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Obama fund-raising slackers chided by Penny Pritzker, Phil Murphy


WASHINGTON---Barack Obama campaign finance chair Penny Pritzker and Democratic National Committee finance chair Phil Murphy have a message for some 45 high end slackers part of the National Finance Committee: make the 1,000 calls they all collectively promised to make or they will find someone who will. That's in a memo just sent to Obama's best fund-raisers. Pritzker and Murphy are also hunting for hot prospects, asking each NFC member to come up with 25 names. The duo is offering to "research their giving history" to give them some good intelligence before they make the contact.

Here's the memo

Subject: Call-a-thon Update / Next Phase from Penny Pritzker & Phil Murphy

The call-a-thon has produced great results but we still have more work to do.
Thank you to those who have taken the time and effort to make these calls. It
is paying off tremendously. We know this is not easy work.

As of this morning, the program has produced over $2 million with $1.1 million

First, we have not heard back from over 45 NFC members who originally agreed to
make calls. Please either make them or send them back to Julie Tagen to be
re-distributed. Those 1,000+ calls could be made by others willing to make the
calls. Also, we still have 600 calls from our original list that need to be
made, so if you have an extra hour or two for the campaign, please request an
additional list today.

Second, please work to collect on your outstanding pledges by following up with
the donors. If you need your list of pledges, please let Julie know and she will
send them to you.

Lastly and importantly, we will now enter Phase II of the call-a-thon. We are
asking that you send us your top 25 prospects that you plan on soliciting for
either OVF or CFC. We will research their giving-history (phone number and
other vital information, if necessary) and send it back to you to call and
follow-up for donations. As you call and get results, please send them back
to us and we will tally them back to you and the call-a-thon program.

Attached is a template to use for your prospects. Please fill in the blanks and
send back to Julie Tagen at The call-a-thon team will do the
research and return it to you to begin making the calls. As with all
call-a-thon calls, please send back live results to Julie by email (above) or
phone 202-863-7174.

Thank you for being a part of this program and working toward victory in

Best regards,
Penny Pritzker and Phil Murphy


There is no story here. It looks like you just wasted some good webspace with this article. The letter provided, details internal operation functions that are typical of any fund raising organization. It's very cordial, but agressive to project the importance of each person's duty. This is how effective grass roots organizations are ran, and obtain needed funding without dependence on lobbyist.

This is no more than a msg to the call bank staff to follow up. Hardly "chiding" anyone. I've heard worse than this in several offices.

Where is the stated chiding? This letter is incredibly professional and much more polite than most "memos" of much less significance sent out by managers, administrators, and bosses across the nation.
How silly you are...

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