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As Palin looms, Obama, Biden, Clinton kick up women outreach.



WASHINGTON--As major female Democratic Hillary Rodham Clinton backers are consolidating around Barack Obama, the Obama campaign is cranking up its pitch to women voters, with a joint Clinton/Biden video forum Wednesday, part of a "Women's Week of Action."

This activity comes as polls show Obama has not been able to win over a chunk of Clinton backers--and as Sarah Palin threatens to drain off crucial female voters. The Obama campaign is, I was told, "redoubling" its efforts to lock-in support of women, especially the Democratic leaners who by logic should be with Obama.

Senators and House members and other women leaders will be out stumping for the ticket as part of an upcoming Women for Change Weekend.

While Palin makes a historic appeal to women to break the glass ceiling, the Obama campaign will have an equal pay ad airing this week reminding voters of policy differences with the McCain-Palin ticket that vastly impact females.

"More and more families depend on the income earned by working women, so you'd think we'd be united in our determination to help eliminate the unfair pay gap and pay women what they deserve for the work they do. But even now in 2008 Senator McCain has stood in the way of legislation to help close the pay gap... only from the man who repeatedly says the fundamentals of our economy are strong," said Moira Mack, spokeswoman for the Obama campaign.

On Monday, the Obama campaign released a list of major female backers--some there from the start of his campaign, but more important, names of women prominent in the Clinton presidential campaign and some visible females who are just now making a public endorsement. Obama spoke to the group Monday in a conference call, first reported in the Huffington Post.

On Tuesday, Ellie Smeal of the Feminist Majority and Kim Gandy of NOW--the National Organization for Women-- hold a press conference at the National Press Club to make their endorsement of Obama public. These Democratic-allied groups had been in the Clinton camp.

On Wednesday, Michelle Obama and Lilly Ledbetter, a leader in the battle of equal pay for equal work, take part in a roundtable in Richmond, Va. and headline a Virginia Women for Obama voter registration rally.

At 8 p.m. eastern on Wednesday, Joe Biden and Clinton will be part of a video forum hosted by Women for Obama.

Biden and Clinton will, according to a note sent to backers, 
"will discuss a range of issues important to women, from Equal Pay for Equal Work to reproductive health, from expanding the Family Medical Leave Act to giving tax cuts to strengthen the middle class. But they also want to know what's important to you. 

Be part of the conversation on women's issues with Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden."

And as I reported on Sept. 9, "Women for Obama" and the Democratic National Committee on Oct. 10 and 11 in Chicago areholding a two-day fund-raising conference in the city featuring the who's who of Obama's policy and political world.

For donors who want to elbow with the Obama big shots, this conference, as one fund-raiser put it is "absolutely the best buy in the campaign in terms of bang for your buck."
One fund-raiser, in sending out a pitch, said this conference "will be the most visible statement of support for women the campaign will be making. Don't let McCain and Palin take this from us."

Hosts for this event need to raise $100,000 or contribute $57,000.


obama,biden wut a combunation this eletion is in the bag!!!!!!!

Please emphasize Obama's health care plan and show how MCCain's/Palin's plan would destroy us.

Obama speak up hard on healthcare and show the differences we need you.

Keep emphasizining your differences. Thank you,

Mrs. Obama and Hillary,
I was a single mother during the early 70's and have been working for equal rights for women throughout my entire life. Equal Pay for equal work has been my main platform. When it didn't happen, I just stated taking men's jobs. Yes I was a pioneer in the manufacturing industry, management process. I beg of you to put this to an end, McCain is gaining to much ground, and Hillary we can not let that happen. Palin is making us look like idiots. You my friend, are the most intelligent woman who we have ever watched fight the fight for our rights, and rights of our future. Bye the way, now I am 60 years old facing a health care issue. After giving my life to our cause. Much praise to each of you, and I will be watching, because I know you and Mrs. Obama are going to be our keys to success.
Mrs. Pennye McLennan

