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John McCain campaign manager Rick Davis skips lunch with reporters


WASHINGTON--John McCain campaign manager Rick Davis--under the spotlight because of his work for mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac--is skipping a Wednesday lunch with reporters sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor.

On Tuesday, word came that McCain political director Mike DuHaime will substitute for Davis because he is "heading out on the trail" today.

Davis is the subject of stories in the New York Times and Newsweek about his work for the failed mortgage market makers. At issue right now: did Davis contradict McCain's statement that he has not been involved with Fannie and Freddie for some time.


Of course Davis's continued $15,000/month relationship to Freddie Mac is an issue. John McCain's own words Sunday night on 60 Minutes were, "(Davis)has had nothing to do with it since, and I'll be glad to have his record examined by anybody who wants to look at it."

If McCain knew about it, his campaign should be well past over. If he didn't know, then he should fire Davis asap!

The entire Palin-McCain administration is full of LIARS! Palin has been lying since day one of being chosen by McCain. If America has truly had enough of the BS, and are fed up with lies and deceit, then we will vote Obama-Biden Election 2008!

Opps... BUSTED!!! LOL !!!!

McCain lies and lies and lies again. He has been in bed with these companies for years and has a staff full of lobbiest working his campaign...and yet there are still people out there that support him and think that things will get better under him.
He left a crippled wife for a younger rich one. he owns 7 houses and 13 cars and yet some still think he understands the middle class.
They are playing dice with our lives.
For those who won't vote for a black man? LOL Grow up.

people go google the 2004 the repubs are not able to run away from their record. We need to bring up that election race and what they were saying to elect Bush.
This is an article from Time mag after that election.
If the outcome still showed a public divided, it produced a government somewhat less so. Thanks to their sweeping victories Tuesday, the Republicans ensured that the very real challenges facing Bush in a second term—from Iraq as it heads toward elections, to entitlements as they drift toward insolvency, to Supreme Court appointments and the social issues that most deeply divide the public—would be addressed by a party with a rare monopoly of power in all three branches of government and a mandate, however slim, that did not exist four years ago. All of which points to the great mystery ahead: With re-election no longer the organizing principle of George Bush's presidency, what will guide his next four years, when the only judge left is history

I see shades of Gary Hart in 1988, challenging reporters to investigate rumors that he was having an affair. Sure enough, they soon found out about Donna Rice and the Monkey Business--and Hart's campaign tanked. Candidates should be careful about what they ask for; they just might get it.

With all the obvious, stupid lies, McPalin SHOULD be toast.

On the Sopranos this is known as a "no show" job.

so john mcsame is a liar

doesn't matter if mcsame knew rick davis was reveiving monry from freddie mac

mcsame told uh that mcsame knew that his campaign manager had nothing to do with freddie mac

that's a lie

and mcsame saying that he was sure rick davis was clean on this WAS A LIE

so mcsame lied TWICE in this

so far

You guys are funny. Of coarse McCain knows about all this. His tactic (yes, he is responsible for how the campaign works) is to flat out lie and then just go forward and not respond to anything.

The guy is acting weird. When Fox G. Will comes out against against someone, everyone is a fool not to follow.

Also, there are serious concerns that folks just are not willing (press is supporting racism) to talk about.
And being willing to get real about all of this. I am very worried about the singular direction, wild anger and racism that is so blatant in this election season.

A quick story -- S. Palin was at her church awhile back for a program. Part of the program was about God's retribution. The speaker's example was how a palistenain (sp) loaded up a truck with explosives, drove the truck through a check point and then blew the truck up killing some Jews. [That is the tone that he had.]He indicated that it was ok since killing the Jews was retribution and they deserved it since they had not been "converted."

This view can manifest it self with power foreign policy and reflected back with power, no education loans, racist policies -- a modern share cropper life.

Of coarse McCain said nothing and Palin never got up and left in protest.

How is it that all of the right wing regulators, that supported Phil Gramm and his Enron based economics, are now the whiners?
After Obama is elected President, I think that he should appoint Bill Clinton to resolve the economic disaster that President Chaney and Vice President Bush led this country into.
Senator McCain, we do not need another Teddy Roosevelt now, we need another Franklin D. Roosevelt. As for Gov. Palin, there is no national office for Dog Catcher, even if you were qualified.

John McSame and his "Lyin' Pinocchio Express" team.

