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Obama on track to raise $10 million online in day following Palin speech


ST PAUL, MN.--This dispatch Thursday from the Obama team: "We have raised $8 million online since Palin's speech from over 130,000 donors -
on pace to hit $10 million by the time John McCain hits the stage tonight."


And your point here Lynn, is what? How about printing a piece on how much Sarah Palin raised for the GOP. Oops, that might appear bi-partisan and that wouldn't do.

In states where either Obama or McCain leads by more than 5%, Obama leads McCain 233-217. That gap grows to 247-221 if you include states where either leads by more than 2%.

That leaves MI, NH, OH, MN, CO, & NV up for grabs. If they break the way they did in 2004 we are looking at 2000 again. Obama would win the popular vote but McCain would edge him out in the EC.

As for the $ I think Kerry had a sizeable adv over Bush. The difference was the 3rd party involvement of the Swift Boat Veterans. It proved how effective 1-issue ads can be that attack the character of a candidate.

An anti-Obama group can attack Obama on his Rezko, Wright, & Ayers connections. I don't think there's anything of that magnitude for anti-McCain groups.

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