As a woman grateful for the battles for better treatment hard fought by our grandmothers and mothers, and as a women concerned about the future for our daughters and our sons, we must elect Obama and Biden. This Sarah Palin-excitement is ludicrous. Just because her appearance is refreshingly different from the same old, same old, her polarizing policies and rigid, divisive ways of thinking could not be more of exactly that: same old, same old. That is what was meant by the "pig in lipstick" comment; it was completely distorted. At best, Sarah Palin’s policies are 100% more of the same. Unfortunately, her approach is even worse than that. As a public official, supposedly there to serve the People, her consistent muddling of the line between professional and personal is downright frightening. I cannot stand the though of being labeled a “hater,” or to see anyone else labeled a “hater,” simply by thinking independently. That is exactly what Sarah Palin has consistently done with people who do not agree with her. Reasonable minds can, and often do, disagree. That is okay. It should not warrant job termination. Instead, when various ideas are mutually expressed, potentially the best of both sides will be uncovered; maybe even, in the realm of government, incorporated into law.

Rather than advocating mere ideals, which are always certain always to please some and upset others, Barak Obama advocates compromises; he advocates practicality. For example, he says, “We may not agree on abortion, but surely we can agree on reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies… We may not agree on gay marriage, but surely we can agree that gay people should be able to visit their loved ones in the hospital.” This ability to acknowledge divergent viewpoints and cut through to see the common ground is a unique skill. It is a tool that will greatly help our awesome country in these divisive times.

I am a young female corporate attorney in Atlanta. I have studied and come to deeply adore our United States Constitution. I grew up in northern Virginia just outside of Washington, DC. As a student at the University of Virginia, I learned to admire and respect our founding father, Thomas Jefferson, as one of my very greatest and most profound role models. Ever since I was a little girl, I have believed that (1) our county is meant for always increasing greatness; and (2) I must play my part in moving us forward toward our national potential. In fact, we all must play our part. It is our civic duty. It is our Christian duty. It is the nature of our democracy; it is the nature of being a decent human being. As American citizens, “we are one nation under God; indivisible…” at least we are supposed to be indivisible. The Obama- Biden ticket, and only the Obama- Biden, will get back to a place of unity, back to a position where, together, our hope of living to our nation’s greatest ideal will become a reality.

My Mom's a 'hockey mom' but that doesn't mean she should run the country. I hope this campaign succeeds in making voters remember that policies count.

Obama's attempted manipulation of GIs troop withdrawals from Iraq for his own political purposes.
Obama campaign seems to have hit the wall. Also has ramped up the dirty politics-as-usual theme that has been playing ever since the announcement of Sarah Palin as McCain’s Vice Presidential selection, sending a wild horde of Obamabots to Alaska in search of dirty underwear and soiled linens. Campaign also beset with some troubling scandals and stormy political foreboding. We’re not talking about Rezko and Ayers stuff which have been known since the primaries and continue to expand. We’re talking about a vast surge in scrutiny surrounding Obama’s beloved ACORN, about alienating half the voting populace in America by having surrogates question whether a mother should work. More, we’re talking about Obama’s potential violations of the Logan Act by tampering with U.S. negotiations with Iraq in order to impact the elections. The New York Post reported Barack Obama privately tried to persuade Iraqi political leaders to stall an agreement on scaling back American troops in Iraq while publicly campaigning for a speedy withdrawal, Obama’s request for a delay was a major theme of his talks with Iraqi leaders in Baghdad in July, Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said in an interview with the Post. Obama said that Congress should be involved in negotiations on the status of American troops, excluding the Bush administration in its “state of weakness and political confusion,” according to the report. Obama also reportedly tried to persuade the U.S. commanders, including Gen. David Petraeus, to offer a “realistic withdrawal date.” They declined, the Post said. As mentioned early this morning on American Sentinel, allegations that he attempted to tamper with negotiations in Iraq in order to benefit his campaign could, lead to actual prosecution. Obama’s selection of Biden over Clinton, followed quickly by McCain’s selection of Palin, solidified Obama’s reputation as someone who was immovable, selfish and lacking in judgement. Slamming Palin on her experience only wizened up the public about Obama’s own lack of credentials. In fact, polls now show that people feel both Obama and Palin are about equally qualified, despite a 24 hour Palin-is-an-idiot watch being conducted on nearly every major network. Combining poor judgment and an overwhelming ego with scant experience is not a way to carry your party to victory. And don’t forget the tasteless sexism and the community organizer’s organization being targeted for investigation all around the country for committing voter fraud. Obama’s campaign is not a train wreck; it’s Chernobyl.