Dear Ms Sweet,

Your closing sentence is both awkward and misleading. The issue right now is that McCain either lied about his campaign manager's professional activities or was himself deceived.

what about phil graham? he of the "the economy is just fine it's just in people's heads)with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 - navigated by Gramm and cheerled by former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, who served under President Bill Clinton - repealed those 1933 protections.
we need tok start talking about that!

Rick Davis....OWNED!!!!!

who cares- barack obama is part of the Dailey political machine in Chicago.. a machine that stole the 1960 election from Nixon, and has ties to william Ayers, the underground terrorist. Crack gangs run chicago's south side, where Obama is from, and this is the reason he went to the black theology worship place.. because all of them went and whe spent time with the crack gangs for politcal points, never thinking about his future. Hes a disaster... he also changed his name from Barry Obama to Barack in 1976 when he converted to islam. His dad BHO Sr. changed from Barack to Barry to assimilate, hence Barry was his childs first name, until conversion. McCain was part of the keating 5 investigation, cheated on his first wife and is a sleazebal,l as well.. Jim johnson was the CEO at fannie mae.. hes a huge part of obama's camnpaign.. we must choose the lesser of the two evils.. they both suck when it comes to fixing the economy but mccain will keep us safe.. and palin is a reformer

Section 8. Section 8?!?!?

Section 8 (military), a kind of discharge from the United States military due to mental illness and/or problems


Section 8 (bailout) is the part of the bailout plan put forth by the Bush Administration stating that in regards to oversight and review, "Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency."



All i wanted to say about mccain has been said already by the other commentator. Everyone who wants to vote for mccain please open your eyes so you can see what is happening at the moment. the man has been lying and immitating obama in his speech and he is not authentic. That Palin-mccain campain aaaahh....... I also want to talk for the evangelical who want to support a liar like mccain. You don't only take one thing that the republican support about the bible and take ignoring the rest of their sin. Please evangelical please if you really know the bible please don't act that way.

So what's happened to Rick Davis? He seems to have fallen off the face of the Earth. Has he been fired? Was Sen. McCain's campaign suspension a way to get the Davis connection off the front page? And along those lines - why is Sen. McCain back on the campaign trail? He said he was suspending his campaign until the financial crisis was resolved. When was the crisis resolved?

Apparently, this is a democratic site. Instead of pointing fingers at John Mccain, point the fingers at obama!! He has never sold a cup of lemonade @ a lemonade stand!!!!! obama himself,dodd, and ??????? put in their pocket over $100,000 from these 2 defunked compaines. He spent 143 days in congress and was a failure there. And, he thinks he can run a country!!!!!!!!!! What have the American people stooped to?????? Mccain is a proven leader and a hero!!!! obama is ashamed of his own lineage.
These are crucial times for our nation! We need someone that can lead the greatest nation in the world not someone who will ultimately finish us off! Mark my word, "a wolf in sheep's clothing."

Why hasn't the media torn obama apart the way they have Sarah Palin? The democrats are like blood thirsty animals. looking to devour whoever disputes with them or gets in their way. Why hasn't the media attacked the obama campaign the way Mccain's campaing has been attacked? There are to many unanswered questions about barack obama!!!

The only comments supporting the palin mcain ticket made on this thread, have been the hysterical, emotional, resentful, fearful, hateful, untruthfull kind, that the repub lynch mob/campaign rallies have been giving us all week.palin folks, mcain folks, take a breath, take a walk in the park, play with the dog, talk to your kids, eat a valium, whatever; you people need to step back from the noise and horror of your chosen candidates train wreck and think about how you can contribute to the america that is to come. It will be tough, we have a dark path to walk down and we're not out of the forrest. Even though you cant see it yet, a better america is coming. I have gradually come to believe that and i am NO starry eyed fan boy, or democratic party flak. Its a razors edge that we are walking, and i can hardly stand to watch these last few weeks, but I believe that we are on the verge of better things;bigger and better than i have dared to imagine for a long long time. But even if you dont believe me, do yourself a favor and unclench. Mcain is running against history and no amount of hysterical name calling will change that.

The Demcratic Pary needs to stop Rick Davis.
McCain is just restating what Obama said, about the economy, healthcare, etc...

The one main issue that I have with Obama is normally people get a job and work it for a while to become competent at it; really understanding every detail first before attempting to move up the ladder. Obama has always focused on the right connections to get to the next rung without ever becoming good on the rung he was on. I just hope we are not all fooling ourselves.

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