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Hillary Clinton at Obama fund-raiser Sunday in Wilmette


WASHINGTON--Hillary Rodham Clinton hits Wilmette on Sunday for a fund-raiser to benefit Barack Obama--with the hosts a blend of of the Chicago area's prominent Obama and Clinton money people.

The desert reception will be held at the home of Kevin Conlon, a long-time Democratic activist who was active on Clinton's presidential campaign. Hosts pledge to give or raise $5,000; to get in the door costs $1,000.

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Among the hosts for the Sunday Clinton reception in Wilmette:
Kevin Conlon, Munir Aktar, Michael Bauer, Andrew Boron, Patrice and Bill Brandt, Betsy Ebeling, Fred Eychaner, Neil Hartigan, John Hartigan, Kamran Khan, JB Pritzker, Bettylu Saltzman, Alan Solow, Tina Tchen, Elaine Weiss, Tim Wright.


This elections is the most important one I've ever witnessed and I'm 65. So, please everyone listen to not only what is being said, but how it's being said.

War is not a good strategy for change.
It is costing us almost a Trillion Dollars to accomplish nothing.

Russia and China have more solid captitalistic economies than the U.S.

Our economy is in the soup while Russia is producing more billionaires than ever. China is ripping a terms of economic strength.

So, America let's wake up and become adults.
We have it all and we can lose it all. Just my being irresponsible.

Stop thinking America right no matter what and the world is wrong.

We are part of a world.

hilary join barack obama as his runing mate and beat john m.@ sahra

I think for the good of the party and the nation that Biden should step down I also believe that Hilary should step up to be Obama's running mate.I do not like Palin nor do I care for her idea's and thoughts on the issues that matter,however there are thousands that are mezmurized by this woman.I think the only way we can get a democrat as President is to have Hilary on the ticket.

Russia and China have more solid captitalistic economies than the U.S.

Our economy is in the soup while Russia is producing more billionaires than ever. China is ripping a terms of economic strength.


China's and India's vastly improving economies are thanks to a combination of good ol' Ronnie Raygun's "trickle down" economics and US companies moving their production facilities offshore. Guess where the trickle-down trickles down at? Hint: not in the US of A.

While I absolutely love Hillary Clinton and supported her, I don't agree that Biden should step down. How incompetent would that look? The choice was Obama's and he choose Biden. Had Hillary won, the choice would have been hers and I'm sure Obama wouldn't have been on her short list either.

We need to move past the "Hillary being on the ticket" thing..that's over and our country is at stake. I understand the bad feelings but do you want Sarah Palin who is definitely NOT Hillary Clinton closer to the Presidency than Hillary when she does not deserve it? That's what gets me. Hillary has more experience and this impostor actually has usurped her supporters.

Joe is not stepping down, he is the best person for the job, Obama picked him, he makes stupid statements sometimes, but his way of complimenting people sometimes backfires, he only meant to give Hillary a compliment by saying that. As far as her being VP, no way, Bill could not be vetted, she asked Obama not to even consider her as she would have to turn it down, no one must of read the article about it over a month ago. Bill can't be vetted as he will not tell where his Clinton Library money comes from... ENOUGH!

For the good of this country, I hope this country elects a Democrat for President. The historic Obama-Clinton duel introduced so many new ideas to the Democratic platform - renewable energy investment and green jobs, a boost to the economy, universal health care, reclaiming the hunt for Osama bin Laden and so forth. John Edwards also takes credit for these good ideas.

The Republicans are bereft of good ideas and are running a sleazy campaign. Karl Rove should be in jail for his role in the Valerie Plame leak.
My fellow Americans, reject the Republican Rovian politics. Please take the lead in asking the McCain campaign to focus on offering (and acting on ) new ideas for improving the country.

Is it possible to switch?

I love Joe Biden - but it would be a great move that would retake the momentum.

I wish Barak had picked Hilary as his running mate. I think she would add so much more to the ticket than Biden.

Thank you Hillary!!
Actually, Hillary would not have been a better pick for VP and switching now would be rising to the GOP bait. Palin is not qualified for the position she is in and it will be realized as more and more truth comes out about her. My biggest heartburn is the ethics investigation and her way of governance that has not been uncovered. She copies her husband on confidential policy decisions??? What does he have to do with her decision making? Her church advocates the woman always being second to the man in a marriage and that she follows his rule. Seems like she took that into the State House since she decided to get his advice on those state decisions.... This is beyond the pale in governing. Firing people who are not loyal to you is one thing but firing people who will not do your will when it is out of line is another. Pure abuse of power. We have seen what that has done to us in the last 8 years. We can't afford to have the same policies back in the White House.
We are a diverse nation and that sort of attitude can not permeate the White House. Not if it is going to be a government OF the PEOPLE and FOR the PEOPLE....

Worst thing that could happen to Obama is for Joe to step down... It would really make Obama look stupid if he did... I've seen this happen before to George McGovern... Believe me you do not want that to happen..

Don't worry about Hilary. I can't wait until Barack is president and names her Secretary of State or some other position that she is QUALIFIED for. She is destined to help fix this country and she will help Obama do it. Maybe in his re-election bid Barack will name her his vice-president. Biden is really a great choice and adds appeal to some needed groups. But, after four successful years, Hilary should be the vice-presidental pick. Then, she naturally will take the Dem nomination in 2016. She still won't be as old as McCain at that time. :)

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