The problem is that Obama should have picked Hillary Clinton for VP and this entire problem could have been avoided. My women friends all like Sarah Palin, yet voted for Hillary Clinton!! They are switching their allegiance because they want to see a woman in the whitehouse.

Why didn't Obama pick Hillary Clinton for VP?

And why didn't all these women's groups like NOW or Emily's List INSIST that Obama pick Hillary.

I mean c'mon - Hillary Clinton is the BEST and most formidable woman candidate ever to run for President. Why would the democrats allow this opportunity to be passed up? To have a Woman VP?

Obama could have made history twice. Is his ego so big? There's no way he can convince women that Biden is better than Clinton and so women are naturally moving to McCain/Palin.

PLEASE bring the focus back to the issues. Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain.

Obama was chosen by our democratic process. I understand the anger of Hillary supporters but do you really want to turn to her opponents with a 180 degree difference in policy?

It is time for the Dems to unite. Obama should and will appoint Hillary to a top level position. She will remain a force into the future. Please reconsider.


Some of us woman just do not get it. THey keep asking the question why Obama didn't pick Hillary as his VP? Well think about it woman if Hillary really wanted that position would she be campaining for Obama? We all know they have been talking and I am almost 100% to bring jobs back to the US I think Senator Clinton will be either Secratary of State or a very high cabinet post that she rightfully wants. This can not be talked about now because Obama has yet to be elected. I am sure that once Sen. Obama is elected all of us woman will find out just where Sen Clinton will be. We are woman and we are smarter than what McCain and Palin are trying to swiftboat us into believing. McCain has been opposed to equal pay for woman for years his record proves it and to use a woman (Palin) for his own personal gain is deplorable and a slap to woman to think we are that stupid to fall for this. Woman the choice is yours but I can see the forest through the trees with McCain as he has Palin glorifying him as he stands back with a grin on his face. Once McCain is elected if elected Palin will be taken a back seat not heard or spoke of and further putting woman in the rear.

Palin is no woman. However, she is a Bush in woman's clothes. From her cronyism, to her having her staff use personal emails and keeping secrets, to being against woman's rights to choose. You name it, it's another Bush doctrine. Why did McCain pick her? There were Republican woman who would have been extremely qualified to be his pick for VP. Just remember, he just pandered to the extreme right wing of his party. Don't be fooled, vote Democratic. Obama is on your side.

Women are their own worst enemy. Before us, we have a woman who has integrity; who walks the talk, who has a lasting marriage and lovely children, who speaks with confidence and is attractive .... and women around the country are acting like they did in high school; with their claws out and their tongues sharp. shame on us. The way some women are lashing out against Sarah Palin set us back years, as far as sisterhood and women's empowerment. Shame on us as women. Interestingly, many of the same women supported Hillary Clinton when she demeaned herself and "stood by her man" after his humiliating infidelity. Many do not know character and integrity when it slaps them in the face.

I have always been an Obama supporter. But I, too, was disappointed that he did not pick Hillary Clinton for his running mate. But not so disappointed that I would betray my values and vote for mccain/palen! I do hope, though, that Hillary will have a prominent place in the Obama administration. She is certainly qualified for Secretary of State and would have an enormous and positive impact. I am looking for Obama to name some possible members of his cabinet soon. We need a news story guys.

The question Hillary & Sarah Palin have raised is can a working mother be vice president of the USA. The Democrats said NO! but the Republicans have said YES!As a working mother I am thrilled and so proud of my country that the war hero and the hockey mom have my vote as well as all of my friends and the vote of all of our supportive husbands who help us have great careers and happy kids. I don't want equal pay for equal work, I want my kids to have equal pay for all types of opportunties. Why is the USA so far behind in getting a woman to the higher offices of our country? To anyone who has ever held a blackberry in one hand and a breast pump in the other, Sarah is your person. McCain is obviously not threatened by intelligent, successful women, he's married to one.

