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Obama chides McCain on gambling; talks about his poker game in pre-emptive move.


WASHINGTON--John McCain took some hits in a story about his gambling and associates who have represented the gambling industry. Republicans were taking note that Barack Obama was a regular, as a state senator, in a Springfield poker game where lobbyists were allowed at the table. Obama wanted to use the gambling story--what a metaphor opportunity--but must have realized his poker games could be used against him.

Here's how he handled it in a speech Monday, in a pre-emptive move.

"I read the other day that Senator McCain likes to gamble. He likes to roll those dice. And that's OK. I enjoy a little friendly game of poker myself every now and then," Obama said.

"But one thing I know is this - we can't afford to gamble on four more years of the same disastrous economic policies we've had for the last eight," he said.


Oh bravo. What a way to synthesize things.

The NYT are so transparent. They are guilty of just what they accuse McCain of--being influenced. Why put this story out now? They've probably been sitting on it since July, strategizing on when it could hurt McCain the most. They're desperate.

Obama should have hit him below the belt and said that he's ready to lead the country on day one and he doesn't have to call a time-out in the fourth quarter of the game with 10 seconds left on the clock.

The Dems gamble with our money every day!
Obama is one of the worst!
Madame Speaker of the House, Nancy "let em eat cake" Pelosi, and Harry "nepotism" Reid, refused to even ACKNOWLEDGE that the high gas prices and grocery prices were a CRISIS for the average AMerican, SHUT DOWN CONGRESS AND WENT ON VACATION, while the rest of the country struggled to make ends meet.
She REFUSED to allow even a vote on a viable ENERGY BILL that would provide relief from high gas prices.

During her vacation she and her husband became heavily invested in the The Pickens Plan, an energy plan that she said (during the last session of Congress) was not good for Americans. Now she and her husband stand to make gazillions when the legislation passed to support The Pickens Plan is passed in THIS session of Congress.

Worked as a rookie community organizer and legal defense attorney defending ACORN the criminal voter registration fraud organization that has fraudulently added hundreds of thousands of fraudulent voters to the voter rolls. They've stolen your vote, by doing so.
He has served 143 days in the Senate, has no leadership experience, but is not the Democratic candidate for President!

ACORN gave away mortgages to countless people and illegal aliens who had no security or even social security numbers, to be able to legal secure mortgages, and is responsible for the massive default on billions of dollars in mortgages.

And, in the latest proposed $700 billion dollar bailout of the Stock Market, the Dems, and especially Obama, want multiple millions of $$$ to go to ,,,,you guessed it,,,,ACORN!

We've already seen the beginning of the wave of new working homeless with the junk ARM mortgages that were defaulted on.
Now thousands of people who weren't lucky enough to be on the public dole and be given an illegal mortgage and can only rent, are about to be made homeless with all of the apartment building mortgages going into default!

THIS is the CHANGE that the DEMS promised you in the last election!
Things can get a whole lot worse!
Don't you forget it when you vote for President in November!

This is an imporant issue. As two time chairman of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, he single handedly turned Indian gamblin into a 26 billion dollar industry. He still gambles at Indian casinos that he oversees. A friend of his for twenty years, without any lobbying experience, was hired by one casino for $100,000 to lobby against regulation of their casino. Mccain defeated the regulation. There is a lot more in the New York Times article. It is very disturbing.

If the country wants to "crap out", vote for Obama. Out Seven...




If you agree, then PLEASE pass it along To All Your Readers And To Your Friends. Someone Needs TO GO TO Jail For This !!

And Here Is Another Shocking Fannie Mae Video


And Yet Another


As Soon As The Source Of This Meltdown is exposed, the sooner those few will give up their strangle hold on the Democratic Party. And The Sooner This Sorry Chapter Will Come To A Close. But as Long As Those Corrupt Democrats are allowed to hide behind their flimsy accusations of Republican responsibility, this charade will continue. These corrupt Democrats broke it, now let’s shine some light on them and disinfect the situation. The sunlight of knowledge is a miraculous disinfectant for political corruption. Will You Do Your Part And Pass These Videos Along To Everyone You Know?

If we ARE to keep the thieves like McSame outta the temple of democracy, Obama is going to have to get about 8 of these blows in DAILY.
In other words, hit McSame as HARD as Hillary was hit.
It's take the gloves off time....

um, dave, where does the NYT come into this thing exactly? are you perhaps just parroting random anti-liberal criticism? we are accustomed to that from the right these days...

John McCain at the dice table or should that be, “McCain is about to CRAP OUT!”

Barack Obama simply say – “New Shooter” after the Repugs party falls farther into disarray

A poker party! Is that all you got Ms. Sweet?

"Why put this story out now? "


McCain's personal gambling addiction, and his ties to casino mobsters, have been reported regularly, ever since his previous campaign. Nobody was "sitting on it."

It bubbled up yet again because of the public's link between "gambling" and "Wall Street."

McCain's flunkies (all lobbiests) shouldn't have provoked Obama because everybody knows his game, poker, is like chess, mostly skill... whereas McCain's game is craps, an addict's game.

This particular McCain/addict story came "now" because it was about Obama's joke more than about McCain's weakness.

Obama "wanted" to take advantage of yet another of McCain's gambling stories. It was timely, so he did.

that's a good one and so true.

Obama has a lot of gall when he accuses Senator McCain of gambling away American savings. Obama did nothing to regulate Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac instead he collected campaign contributions from them. It was McCain who publicly came out for regulation of those companies.

Try this out for size. If the public knew 5% of his past, his positions, his actions, his name would strike fear into Americans.

If you want to know who refused to address Fannie Mae and Mac, in their own words, try this one.

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