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What we tend to forget during the political debate season is that the major question before the house is not who is or who isn't the best debater. I'm sure I can find a 16 year old debating society president who could debate circles around either of the two men who debated tonight.

The real point is to determine who would be best suited to hold the office for which each candidate is striving to achieve. On that score, make it Obama 1, McCain 0. Obama was polite and presidential, McCain was petulant and down-right cranky. If we are to judge on who will better fill the duties and responsibilities of the President of the United States, I would say that tonight screamed "Barack Obama" hands down!

Final Comments of the debate and Mcain is talking and how he is strengthening relations Vietnam?? Whats that about?

How and WHY do the faithful supporters of McCain/Palin find it hard to identify the weaknesses and obvious lack of ability, education, and future solutions that is within their ticket. No matter what facts are presented, they are willing to risk the safety and security of this great Nation by making another bad choice. I was always told that if someone "cannot look you in the eyes", they are a bold face liar. McCain is a BOLD FACE LIAR who refuses to negotiate with anybody and any idea that is not his own. As with his statement about WAR VETERANS and his love for them and his willingness to help them, PLEASE GO TO THE SITE VOTEVETS.ORG AND CLICK TO THE RIGHT AS TO THE "LACK OF HELP" HE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR. The mans body language during the debate was another determining factor for me in changing my vote to Obama. And the Evangelical Pastors are instructed by the McCain campaign to PROMOTE POLITICS IN THEIR CHURCHES TOMORROW??? OK, then if they, as with McCain, are comfortable breaking the federal laws...........let's see them give up their "tax exempt" status and give all of those back taxes to the BAILOUT!!!

Sarah Palin dodged too many questions tonight, often returning to her experience with energy--funny then that she kept saying "NUCELAR" instead of nuclear.
Sounds familiar, ladies and gentlemen?
Or should I call you "folks." Because God forbid the American people should understand intelligent speech. No, we need to be winked at and talked down to in elementary language..."in ways the American public can understand!"
Since when have the innovative, progressive people of the United States become the dumb "folks" who need Sarah Palin to simplify her language for them?
It's no wonder she slipped in her closing statement and said that McCain is the man we all want to "leave" not lead!
At least Biden calls Barak by his first name, Obama, and he does not praise the unchecked power of the vice presidential office.
From an independent, "folks."

i am for a new person in washington joined with an experienced veteran. i am against the bailout. lets see what happens. this is america. its strength is its people, not its polititians in washington.

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