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Biden, Golda Meir and Yitzhak Rabin. Match that, Palin.


WASHINGTON--Can a few quick meetings with world leaders (Sarah Palin) make up for years of international dealings (Joe Biden)?

Biden's depth is unchallenged. On Tuesday, Biden, speaking to the National Jewish Democratic Council noted that his first trip abroad was to Israel and he met Golda Meir and Yitzhak Rabin. Biden said he has had a chance to "meet with and get to know every Israeli Prime Minister, all nine."

Today in New York, John McCain and Palin meet with the President of Georgia and the President of Ukraine with the leaders in town for the big United Nations meeting. Later they huddle with rock star human rights activist Bono.

Palin also meets Iraq President Talabani, Pakistan President Zardari as she continues to keep her press corps at a distance.

Biden, the chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, delivers a major foreign policy in the battleground state of Ohio.


Ms. Sweet, thank you for using the term "meets" in your fourth paragraph. That's what Sarah Palin is doing -- she's meeting these leaders for the very first time, and not for long enough to have any in-depth discussion. Of course we'll never know what they talk about, because the McCain campaign won't let her answer questions from reporters.

Obama put "country first" by choosing a running mate who is qualified to run the country if necessary. McCain may like that slogan, but clearly his motto should be "election first." Joe Biden is the clear choice for Vice President, and John McCain has insulted the American people by putting Sarah Palin on the ticket.

Who would would leaders rather meet with ... a charismatic woman who is "even more gorgeous than they imagined" or a guy with "hair" like a chiapet who comes across like used car dealer? Tough choice.

Ah, yes... my opinion of politicians is always based off of looks. Sarah Palin is hotter and therefore be the next vice president of our country.

That happens to be the most idiotic logic I've ever witnessed. Thanks for your addition.

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