As a woman, I hope and pray that women who were supporters of Hillary will not vote for Palin simply to see a woman in the White House. I'm too young to remember the Women's Rights Movement, but I believe it was about equality...that a woman with EQUAL or BETTER experience would not be overlooked just because of gender. Now we have women that seem to want to put someone with inferior experience in a position SOLELY BASED on gender. Shame on them. One woman is not just as good as the next.
I completely understand Obama's decision not to put Hillary on the ticket. Promising change, and then putting another CLinton in office is questionable. It's been Clintons and Bushes in the White House since I was in kindergarten. I think he chose a running mate whom he felt would challenge him at times and help get things done. He didn't just pick Hillary to snag more votes. Good for him, and good for us.


Deanna -

It sickens me as a woman that you and your friends would vote for someone just because of their sex!

I have nothing against Hillary Clinton, but voting just because it would be 'cool' to have a women in the White House is absurd! Almost as absurd as women flocking to McCain because of Palin.

I don't vote based on sex, religion, race or any other insignificant factor. I vote based on policy which is why I support Obama.

The idea that Sara Palin might be our President and Commander in Chief is absolutely frightening. These Hillary supporters that are supporting a woman, any woman for President are so caught up in winning that they have lost sight of what women need in terms of issues like equal pay for example. Sarah Palin is the anti-Christ of women's issues, so far to the right of George Bush, the change she will bring will take equal rights back to the dark ages. Be afraid ladies, be very afraid.

We are really looking at a media driven hate campaign against Sara. Shame on you women who follow guys like Chevy Chase as lemmings over the cliff.

A part of me is still disappointed Barack didn't pick Hillary as well, not because she's a woman, but because I just miss her there. But don't forget Biden has been our friend in politics as well. He has been a pioneer for equal pay for equal work and other rights and issues surrounding women, such as legislation against domestic violence. He, as a VP, is hardly a slight against women and he has already proved by record alone he would go to bat for us every day of the week even though he might not have the same body parts. Whereas Palin has done absolutely nothing for women in comparison other than bask in her own image. In fact, domestic violence in Alaska has gone up since she has been governor because she's failed to date to make it a priority.

C'mon, can't anyone see the difference between Hillary and Palin? I can't believe that a vote for Hillary could possibly translate into a vote for Palin. Look at the issues women! It's an insult to our intelligence as women to think that we would actually fall for her crap just because she has a vagina. Get real and get smart!

I graduated in 1983 with an engineering degree, and shattered a few glass ceilings of my own, becoming the first female engineer in two companies, blazing the trail for the women behind me, including negotiating flex time when I started a family. It was not an easy road.

And yet, all those younger women who came after me, who never had to fight REAL sexism or REAL, heartbreaking, cruel, physically threatening misogyny in the workplace, now see fit to lecture and hector me about what it means to be a "real" feminist.

I am voting McCain/Palin, and I am sick and tired of being screamed at that I am a "sell-out" or not a "real feminist".

And yes, I do disagree with many of Gov Palin's positions, but there is also much to admire about her. In the end, I am voting for the candidates that I feel will guard the national security of our nation, the economy, and a host of other critical issues.

Obama has a great pitch, but no follow through. He talks a great story about equal pay for equal work, but doesn't follow it up in his own campaign -- and remember, his management of his campaign is cited (by him) as proof of his executive experience.

If the PUMAS are to be believed (and I believe them), according to their website, Obama refused to consider gender parity in the makeup of his Cabinet if he should be elected. He doesn't believe he can find 10 talented, capable women in a nation of 300 million.

Furthermore, his healthcare plan sets our access to medical services up for complete failure, much like his advocacy for ACORN and pushing subprime mortgages to underqualified borrowers set us up for the current financial mess.

And no, the sky is not falling with respect to Roe vs. Wade. I am pro-choice, but Obama's positions are far too extreme for me. When forced to choose between two polar opposites, I will side with life.

