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Obama team ships money to battleground states; Florida, Colorado tops


WASHINGTON--The Obama campaign sent the Florida Democratic Party a $250,000 check on Aug. 22, $200,000 to Colorado Democrats and lesser amounts to 22 other states--all but one a battleground-- on the same day, according to FEC records I checked.

The day after Barack Obama's nominating convention wrapped up in Denver--and as John McCain tapped Sarah Palan to be his running mate on Aug. 22-- the Obama campaign opened the checkbook for the general election.

Alaska's Democratic party probably lucked out, receiving $25,000 from Obama for America. Gov. Palin on the ticket takes Alaska off the Obama priority list.

The amounts for each state Democratic Party reveals a ranking of sorts of the battleground states the Obama campaign has in play. The donations were revealed in the Obama for America August Federal Election Commission report filed on Saturday, Sept. 22.

The Aug. 22 checks:

$250,000 Florida

$200,000 Colorado

$150,000 Ohio, Pennsylvania

$100,000 Michigan, Virginia, Georgia

$50,000 Iowa, Indiana, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Nevada

$40,000 New Mexico

$25,000 Alaska, Georgia, Missouri, North Carolina, North Dakota

$15,000 Minnesota, Montana, Oregon, Washington

$10,000 Maine

$2,000 New Jersey


Sarah PALAN?

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