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Barack Obama inclined to go ahead with Friday debate, despite John McCain call to postpone


WASHINGTON--Despite John McCain's call to postpone Friday's debate--so McCain and rival Barack Obama can work with congressional leaders on financial bailout legislation--the Obama team is inclined to want the debate to go on as scheduled.


John McCain puts his Country First he truly is an honorable man wanting to get this bailout going for all of us to keep our banks and credit life going.
Obama is for himself to heck with America. Who cares if PBS and Jim Lehrer are inconvenienced they are paid for with our tax monies to fund Bill Moyers pension.
Let Obama debate an empty chair he acts funny anyway it will make for great laughs.
Obama is young and impatient we need an adult not a man/child for President. Patience is a virtue and wise folks use it routinely.

I agree with Mr. Obama that the campaign and debates should proceed as scheduled. I believe that every citizen needs to see Mr. McCain in action. There has been too much orchestration on the part of the MCain campaign to shield him and his running mate from public scrutiny and unscripted interaction.

After all, if one hopes to be President, he should be able to multi-task and address many critical issues simultaneously. Sadly, it appears as if part of the problem with the economy is that no one was minding it.

What exactly, does Mr. McCain think he will be able to contribute, given his stated lack of knowledge about the economy that requires canceling the debates? Nope, I just don't buy it.

BRAVO MCCAIN! This is twice now that the Rep. guy put HIS campaign on hold to take care of our country (once during the Rep. convention to see to the hurriance condidtions and today's decision). Works for me! McCain believes what he before party! A much better choice than the clearly opportunist Obama who has spent a year proving he cares mostly about Obama (and his presidential win). He's beaten up the Clintons (remember Bill had the HIGHEST approval rating of any president leaving the White House since WWII - Obama brought his legacy down for his OWN sake) and he couldn't care less about the actual REPRESENTATION of Women and ignored us (the Dems.) when we said we wanted the "Dream Ticket!!!"

Run like a little baby McCain!

The is exactly the time to do the debates. Let Americans see immediately how the candidates respond to the questions and also, their plans to get us out of this mess.

McCain is putting Country first??? I don't think so - he looks he is in panic mode. After all, his strong suit is not the economy...

McCain and Obama have jets - so, how long does it take to fly from D.C. to Mississippi?? Oh, that involves math another subject that McCain is not strong in (i.e. how many houses does he own?).

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