As I await the inevitable threats, backlash and screams that I am not a "real" feminist (and the inevitable fall-back position, that I "must" vote for Obama because he is black and therefore, the need for history supplants the need for the best qualified candidate -- Mary Mitchell, save me your race-baiting finger pointing excesses), let the leftists know I am turning in my "feminist" card...I don't want to be associated with the hard left, unreasonable, discredited femi-nazis. I'll be hanging with the other tolerant, open-minded women who feel that the fight was about creating a whole range of options for women, like a life buffet, and not just a narrowly defined "acceptable" viewpoint as defined by the leftists and academics.

Palin, a fundamentalist Christian, is against women on every issue. Once she and McBush get their Supreme Court, they will set women back a thousand years. Why don't Hillary supporters do what Hillary asks you to do--support Obama/Biden who will fight hard for women's equal rights?!

Whats the big deal? Its not like Clinton will not be a key part of the govt should they win. Biden and Obama complement each other.


This is very easy for you to say, from this point of view. Who knows what their relationship is like behind closed doors. They might hate each other after that primary. And Obama also has Bill to consider, they obviously don't get along.

You should take this into consideration.

Biden has the foreign policy that Obama lacks, he was a good pick... Are you suggesting he was a bad pick because he doesn't have a vagina?

If women will vote for anyone with a vagina "just to see a woman in the white house" that is pathetic, especially considering McCain could careless about women's rights.

Also, I'm sure Obama never saw this coming. Nobody did. When he picked Biden, it was a good pick, because Sarah Palin was the only person who could make this election close, and nobody saw her coming.

In hindsight, yes, Obama should have picked Hillary to solidify this ticket due to Palin. But you can't dwell on hindsight. At the time, Biden was an excellent pick.

Come on!! 2 words "Supreme Court" I have a strong feeling that the deal between Hillary and Obama will see her in black robes!! I can't wait. As a justice she will be able to impact the country for years!!!!

Liberal leaning women here seem to miss the point about Sarah Palin. She connects with many Americans because she is the quintessential American woman. She is a small town girl, who put herself through college, married her high school sweetheart. Worked a variety of jobs and raised a family. Found her calling in politics and as a mother of five, balanced family and career beating the good ole boys in the man's world of Alaskan politics in an effort to make a difference. In essence she describes me. You may disagree with her views, but Sarah Palin should be respected and congradulated for her acheivements. I may be a Democrat, but I have more in common with Sarah Palin than I do with the liberal feminist who run our party. That is why I am supporting Sarah Palin.

First of all, I have one question for those of you who are suffering from Obama's mixed message and tossing words around of "the fundamentals of the American economy are strong". Just how bad is YOUR life? Let me just say from someone who has had major ups and downs in my own life, I for one am sick of hearing the Dems talk down to the American people, making them sound as though the sky is falling. THEY DO IT EVERY ELECTION!!! FYI...McCain is talking about the strength of the American Worker when he talks about the "fundamentals". What is Obama going to do to change ANYTHING? What kind of "hope" is he going to bring to YOUR family?

More of you should really look into how he wants to cut Homeland Security, raise taxes to those who sign YOUR PAYCHECK (still don't get how he thinks that won't affect me), give health care to EVERYONE (you think health ins is expensive now? wait until EVERYONE has it!).

Now there is a very big difference between the people that go through hard times (like myself) and fight through adversity and those who go through hard times and GIVE UP!!! Sorry, but it's true. I for one, don't feel like I should be responsible to pay any more for health insurance because Joe Shmoe who when you ask for a Chocolate Shake brings you Onion rings and has the guts to look at you like you're the jerk for pointing out he got your order wrong. I would rather go down the street and support someone off crack/cocaine for two days and buy them a dinner than pay for Joe's health insurance. And the reason?....because Joe doesn't care!!!! He wants someone like Obama to come along and give the handouts...

If you truly believe that if you are not married (like me), earn $70-100K a year (like me), don't have any children (like me) and believe you are going to "get a tax break because you don't make over $250K a year" from BO...just wait!

