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Harry Reid says no need for Obama and McCain to rush back to Senate


WASHINGTON--Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nv.) said Wednesday there is no need for Barack Obama and John McCain to rush back to Congress to work on the stalled bailout package and certainly no need to delay the first presidential debate, as McCain is urging. Obama is expected to call for the debate to go on as planned.

Reid said both men returning to their Senate jobs will "risk injecting presidential politics into this process. ....We need leadership, not a campaign photo op," Reid said. McCain is suspending his campaign--as of Thursday afternoon--until Congress works out a plan. Congress is resisting approving the $700 billion package sent by the White House.


If John McCain cannot handle more than 1 crisis at a time...we need to know that. Just imagine... "Hi. This is John McCain. President Ahmadinejad, we have a crisis in North Korea right now...would you mind holding off on your nuclear development till we sort that one out!"
The only difference between today and yesterday is John McCain's poll numbers.

We don't need you to run to the rescue of your rich buddies who own and operate all these banks John, we don't need you to help dig the hole YOU and your Republican friends dug so deep with YOUR deregulation ideas even deeper! the deregulation YOU greedy Republican IDIOTS lobbied hard for. No McCain what the American people need, the people you so mistakenly refer to as "my friends" what WE need you to do is to STAY AWAY FROM OUR MONEY, stay OUT of Washington and to keep your hands OFF our money. Nice try running and hiding from Obama too, you can run McCain but you can't hide. Why don't you just suspend your campaign for good, we don't need you and your kind, you are the ones who got America INTO this mess, you are the last ones we need to get us out. This is what McCain REALLY means when he says "Country First" run to aid of his wealthy Republican buddies! they come first right John? No debate? where's John? oh he's putting his "Country (rich friends) First" NO BAIL OUT FOR MCCAIN'S AND BUSH'S RICH FRIENDS!

Of course Reid said this - he's a Democrat who will stay in sync with his party's nominee.

Agreeably this call to stop the campaigns and debate is political. That's what a campaign is about.

On the other hand, politician's should be physically in Congress to hammer this bill out. If the process of running the country could be called in from their district's, there would no longer be a need for the Capital.

And one Congressman just was quoted in an article today (looks like the article has been updated since as I can't find the quote or his name) about the President needing to be in Washington to provide leadership. He applauded his return but questioned where he had been all week. Again, it's politics.

No need? You have to be kidding. There is a big need and the need is for the brightest minds from both parties to forget politics and work on averting this impending disaster. I want my children to live a descent life and frankly, right now I could care less about either parties political campaign.

Just yesterday, Democrats in Congress said McCain should be in Washington to vote. Folks, you can't have it both ways. Lose the politics and work for the American people...just once!

This is nothing more than stall tactics on McCain's part. Anyone who knows anything about McCain and his Keating Five past (research the Keating Five on the internet and you'll see just what kind of criminal McCain is), knows McCain doesn't care about helping out Americans. All McCain cares about is seeing to it that criminals like Keating get off scott free while Americans lost their life savings because of McCain, Keating and the S&L crisis in 1989. Read up on it, Americans, and if you truly put country first, you'll be voting for Obama.

Maybe McCain is suspending his campaign to make the market situation look more dire than it is.

Bush, et al, are trying to scare us. We must pass this quickly, they say, or disaster ensues. Why not let the billionaires buy up this bad debt, the result of Washington and Wall Street greed and deregulation. Why not use the money, instead, to shore up the FDIC or make a minuscule dent in the national debt?

We have too many cooks in the kitchen already. What can either John McCain or Barack Obama do in Washington at this point? I understand that this is a very important issue, but let our sitting President do his job.

As far as the debate goes John McCain apparently is not ready to take on Obama in the first scheduled debate. Actually McCain is not capable of taking on Obama in any debate. This is just another stall tactic by McCain & Company. Nice try McCain, America is not stupid.

The country is in trouble, yet democrat partisan politics prevails. The ignorance demostrated by liberal bloggers is staggering. Hopefully, most of America is too busy to read the tripe that permeates the internet.

I could care less about the presidential campaign right now. This is not a time for posturing on a stage by either party. If the smartest Congressional leaders from both parties don't get together and come up with historically significant solutions right now, this week's campaign adds and public pontificating will look pretty insignificant by comparison. Americans better get serious about this financial situation pretty quickly or they won't have 15 cents to buy a cup of coffee.

