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Obama visits David Axelrod office, headquarters on Sunday in Chicago


WASHINGTON--Spending Sunday in Chicago, Barack Obama visited his national headquarters on Michigan Avenue for a few minutes and then headed to the River North offices of his top strategist David Axelrod.

Earlier Sunday, Obama traveled from his Kenwood home to a friends place in the Regents Park high rise in Hyde Park--possibly to work out there.

In the afternoon, Obama, wearing jeans, a black jacket and a White Sox hat motorcaded to his headquarters and after seven minutes, departed for Axelrod's office.

Obama called out to the press as he stepped near his black SUV, "You guys staying dry?"

Near 4 p.m. Obama entered Axelrod's offices-- carrying a black bag.


Dear concerned citizens of America and mass media of the U.S.A.

As a concerned disabled American Veteran and American citizen, I
consider it my duty and responsibility to address the following
critical issues facing the voters of our Greatgrand nation, the
United States of America [USA].

1. Does the joint ticket have a calm, cool, and collected " temper
and impulse" [Presidential Temperament]?
2. Does each ticket have sound and sustained "Judgment and Caliber"?
3. Does each ticket have a "presidential depth and degree" in regard
to their purpose, policies, and positions?
4. Does each ticket have adequate, "understanding and knowledge" of
workings around Washington"?
5. Does each ticket have enough "vigor, wisdom and Vision" for the
future of our beloved Great-grand Nation?
6. Does each ticket possess enough joint foreign policy experience
and exposure based on "American Values, Virtues, Vastness, and strong
7. Do their campaign talk, slogans, ads, plans, and programs based on
facts and are they free of fear, fiction, frivolous labels, unfair
attacks, negativity, and impulsivity? [Danger to country and national
8. Does the ticket keep country or politics first? [McCain stole
Obama's change and is running with it.]
9. Does the ticket move us closer to Culture Divide and war[ Disaster
for our nation and economic challenges].
10.Is the campaign surrounded, supported, and arrogated by divisive
people, media, politicians, and blusters [Loss of Maverick's as shown
by his new shiftiness, shamelessness, and shallowness].

As a Independent registered voter I have decided to vote for the
Obama-Biden ticket. I am sure they will protect our national
security, strengths, stamina and soul as well as rebuild our nation
from the bottom up in all areas of need. The OBAMA-BIDEN ticket will
restore our global standing with the use of maximum, firm
international diplomacy and minimal force if and when indicated.

Yours sincerely,

COL. A.M. Khajawall [Ret] MD., Forensic psychiatrist, Colonel, US-AR
/ MC Combat Stress Control[Ret], Disabled American Veteran and Iraq
Freedom team.

It's time for Barack to revert back to the Change/Hope and Unity message, he needs to give another big speech about race/gender and the culture, directed to those who have yet to understand that the only way for the people to win in this nation, is by coming together around the major issues of Health Care, Education, Energy, Jobs and International Foreign Policy that avoids wars.

Keep it up Lynn Sweet. Thanks.

I am of the conviction that this election is extremely important and that we have no time to play games or become confuse as if this is a contact sport no matter how many of McCain people or some of the media seems to reduce this very important democratic process. Obama/Biden seeks to bring unity to the country and rise above the beggarly elements that has come too common in the political scene. He of course is not without some faults but compared to the opponent...Obama/Biden seem like a gift wrapped and delivered to the masses from a higher place of being... to rescue us from our ownselves. Not that the power lies with Obama/Biden ticket...the power lies with the American people and the question is are we going to act like adults or remain acting like children in our thinking and decision process. I am tired of the hollywood mentality for the battle is fierce before us and we can not afford to be persuaded to think with superficial thoughts and illusions about life...we need change and we need it by those who can bring it...Obama/Biden 08

I agree with the faith, hope, unity, speech.
We so need to come together now! Our beautful
country is weeping. We veed to dry her tears.
Barock is the man who can!

We need change now!