This is just the start of why McCain/Palin now have my vote. Don't get me started on how he wants to cut Homeland Security. WHEN (not if) the terrorists attack America again, you think our economy is bad now!?!?!? It's kinda like a bank saying that they are going to send you into foreclosure but your response is: "I have to pay my utilities, Mr. Banker"...newsflash...utilities do you nothing without the home!!! Same thing with the Economy and Foreign fact, if you don't have a "strong" (putting it mildly in today's world) foreign policy, talking about the economy is a moot point! Do the right thing!


Mega cheers for Loree Jones Wainwright from her AmeriMcCain sister in Reno, Nevada! Imagine, the National Organization of Women is supporting Obama and leaving Sarah, their history-making, VP candidate sister in the proverbial dust. It reminds me of Oprah, who claims to be an advocate for ALL strong, independent and successful women, but she refuses to have Sarah on her show. Yet buddy Barack can show up anytime... why? Because he is a black man, not a white woman. That's racism AND sexism, folks! You can be a lady, a mom, a career woman AND a conservative! There are many of us out here in America, and we are definitely going to vote.

If some women want to vote for Palin just for the sake of being woman, I say let them. These women will never get it. I love and vote Hillary because of her commitment to serve. I vote and love for Hillary because she shares my beliefs.

A Federal attorney warned Palin. Now Palin is covering up Abuse of Power in an investigation started before she was chosen for vice pres. Her meglomania, thinks she is above the Law, and think Mccain and the Republican Poobahs, is going to throw the dirt and smother all Alaskans to cover the truth, that they want Palin Impeached, which means she will become ineligible for the vice presidency. She will blame the Public Safety commissioner for Insubordination. Palin is a diaster for America. Alaskans are being sensored.
Republicans are now filing suits against Republicans to hold on to power and protect Palin.

Loree Jones Wainwright I agree with you. The change I was hoping for was a woman.
Rice and Powell have already passed the ancient ideals about race of the Dem party.

Palin said she was going after Lobbyists and Biden's son quit as one right afterwards. A feat that the Dems didn't make happen.It is change.

Palin said she wants to "drill baby drill" along with the mantra, and oil price gouging has been detered. The Arabs are freaking out that we will be withdrawing our money to spread Islam, and fear we might compete in the market place with Alaskan black gold.
That is change.

Obama can only compete with Palin over lack of experience. His resume is weaker than hers. She has a commander in Chief quality that Obama does not posses. A son in harms way, means conservative use of the military from both Mc Cain and herself.
B.O has shown he makes poor choices under pressure. Bluntly put it was male ego over resume.

The clincher was Michelle Obama's MIA at ground zero.Jackie Kennedy would have had her kids there, and cued to the proper way to show respect and lay a flower on the memorial to show respect for those Americans lost in this war with Islam.
Hillary makes an awful mush dog to pull Obama along, and loses her credibility by being a participant in his HAREM SCAREM.
She should have left the party and run a Clinton/Liberman ticket. She would have had the oval office and a new Party sitting....that would have been change.

Palin 2008


Many of the problems our economy faces have been brought on by high oil and high gasoline prices. For the past 2 years, the Democratic Congressional leadership, including Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama have pulled all sorts of strings to make the American people believe that our economy is collapsing. They have not passed up any opportunity to hurt the economy in order to make their point. Refusing to take common sense steps to keep oil and gasoline prices low is just one thing the Democratically controlled Congress has done to hurt the economy. We are now sending several billion dollars each and every day overseas. Our money is employing foreign workers to drill, pump, refine, transport, and market oil, instead of employing American workers to do those same jobs. Who in their right mind would question the impact this currency drain and the loss of those jobs is having? Higher gas prices makes it more difficult to meet one's home mortgage payments. And defaulting on Mortgages in part has brought on the current financial crisis. So should some of the fault of our current Wall Street Crisis be laid at the feet of Pelosi, Reid, Obama, and their other liberal Democratic friends? Without a doubt it should!

The reason we need to focus on fossil fuels at least in the short term is to gain enough time to create a bridge to the time when those new technologies actually become economically viable. Hydrogen currently is NOT an economically viable alternative. Neither is CNG, BUT, CNG as a non renewable, yet readily available alternative to oil, is much closer to being economically feasible than is hydrogen which is a renewable resource.