Why can't they do both the debate AND work on the economy?

I mean, as president there will be multiple projects and crisis' to be dealt with everyday.

You want the job -- you might as well show us how well you can do that job.


Obama tells everyone this is the worse crises ever, just as Reid and Pelosi does. Then McCain decides to do what he is paid to do, and Obamaa crys foul. It's not that bad, well if you wait for the dems to fix it, well it will be years. Pelosi, said when we get in power we will have lower gas prices... I don't see that, no immigration reform, no drilling done, and yet they have it under control. The 13% approval rating of Congress. Harry do nothing Reid, and Miss High and Mighty Speaker need help.

harry reid should shut his face.

the demos will try to outbest paulson and he'll need a good man like Mccain to stick it up their nose.

obama shied away from ten town hall debates. what's one more?


Reid doesn't make sense. Telling two Senators that they don't need to be in the Senate during an economic crisis? Then saying he doesn't want to "risk injecting presidential politics into this process" while injecting presidential politics into the process? Makes my head spin.

McCain is suspending his campaign, the opposite of a "photo-op". If Obama insists on the debate going forward, I hope McCain cleans his clock.

It is pretty clear he is not ready, needs more time to prepare, and is frightened he will look at out of place as his VP selection without and earphone mike to "tell him the rote" answers.
It is truly clear who is smarter.
How long can his camapign avoid the issues that shape the future of this US in transition?

It is pretty clear he is not ready, needs more time to prepare, and is frightened he will look at out of place as his VP selection without and earphone mike to "tell him the rote" answers.
It is truly clear who is smarter.
How long can his campaign avoid the issues that shape the future of this US in transition?

The Keating 5 scandal is instructive. It shows that letting John McCain, who has freely admitted that the economy is his weak point, control the money is deciding to be the fool who is parted from his money. Why do the republicans seem so eager to be that fool?

To some of you obviously are unaware the first debate is on foreign policy. So I don't know why you are in such a hurry for Barry to look bad.

McCain has lived the foreign policy that Obama can only read about...from the Vietnam war, to the Cuban Missile Crisis. After being a POW for 5 years I am sure McCain is just having nightmares about debating Obama on a subject for which he has no experience.

With Russian warships in our hemisphere...with their nuclear bombers landing in Chavez land. I am anxious to hear the debate and listen to Obama squirm when giving his practiced nuanced answers and McCain's forceful straight talk.

The contrast will be quite impressive...even with the biased media reporting afterward try to prop up Obama's dismal will be perfectly clear why McCain leads Obama by a huge margin when it comes to foreign policy.

Let's pray the country can finally see, that John McCain is nothing more than a flim flam Atist. He will decieve anyone including Sarah Palin by making her think she is presidential material, how low can you go big John the Hero?

Kudos to the debate Commision for not buying into this latest McCain stunt. Are we to believe that the candidates themselves are needed for the direct negotiations between Congress and the administration? Hardly. Reid is absolutely right. Is McCain trying to tell us he can't walk and chew gum at the same time? Or as some say, is he just trying to come up with a way to eliminate the VP debate by postponing the Friday debate? Or is he just plain chicken? None of this can build confidence in McCain's shoot from the hip judgment

Yeah Dan, McCain's a regular genius on foreign policy compared to that uneducated country bumpkin Obama. McCain thinks Spain is in Latin America.

UPDATE: McCain senior adviser Mark Salter emails: "Yesterday, Harry Reid said that consensus couldn't be achieved without John McCain's leadership. John stepped up and is providing that leadership. Now Senator Reid seems to have changed his mind for reasons we'll let him explain. But what he should understand is that this isn't about Harry Reid or John McCain or Barack Obama. It's about the American people and, in the words of Warren Buffet, the financial Pearl Harbor they're facing. John's committed to doing his part to help avert that calamity. We hope Senator Reid is too."

We are paying these two guys to be senators and they should be doing their jobs, not campaigning! TO the writer who is talking about the Keating 5, take a look at Obama and all of his "friends". That would be the pot calling the kettle black....oh...I didn't mean to make a racist comment, but that is what you will read since anyone who is not an Obama supporter is a racist.

If you're going to blame McCain for the economic collapse, you should also credit him for the economic growth that deregulation helped to create.

I'm not saying McCain made this any better, but that argument is pretty biased.

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