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Michelle Obama on cover of More; headlined Beverly Hills fund raiser last Wednesday



MANCHESTER, NH.--MIchelle Obama strikes a pose on the cover or More; earlier in the week she was the draw for a high dollar Los Angeles fund-raiser targeted gay and lesbian donors and another big bucks event in Beverly Hills.


It is so ironic or maybe just palin-- I mean plain justice, that the Republicans have exactly in Sarah Palin what they falsely accused Barack Obama of. From day one, Republicans loved to say that Barack was a "Roll of the Dice" a "Celebrity"! However, the hand of Karma is swift and the chickens have come home to roost in the guise of Sarah Palin who is the real risk and Roll of the Dice (no foreign or national experience, under ethics investigation, possible member of the AIP) and Sarah, like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton is a Celebrity now (glosses the the covers of US Weekly, People, National Enquirer, etc.). What you Sow you shall Reap!

Maverick McCain who truly loves to gamble, loves Las Vegas, just risked the safety and welfare of this nation with his risky, roll of the dice VP pick, Sarah Palin. However, this is not Las Vegas or Atlantic City, this the United States of America. We cannot afford a Gambler in the White House and his first true test, Sarah Palin, is not even ready to go on Meet the Press (her first true test)! Tim Russert must be rolling around in his anchor seat in heaven.

By the way, it seems that our Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, who could be a heartbeat away from the Presidency seems, to have switched colleges at least six times in six years.

Nice picture --is she going to be on Oprah;s show before or after the election ????

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