Obama meeting personally on a Sunday with Commander Axelrod aka Mayor Daley's consultant, means one thing only....PALIN PANIC!

Sorry, Jimmy, the old repetitive rhetoric of "Change/Hope and Unity" will no longer do the trick or will playing the "race" and "gender" card work again after Obama's vitreous attacks against Hillary and Palin. His so called "big speech" on race/gender/culture was simply a diversion refusing or unable to explain Rev. Wright and his "God Damn America and hate America speeches".

If Obama has NO history of compromise, and his short unremarkable record is strictly 100% liberal, how do you expect him to bring anyone together? Look at Obama's Chicago and Illinois--- ruled by Democrats. Highest taxes in the land, corruption galore, and the inability to even work with each other.

The Democrats have been the majority for the past two years having been elected on promises of solving the energy policy and ending the war immediately. When they took charge, gas was only $2/gal; now it's $4/gal. Excess revenues were pouring into the state and federal coffers and the deficit was being reduced. No longer under Democrats. Unemployment was at a record low 4%; now it is pushing 6%. Did they end the war as promised? NO, in fact, Obama is now talking tough touting the Bush plan.

And please, do not call U.S. Foreign Policy "International Foreign Policy"! This is the United States of America. Our policies, laws, and courts are per the U.S. Constitution "of the people, for the people (Americans)...not "International".

Obama may consider himself a "Citizen of the World" but any future president of the United States should be a proud citizen of America ONLY and represent us and our interests FIRST and FOREMOST! Obama does not fit the bill.

Only McCain can provide what's necessary to "avoid wars"....his PROVEN experience, leadership and compromise skills WILL keep America safe and secure.

Obama needs to announce who certain key members of his cabinet would be--and SOON. And included among them should be Hillary Clinton--in charge of Health, Education and Welfare (or, a new cabinet post just for healthcare?)

To Jazz

Do you know that Axelrod is Obama's chief stategist? I'm sure he talks to him many times every day. I don't think you are paying attention.

I would rather see a McCain/Palin ticket then an Obama/Carter second term. McCain and Bush have little in common, yet Obama and Carter are one and the same.

The ticket for "Change" is McCain*Palin. They are the DUO that have proven that they are willing to stand up to the mis-handling of the Senate and State Policies. The Democrats have ruled the Senate for 2 years and we are further in debt as a person living day to day. For anyone to push this off on Bush have no idea how the President and his Office operates. It is the Senate that puts through Pork Spending that increases the Budget and keeps pushing us further in the Hole. And higher taxes on Businesses will only create less jobs for our populace. Obama has voted "Present" to avoid offending the other side. We need Leadership and that is McCain and Palin.

Mccain himself admitted he does NOT understand the economy.

Folks, do you really want someone like Mccain in the white house in these difficult economic times?

Mccain is completely out of touch with the average amerian. He is the son of admirals born into rich family and married into a very rich family. He is good/great soldier but we need a thinker/smart person in the white house who can manage economy, not a great soldier.

Vote democrat

An Obama/Biden win will put all three branches of the Federal government in Democratic hands. I don't think, in fact I know, that will not foster unity in this country or bi-partisanship in D.C.. The Democratic hogs will gorge at the trough that the Republicans just vacated. Man, that's change!

As a stonrg democratic supporter , Union Offical and Obama activist I find it extremely frustrating with the ability of the Obama Ohio Democratic election committee to supply us with the supplies of Yard signs and campaign buttons we need. The time is now, the debates are days away and yet we are fighting without the proper supplies to get the most effective message across to the voters. That mesage should be full support and incredible organziation. The time is now we need signs and buttons to show our working class members and voters that belief in Barrack Obama and Joe Biden's ability to run this country and turn things around for all Americans is at hand and winnable if they just VOTE. Please contact me ASAP to help us get them elected. We need SIGNS, BUTTONS and support for our members and Ohio Democratic voters.

John Anthony
OCSEA State Board Of Directors
District 6
Taxation Chapter 2595 President
Columbus, Ohio

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