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Emmett Till Civil Rights bill passed by Senate. Named after Chicago youth murdered in Mississippi in 1955.


WASHINGTON--The Emmett Till Civil Rights bill was passed Wednesday by the Senate. The measure was named after 14-year old Chicago youth murdered in Mississippi in 1955.

Read Roger Ebert's review about the movie made about the crime and the struggle of Till's mother, Mamie to pursue the case against her son's murderers.


Washington, DC--Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the following statement today after the U.S. Senate passed the Emmitt Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crimes Act by unanimous consent following months of Republican delay:

"Emmett Till was a 14-year old boy from Chicago visiting relatives in Money, Mississippi, in 1955 when he was brutally mutilated and killed for whistling at a white woman. The killers in this case, like so many others during that time, were never punished. But in passing the Emmitt Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crimes Act today, we are giving the Justice Department the tools necessary to finally investigate and prosecute crimes like this one.

"The bill has always had broad bipartisan support; it is nothing short of shameful that it languished for more than a year because of one Republican Senator. But today we can be proud that the U.S. Senate has at long last acted to resolve unthinkable, unsolved Civil Rights-era murders like Emmett Till's. I encourage the President to sign this bill as early as possible."



I am very happy that the bill has fianally been passed. Now all that I wait for, is that an actual investigation to be conducted by the FBI. The 2004/2007 report was so flawed that the FBI themselves had to conduct their own investigation into the actions of the FBI Agent conducting the investigation. Currently, the Attorney General is conducting their investigation into the matter. I have been fighting for this since March of 2007. I know that it is flawed because the agent deleted important information and twisted the facts that were relayed to him by Confidential Source, "b2".

If you are interested in further information, you may contact me at the address above.

The passage of this "Till Bill" is history making. Why hasn't it been given more coverage in the major media carriers?

I am very glad this bill was passed so this will open up other cold cases that was never solved. My uncle Claude Neal was lynched 10/27/1934 for the same offense.My family is seeking compensation and closure to this horrible incident. We hope there is a lawyer out there that will take this case.

Hello, my name is Russell. I am 34 years of age, calling out of Detroit. I have done a lot of research on Emmett Till. I didn't know that the south was that screw up to where two men would kidnap a boy and take him somewhere to kill him because a white lady claimed he whistle at her. This incident took place back 55 years ago. I know many black people who lived during the 50's and recall what they did told me about Emmett Till. This is so sad for anybody to see this picture of this fourteen year old boy getting mess up in Mississippi like this. If I was back there, I would have done everything in my power to stop Emmett Till from getting lynched. I would like to know if these two men are still living. If the woman is still living. If they are, then all of them should be put to death. The Emmett Till bill should be passed immediately for this shit would never happened again. They should make a movie about Emmett Till. And his people should get reparations for Emmett Till's death.

And this is her friend BRIANNA.That is stupid of what they did.I hope they go to hell to.

I am happy that the Emmette Till Bill was passed.Hopefully, the persons that committed the crime can be brought to justice.

Emmette Till was a child and unfamiliar with Jim Crow laws, but he did not deserve to brutally die by the hands of race haters.

Sharon Peterson
Henrico, Va. 23231

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