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Follow what bailout crisis leader? Bush? Obama? McCain?

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WASHINGTON--On the failure of the House to pass a bailout bill:

President Bush's bully pulpit had no juice; a critical mass of Republicans ran from the bill.

John McCain's direct intervention--suspending his campaign to run to Capitol Hill--did not work.

Barack Obama's working the phones--saying he was in touch with the key players--did not work.

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The only bailout crisis leader I know is my Dad. He would explain the finer points of finances while I was growing up, as best he knew it. Consider how hard he worked for his money, he did not spend it friviously, not give it away freely either. Therefore when I asked for some of it I had to work for it. Also, there were times I was expected to do certain chores and tasks and not expect compensation. My reward would be later in life. That reward is NOT TO SPEND MONEY I didn't have because I WANTED something NOT NEEDED IT!

Though I took the requisite Economic courses in college and understand how the economy will become stagnate when people don't spend money or credit is limited to those with worthy assets, I STILL DON'T GIVE A DAMN IF WALL STREET HURTS!

If every CEO cannot walk away from this bailout without expecting no more than a paltry salary and NOT ONE DAMN STOCK OPTION PAYMENT, I simply don't care if WALL STREET CRASHES! Each needs to learn the reward is further down the road in their careers.

I know some will think I am a person not knowledgeable about finances or the American economy. But guess what? Where I live people are already hurting because of lack of job opportunities which moved away and their families are mostly female headed.

Therefore I don't give a damn about Wall Street. The MAIN STREET I LIVE ON STILL WON'T SEE ANY CHANGES IF THERE IS A BAILOUT!

I lost my investments and accepted it as reality, not running crying please help me save it. I had to accept I took a bigger bite than I could handle so I choked. BUT GUESS WHAT? I am still alive, no one help me financially and I am doing okay. NOT AS WELL as before, but I am doing okay. NOW LET SOME OTHER'S ACCEPT THEIR FAITH AND START OVER LIKE EVERY ONE ELSE.

NOT EVEN MY DAD HELP ME and he had the MONEY, but he explained to me before jumping into any venture, he would not be there to help. If a person with limited knowledge of how the American Economy works could see the future, WHY IN THE HELL ALL THESE PEOPLE WITH A PLETHORA OF DEGREES DIDN'T SEE THE WRITING ON WALL STREET? In other words it was there, but if falling into trouble just go ask the AMERICAN TAX-PAYER FOR IT!!

Don't worry about the Billions of dollars spent each month on a unjustified war. Don't worry about the billions the OIL MEN - Bush, Cheney - in the White House have made. Just scare the HELL OUT OF THE AMERICAN TAX-PAYER. They will ante up.


Tough it out like everyone else! Keep playing golf but now go to the public course instead of the private course. Stop eating Filet Migon and Lobster and begin eating chicken and ground beef.

CEO's of WALL STREET, POLITICOS FROM BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS - the VOTERS are PAYING VERY CLOSE ATTENTION!! We know you are looking to the Heavens and asked "Why did this have to happen in an ELECTION YEAR?"

Dad, you are one hell of a smart man, rather you want to admit it or not. Thanks for the life lessons.

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