But to get at that CNG, you must drill!

To imply that a comprehensive drilling program will have only marginal impact upon the oil futures market is simply not correct. A comprehensive drilling program will have a significant impact. The impact upon the jobs that will be produced from a comprehensive drilling, transport, pipeline, and refinery program will also be significant. And the fact that the money we currently send overseas to foreign oil suppliers if left here at home in our own economy will have a significant impact as well. I am not saying that we shouldn't pursue renewable energy sources; quite the contrary I support them all, especially solar, wind. But the fact of the matter is that solar and wind will take 10 years or more to develop. Our economy simply can't afford to shell out $90 to $150 per barrel oil to overseas suppliers for 10 years. As Boone Pickens so clearly points out this is going to be the largest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind. And we simply can't afford it. It will continue to have serious and negative impacts upon our economy including the stock market, and the creation of jobs. The Democrats are up to their necks in responsibility for high oil prices and high gas prices. The American people clearly recognize that responsibility. The American people support drilling by a margin in excess of 70%. Let Obama be the one to tell that 70%+ block of voters that he doesn't agree with them. He has never had the courage to stand up before and I seriously doubt Obama will break that streak given those stats. The Democrats who control Congress bear a large part of the responsibility for high oil & gas prices. Those prices are having a very negative impact upon our economy. Therefore the Democrats bear at the very least a part of the responsibility for the lackluster economy. Those Democrats include Pelosi, Reid and Obama!

The Dem. Party rulers appears to be the Cardinals college (guided by the Holy Spirit to take the best decision) or they are "like 3rd/ world" political party/ First they erase Mrs. Clinton from the map in questionable decision, not repeating the election in two key states and going against the essentials in any democratic systems. (Always is better to play the game twice on the field that decide the score at the table). Second they are hungry of an easy and populist leadership despite the cost (imminent US debacle if BO wins).After JFK the never had a mass-media guy. Third, they support someone who could not apply for any CEO position in a middle size complex US company, because he has no records. He is an outsider. Can he apply for the CEO of the US? Please see what has happened in Latin american countries in the last ten year to know what happened when the outsiders got the presidential position. And BO is not better than those guys

Read my lipstick. I'm not voting for a sexist like Obama. He showed his true colors against Hillary and now Palin. And he and you are lying. McCain is more for fair pay than Obama. What he is against is unlimited time for lawyers to find clients to sue their employers and put the employers out of business.

Loree: I am not going to scream at you--you may vote for whomever you choose.

But your claims are not true: you say, "He talks a great story about equal pay for equal work, but doesn't follow it up in his own campaign...If the PUMAS are to be believed (and I believe them), according to their website, Obama refused to consider gender parity in the makeup of his Cabinet if he should be elected. He doesn't believe he can find 10 talented, capable women in a nation of 300 million."

Female employees for Obama's campaign make exactly the same as the male employees. That's just a fact. I don't know where you heard differently, but giving the rather vicious internet rumor spreading going on about Obama (enough that about 10% of people still believe he is Muslim), nothing is surprising.

I don't know why you would believe that PUMAs. If Obama had lost, I'm sure there would have been a PUMA-style group for him, and I wouldn't have believed anything they said about Hillary because such people are not fully rational in their dislike--I've heard PUMAs say things like "I want nothing in the world more than I want to see Obmaa lose." That's not rational--I will never understand how adults can behave so immaturely towards Hillary and Obama. Had Hillary won, would you have believed a ferociously anti-Hillary, pro-Obama group when they made claims about her?

As for gender parity: Obama has many women working his campaign, including in the normally macho-driven area of foreign policy (Susan Rice). Neither Hillary nor Obama--nor any other politician--would ever promise to have an exactly 50/50 gender split, but both of them have proved their dedication to racial and gender equality, and there will be many women in an Obama cabinet.

