the vote went with the people. Did any of you call or email your reps? I did. It is part of the process.

Till the people actually feel the pinch this one it may very well go this way till then.

Last I checked the democrats were the majority, if they cannot get the votes to pass a bill that the speaker is making the introduction speech for then maybe it should not be passed in the first place.

This bill is a POS, they should re-convene tomorrow not thursday and resolve this. My clients expect me to work when they need me, I expect congress to work when I need them. Remember separation between "Church and State".

Forget religion and get one with the business of the country. Believe that Americans will vote and I hope that these useless losers are voted out.

I hope you read these comments, because it seems that you are the one to whom we should be saying 'Oh Please'. Like Speaker Pelosi, you just don't get it. The problem in this country is we have a bunch of out-of-touch elitists running it, and we are supposed to entrust the solution to the ones who screwed it up?

The republicans who supposedly would have voted to support are childish, if true, but Pelosi is either too stupid or arrogant or both if she thought this bill was the appropriate time for a grandstanding, wood-shedding of Bush.

Between the bailout and all the companies the gov't now owns, or will own sometime in the next 24 months, the American gov't could become the biggest global hedge fund.

Pelosi should be dropped off in another country and her silly ways and name should never be spoken of ever again. " hit a steet corner and start make us all some money Pelosi." What a bright lady let me tell you. Thats why we will never see a woman President. ( Mrs. Clinton )
McCain to the end you dirty donkeys. This is our country. Regardless of who wins this election the elephant will always step on the jackass! Because an elephant never forgets.... Clinton was caught getting a blow job and Obama is gonna get caught giving one.




Pelosi has done nothing good for this country since she took over as Speaker of the House. By the time one gets as old as she is, one should have more intelligence than she does. Example: taking a recess to hawke her book instead of dealing with the energy policy issue. She obviously fits into the elitist catergory along with Obama.

Pelosi: TEAR DOWN THAT WALL, reach accross the aisle.

Nancy Pelosi caused this stinkin' mess. She sabatoged the vote on purpose. I think she knew it wasn't going to pass, didn't do the work it took to get more on board, and used the opportunity to grandstand for the Dem's and point the accusatory finger at the Reps.

How many times in the aftermath did she point the finger and accusingly say, "THEY didn't vote for it, and THEY didn't do their job. THEY don't support Bush and by association, McCain. THEY, THEY, THEY! Not once did she mention that more than 30% of Dem's didn't vote for it either. Why isn't anyone honing in on the 35 Dem's that voted it down?

Pelosi can't even get her own party on board, let alone what's supposed to be a bi-partisan effort. I believe she didn't want it to pass so she can continue to be in the national spotlight and garner favors with Obama. She acts like she is drunk on power. It is so pathetic and I can't believe no one has called her on it!

I think she should be stripped of the leadership and sent packing--loose dentures and all! And she can take her supplicant Harry Reid with her.

Her tirade didn't help, but the real problem is why she let it go to the floor without knowing for certain she had the votes to win. The vote today wiped out $1.2 trillion in equity value today. Retirees who were in the market and got scared out will the ones hurt most by the result.

Letting this go to the floor without the votes to win was negligent. She should resign as speaker in my opinion.

BTW I am a life long Dem who is ashamed of his party tonight.

BOTH Democrats and Republicans created this mess. BI-PARTISAN means you (crazy Speaker Pelosi) keep your mouth closed and pass the bill. DEMS and REPS should be ashamed today.

That's why we need THE GREEN PARTY! We need a THIRD PARTY to keep the bozos accountable. While REPs and DEMs are busy blaming, we need a VOICE to focus on the ISSUES!


I agree with you. However, I also agree with the comments about Nancy Pelosi. She needs some lessons in how to lead a group of people and the Republicans whose "feelings were hurt" need to grow up.

Blaming Pelosi is so lame. It is hilarious to see Republicans and uninformed ignorant people blaming Pelosi for the failed vote. They will soon blame the Iraq war and Bush's failed policies on her too.

Is it true the Barak personally coached Congresswoman Peolsi on this particular speech? Why would they, as "leaders", take these steps to point blame at the Bush administration and the Republicans when a critical vote for our country is at stake? Thoughts?

