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McCain Palin accuses Obama Biden of sexism in ad


WASHINGTON--This McCain Palin spot released on Thursday-accusing the Obama Biden team of Sarah Palin disrespect and sexism--"goes down new paths of deception," according to an analysis by

excerpt of FactCheck findings:

The new McCain-Palin ad "Lashing Out" begins like an earlier ad we criticized, with its reference to Barack Obama's celebrity, but then goes down new paths of deception. It takes quotes from news organizations and uses them out of context in an effort to portray Obama and his running mate, Joe Biden, as unfairly attacking Sarah Palin and making sexist remarks. We've long been a critic of candidates (Obama included) usurping the credibility of independent news organizations and peddling false quotes, and this ad is particularly egregious...."


the republicans are getting "down and dirty"
everyday..why not hit them with a sign that
says..McCain/Palin? forget about the bridge

Thanks for pointing this out.

Unfortunately, these types of ads play directly to the type of people McCain is trying to attract--those who won't bother to find information on their own and believe what people tell them. (The 'Obama is a Muslim' crowd). Additionally, it has become painfully obvious that too many women are not interested in actual issues and the candidates plans for improving their lives. They have gotten caught up in the hype of having a woman candidate, no matter her qualifications or what she believes.

When McCain introduced Palin late last month in Dayton, Ohio, he touted her as a fellow crusader against wasteful spending. Palin called herself a reformer who worked to end the "abuses of earmark spending in Congress." Unfortunately, Palin requested more than $450 million in federal earmarks during her two years as governor of Alaska--more per person than any other state. And she wasn't new to the practice. Previously, as mayor of tiny Wasilla, Palin employed Washington lobbyist Steven Silver to bring home $27 million in bacon--about $3,375 per person. The town had never received earmarks before Palin's tenure.

Many of Palin's pet projects, in fact, were exactly the sort of thing that McCain has spent years mocking. On the stump, McCain takes particular pleasure in knocking a study that sought to determine whether grizzly bears should remain on the endangered species list. "We're not going to spend $3 million of your tax dollars to study the DNA of bears in Montana," he says, usually to sympathetic laughter. "I don't know if that was a paternity issue or a criminal case." Palin, meanwhile, has requested more than $3 million--$3.2 million to be exact--for research into the "genetics of harbor seals." (Palin's other animalian targets include rockfish, halibut, sea crabs and sea lions.) What's more, three of Palin's Wasilla earmarks--a $500,000 public transportation request from 2001; a $1 million emergency communications center from 2002; and a $450,000 agricultural processing facility, also from 2002--appeared on McCain's annual "pork lists," or catalogs of "objectionable" spending. All in all, it's kind of tough for McCain to say that "earmarks equal corruption" without implicating his own running mate.[from an on line article]

So I still see many so called supporters of Clinton say that they are for McCain, WHY? McCain / Palin stand for nothing that Clinton stood for so there must be a reason. Is it that a percent of Clintons supporters are Sexist or are they Racist or maybe both. That seems to be the only explanation to their flip flop to McCain since he opposed equal pay, child care, prescriptions, woman's health care, and education, legislation while supporting the idea that Insurance companies should provide coverage for men's E.D. [ erectile dysfunction]. Dumping his first wife whilst she was in the hospital, and telling the now famous rape joke. His current Wife and his running mate are both former beauty queens this all speaks volumes of his mind set. He is a User, So vote for him if your a HYPOCRITE

I am appalled with the racism attitude from the media and talk shows. What makes the statement of "Lipstick on a pig" different when Obama made it from the numerous times white politicians have made it including McCain and V.P. Chaney? The difference is race and race only. Why won't the Suntimes and others say that, tell the truth. Everyone is holding Obama is a different standard because of his race. When the white politicians have made that statement it has barely gotten a blip of attention from the media, but when Obama said it the media and television has taken it and ran. I think the media needs to be honest with the racist attitudes of America and speak truthfully to the readers.

Such outrage by Obama and gang because of a simple short ad that the Annenberg-established FactCheck quickly condemns with an OPINION piece??

EXCUSE ME....anything Obama or the minions supporting him and especially his attack dog dog, Axelrod, say, Obama alone is 100% responsible. We have had two weeks of well-coordinated vicious, sexist comments by HIS people and HIS media. Remember Obama's spokesperson's original comment?

What is more offensive and condescending to any serious female political candidate than her opponent giving her credit ONLY for her "good looks"?

The Obama campaign and its media has a long proven record of "sexism" and misleading ads against Hillary so PULLEEZE stop the hypocrisy!

Obama continues with the "Oh, poor me"..."I'm so abused"....whining and complaining daily; if he can't take it, GET OUT! It will not get better. Look what they did to Bush, but unlike the crying baby, quietly turned the other cheek; never complained took it like the man Obama should be but isn't!

FactCheck then with a straight face states: "usurping the CREDIBILITY of independent news organizations.."???

To bad for the republicans trying to compare Palin to a pig. You just don't do that.

Many of Sarah Palin's projects are not attuned with the growing economic crisis. High income tax is a great burden to the people. The government must find ways to solve these financial downturns. The earmark money project is a drop in the federal budget. In these times of economic meltdowns, using governing funds and pegging them for a specific cause is not a good idea. Sarah Palin may have a good intention on these but thinking about the practicality of doing it, it's a big NO NO. The real problem here is that Palin asked for $140 million to be set aside for her state, which makes Alaska one of the biggest users of earmarks in the U.S. This is after she gave a large cash advance building an oil pipeline. And she's also having her daughters' contentious break up to deal with. Rumors are still going around about her running in 2012, but if she fails to live up to campaign promises it won't be an easy sell for Sarah Palin for President

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