I can't tell whether or not you supported Hillary. If you prefer McCain's positions to Obama's, then I'm guessing not, since Obama and Hillary have very similar positions on national security, and both have completely opposite positions from McCain. And that's fine, you have every right to vote for McCain. Although I don't understand why you find Obama's position on abortion extreme, but Palin's and McCain's position reasonable. Obama--like Hillary--believes in Roe vs. Wade. That means that women should have the right to chose, but that there should be no abortions during the third trimester except when the health of the mother is threatened. What's extreme about that? If you're talking about the Born Alive Infant Protection Act--Obama voted against that because it could have possibly undermined Roe vs. Wade, and there was already legislation in place to protect babies who survived abortion procedures. McCain, on the other hand, has said that he thinks Roe vs. Wade should be overturned, and Palin believes that there should be no exceptions for abortion even in the case of rape or incest. Why is Obama's (and Hillary's) position extreme to you, but McCain and Palin's positions are not?

Bravo Ms. Wainwright, well said! I am in my 50's and have worked under the direction of women off and on for years. I have seen no difference in the amount of managerial skills that they showed, with a few big exceptions. When I was a single father and had to have time off on short notice, they understood, while male supervisors did not. Female managers tend to deal directly with problems without gender bias or game playing.(no country club mentality)
I don't think Sara Palin is polarizing unless one is a diehard liberal. If you are a Democrat, then vote Democratic without denigrating the woman for being strong, talented, and ambitious. One thing you can be sure of: half the country agrees with her on social issues, so you are going to have to accept that many others disagree with your particular point of view.

For all those women who are determined to bite off their nose to spite their face and,(more importantly, bite off their nose to spite my face) by voting for McCain,because Obama didn't select Hillary for his running mate, think about this:
There has never, in US history, been a VP with the power Dick Cheney has had with the current administration-nor will there EVER likely be again.
Hillary is much too valuable to be in a position that has been described by a former VP as "not worth a bucket of warm (spit)" or, to "perodically inquire into the health of the President" as another stated as his only "job" as VP. The VP pick might seem like a very powerful position but, unless the President is incapacitated or dies, it is NOT. It is most likely that Hillary will have HER pick position in the Obama cabinet if, he is elected. We Dems, nor Obama, want to waste Hillary's talents and most valuable assets. I know that Hillary needs more than a "behind the scenes, back burner" position. Let's let her have a position that will utilize her talents and, will allow her to come back stronger than ever.

Loree Jones Wainwright, I wholeheartedly agree with you and I couldn't have said it better.

John McCain and Sarah Palin are Bush Third Term.

John McCain is out-of-touch with reality.

Elect Barack Obama for President.

I am shocked by how dumb we are proving to be!! Sen. Obama didn't pick his primary opponent after she refused to bow out. If you win;you win ;if not you help in any way possible .During the 2000 election Mr. Clinton did not carry the proper amount of responsibility for pushing the support for Mr. Gore! Get real and don't let a man who left his first wife in april 1980 to marry a mega-millions wife in may 1980. Don't be dumb girls!!!!

I'd like to hear from everybody on why this is no big deal?

Obama pays the women on his staff LESS then he pays his men staffers. Of Obama's 20 staffers, only 7 are women. And they are paid 83 cents on the dollar of what the men make. I think thats wrong..............Whether you like him or not, McCain has 13 women of his 20 staffers. And the pay is equal

Its no surprise that emily's list is backing barack hussien. after all, emilys list is all about funding pro-abortion candidates. barack hussien scores high with abortion on demand and infanticide.

want to know what its really all about?


John... Your just being what McCain is "A LIAR"... Do you expect any one to beleive that presidential candidates will pay less to their women workers....its political sucide...This is exactly why OBAMA needs to win...we are tired of LIARS - BUSH,CHENEY,MCCAIN,PALIN ....Sounds familar...its know as McSAME

The hatred shown by the feminist elite against Sarah Palin is a clear sign that she is a serious threat to them. She is talented, articulate, powerful woman who is unashamedly Christian and conservative - anathema to the feminist establishment. Ironically, she did not rise to power on her husband's coattails like Hillary did. She just took on the corrupt establishment of her own party.

I would have preferred that she be somewhat more experienced before running for VP, but she is certainly far more qualified to be VP than Obama is to be president!



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