Barack Obama claimed he wanted the bill to pass.

If he really wanted the bill to pass he would of contacted his two allies in Congress and asked them to vote yes.

The newspapers are reporting both Jesse Jackson Jr. and Bobby Rush both voted no.

So much for leadership!

Ok...I just listened to Pelosi's speech...and yes, it was *extremely* partisan...and yes, not really the best way to get a compromise. I agree wholeheartedly with that.

On the other hand, it seems like the Republicans have given her more power then their own supposed leaders. *If* the Republican leadership supported this Bill, and rank and file Republicans did not follow their leadership because of a speech Pelosi gave, then by their own admission Pelosi is more powerful than George W., McCain and the other party leaders.

As far as the Democrats, I have been following the negotiations, and they never planned to push it through without the Republicans, even though they could. Why should they? It was a Republican President and adminstration who proposed it, and arguably, it was Republican policies that created the crisis. This is an, understandably, extremely unpopular bill, in an election year, with *all* of the House Representatives up for election. Why should the Democrats push it through without the Republicans and take the heat? I think that the Democrats said all along during the negotiations that they would only support the Bill so long as a majority of Republicans did as well, so everyone could take the heat equally.

How dare Pelosi go on the floor and blame the people responsible for the mess.

The deal was to have 110 votes from each party to pass the bill. The Dems kept their part of the bargain but the Reps did not. All because of a speech by Pelosi? What she stated WAS the truth no matter what you think. Get over it losers,if the shoe was on the other foot you'd be praising that speech. I guess it's true when they say the truth hurts,eh! McCain showed how clueless he really is when things get tough and instead of shooting off the hip, Obama showed real leadership. He stated last weekend that the bill in it's original form was not passable due to no oversight,regulations,too much to one person(Paulson) and when asked whether he was for the Bill on Tuesday,McCain response was that he hadn't read it yet. WTF! Now he comes out repeating exactly what Obama said a week earlier but making it sound like it was his idea all along. Get a clue John!


Phil I think the total is 350,000,000,000,000. But it is still less than the bailout. and we could save even more money by rebating only 1 million to EACH family. I wouldn't mind having a million. I could get a new car finally and pay of my credit cards. I am sure that the trickle up form of economics would be better for the economy - however the government doesn't know that we exist.

Pelosi has made many unreasonable, unrealistic and ignorant well as ignoring a spirit of cooperation and the needs of the American public. It was Pelosi that closed Congress for a 5 week vacation (and book signing tour), at the critical time when the nation wanted a vote on driling to influence & decrease high gas prices. In the period of a critical financial crisis, and necessary bi partisan cooperation, she delivers these insulting comments. She has proven with numerous
actions and statements to be totally incompetent for this vital position of influence.

I listened to her speech as it was broadcast on the radio. I kept waiting for the "Olive Branch" to be extended to the Republican Party. This would have been a gracious approach for all of their assistance in getting this regrettable, but necessary legislation passed.

Of course, Ms. Pelosi took every opportunity to lambaste the current administration and the Republicans for this problem. She praised all of the Democrats for their guidance. Near the close of the remarks, she took a few seconds to acknowledge that "Not all Republicans" were responsible for this situation. The comments, in my opinion, were too little, and too late. The dagger was in too deep, and the unfortunate victims of this tragedy are the citizens of the United States. Wasn’t this supposed to be a demonstration of a bi-partisan approach to resolving these grave financial and fiscal problems? The impact is far reaching, and now global in nature?

A BBC reporter commented that the reason the legislation was being rushed through was that the Senators and Representatives had to campaign to save their own jobs. Was the “Bail Out Bill” Bill really a “Bail Out Bandage” to cover the wounded economy while you all campaigned for the next term? Note to Nancy, "You should all be fired!"

The failure of the Democratic Party and the DNC started when the voters of the residents of Florida and Michigan were disenfranchised. The 1/2 vote decision prior to the convention gave Mr. Obama the nomination over a more worthy candidate, Mrs. Clinton. Any reasonable intervention would have generated a much different result, but Mrs. Clinton was not the “Chosen One,” If this nomination was a football game or centered on an athlete taking steroids the Democratic Party and the DNC, as the team or the player, should have been in front of Congress for shaving points and throwing the game.

