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Obama memo from Gibbs and Simmons says Palin appointment done to "mollify" right wingers.



To: Interested Parties
From: Obama Campaign Senior Strategist Robert Gibbs & DNC advisor Jamal Simmons
Date: September 3, 2008

Re: Daily Message Memo: More of the Same


Last night, President Bush enthusiastically passed the torch to the man who has voted with him 90% of the time and is promising to continue this President's legacy for the next four years. As President Bush said last night, if you liked the last eight years "the man we need is John McCain." The President--like the rest of last night's speakers--completely ignored the economy, but in the last month, both have said the "fundamentals of our economy are strong." No wonder 64 percent of Americans are "very" or "somewhat concerned" that John McCain "would pursue po! licies that are too similar to what George W. Bush has pursued."

Last night, McCain's friends talked about his "independence," but in reality John McCain wants to continue Bush's tax cuts for the top one percent and companies that ship jobs overseas, while offering nothing for more than 100 million middle class families. John McCain thinks the fundamentals of our economy are "strong," despite the fact that millions of Americans are struggling with lost jobs and shrinking wages, fighting to keep their health care and their homes, and paying more for everything from gas to groceries. Just yesterday, Senator Phil Gramm--the man who wrote John McCain's economic plan--again dismissed struggling Americans as "whiners."

John McCain and his advisors don't get it. American families can't afford four more years of the same failed policies and flawed politics.

But, McCain's selection of Governor Sarah Palin as his running ! mate shows that more of the same is exactly what John McCain is offeri ng. He made a hasty, politically motivated decision to pick someone who would mollify the right wing of his party and who shares his view that the economic policies of George W. Bush are working and should continue.

McCain's selection of Governor Palin tells us a lot about his judgment. She doesn't have the record of reform that McCain says she does, she supported the infamous Bridge to Nowhere she now claims to oppose, she cozied up to scandal-plagued Senator Ted Stevens, and hired a lobbying firm to secure millions in earmarks from Washington--a practice that John McCain criticizes on the campaign trail. And on top of that, she's under investigation in Alaska.

That tells us a lot about John McCain's judgment and the kind of decisions he makes. He wanted to make a statement by picking a running mate who looked like a "reformer" - but really he picked more of the same old politics. We have a choice to make in this election. We can e! ither choose a new direction for our economy and our country, or we can keep doing what we've been doing--and that's the course that Senator McCain and Governor Palin would have us follow.


I am so gald you guys are fighting back and my advice is to stay focused on the issues and stay away from comments that can be spun as sexist concerning Palin. Watch Biden he means well, but he talks to quick sometimes. Get Hillary and Bill back in those hills of West Virgina, Virgina, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Florida and Michigan.
It's time to talk directly to those blue coller white voters and get them to vote their pocketbooks and not their values, it's not about Barack's color it's about his concern and strong leadership, they have to be convinced with.
Hillary can still be elected the president in eight years, shes younger and is in better shape than McCain is now. I think her, Bill along with Kennedy have finally unified, the real Democratic party that cares about the working people and poor of this nation.

The Obama campaign would be wise to heed the remarks of Jimmie Griffin above. The Democratic party needs to keep the race as clean as possible, but also needs to respond forcefully to all that nonsense emanating from the republic party (I thought I would begin calling them that since they have so much trouble with the word democratic!)

Regarding Sarah Palin, it's worth noting that the "great state of Alaska" has about the same population as Portland, Oregon--a medium-sized city. About half of Alaskans typically turn out for elections. And it would be interesting to see if those voters would have reelected Palin after four years.

The governor has been a big fish in a small pond. Wasilla isn't Washington, D.C. Alaska isn't the USA. And traveling to Idaho doesn't count as foreign relations experience.

OMG - only a Democrat would encourage people to ignore their values when voting for President of the United States of America. Is that the secret to your side?

I'm confused I thought it was the republicans who were currently in office, draging the country down... for all their talk about changing what's wrong in Washington, they still have not "OWN THE FAILURES" and now they want us to give them another chance to "Shake things up in Washington"
I say, my son deserves better!


What are McCain/Palin going to do about minority children in Chicago who have single moms working and trying to make it, with no financial or physical help for the children. The little pre-schoolers don*t get enough attention and know the pain a fatherless home, not even visiting them! Will he provide help for these mothers so they can help the children and give them more attention and to special activities? Will he put counselors in the preschools to help these children understand and know their mom loves them. Will counselors help single, worn out moms with discipline techniques? Grandparents have given all their retirement money and still work at 68 years to pay their own large bills and give more to grandchildren. Palin already has PL94-142 on her side and needs a law for these children. McCain needs to specifically address what he will immediately do for these kids! He says he understands but I don*t think he gets it. Obama gets it. These fathers are often from other continents and on 20-year Visa's with no jobs and give nothing like visiting or money to their children. Don*t even see them for months/years at a time. What will McCain /Palin do for these children if they are special needs. She has money and resources but these children don*t. Has McCain ever considered this problem and is Palin knowledgabel about it? What is more important than our children. Obama knows about it a lot and will do something about it. How can McCain expect a vote and leave this issue out? These issues if not dealt with lead to the issues that McCain doesn*t get, perhaps he doesn*t get welfare recipients or those who get off welfare and have to make it in transition on their own.
It was unfortunate that McCain had to live so long and dutifully in Hanoi Hilton, but these children live their whole lives in pain. What is a Palin plan?


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