This is a one 1/2 vote Florida Democrat who is voting for Mr. McCain. People rail on Ms. Palin for her lack of experience. What experience does Mr. Obama have other than being a candidate for President ever since he came to Washington?

In closing, I agree with the comments of another contributor. If we are to put our faith in Mr. Obama with his lack of experience, then we would be better off if all of the members of the House and Senate were replaced. That would be “Change”, but “Change has Consequences” and the promise of “Change” from Mr. Obama lacks any substance. The consequences of change now would be negative rather than positive. This is no time for a “President in Training” to be in the White House!

Democrats for McCain-Palin!

Other Democrats are free to follow this recommendation!

I believe that the Republicans do not believe that their sh_t stinks. Stop blaming the Democrats for your party incompetence. You have gotten to be such whiners. Be grown up and take responsibility for your failures. The Democrats are constantly attacked by the Republicans. Pelosi's statement were the truth.

Sarah Palin needs to be treated like any other candidate running for office. She has been treated with kid gloves. It is sexist to treat her so carefully because she might break. It is sexist to have low expectations of her for the debates. Biden should treat her like he would treat any other candidate. If she can't stand the heat she should get out of the kitchen. This is not a beauty pageant where we must be careful because she might break into tears.

Alaskan women are not crazy about Sarah Palin. See Alaskan historical protest because of their dislike for Sarah Palin's policies. Also, see the environmentalist who do not agree with Palin's policies. In addition, see the witch doctor ceremony given for Sarah Palin. The things the citizens of the United States have put up with because of Sarah Palin is out of control. The press have been bias and have not reported adequately on the crazy involvement of Sarah Palin. We need to have the same scrutiny for all candidates. Every where Palin goes there is a huge protest. Why haven't the press reported on these protests?

I expect Palin to fail if she does not give adequate answers during the debate. Let's not be sexist and have low expectation of Sarah Palin.

Also, what is this BS about being a Maverick? Is this the wild wild west?

A speech like that was just what congress needed to hear to help them realize the folly behind the bailout.
Think about it.
THE GOVERNMENT WAS GOING TO BAIL OUT A PRIVATE COMPANY... and that is not what government is for because an eceonomy dependent on the government collapses.
Is some of your independence on sale for 700billion?


If the Republicans could not get behind this vote, why should the democrats? If the democrats had made this vote happen, when the fallout hit (the American public realizing how much this is going to cost each of us), then the Republicans would have taken every opportunity to point out to the public that it was the Democrats who made this legislation happen and not them.

The Republicans mantra is; no regulation, no accountability, no hindrance to the accumulation of unbridled wealth. Now we are all facing the consequences of these failed policies. Why shouldn't the democrats take advantage of this crisis by placing more strict regulations on the banking industry to make sure this kind of crisis does not happen again. If the Banking industry will not agree to more strict regulations then they can face the music alone.

The reality is however, no matter which way this crisis goes we will all be facing the music together.

Concerned Citizen
Portland, Oregon

To those who harp all Democrats could have voted for the Bailout and it would have passed, would have also handed John McCain the presidency on a golden platter.

Stop with the inanity! That is all the Repugnents needed to convince Independents that the Democrats are a welfare party.

Ms. Pelosi told the truth and if some Repugnents got their feelings hurt, go find a high price hooker and let them kiss your boo-boo and make you feel better. You can afford it, go visit your friendly lobbyist or use tax-payer's money for frivilous non-sense as previously has been done.

To Mr. Smith, only give $500,000 tax free to each person in America. If people cannot jump start the economy with this amount, even a million apiece won't work. If having half a million individually with liquidity don't give banks confidence to lend money again, nothing will.

Go to SNOPES and check out Pelosi on the Samoa deal.
Now she has another 35mil. for the San Francisco Rats.
Yup go to snopes and type in Pelosi. This woman she must have been shot up against the wall an hatched by the Sun. She is a crazy and even her own party dislikes her.

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