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Barack Obama alluding to John McCain says U.S. can't chart "new course with the same pilot." Takes in millions at Chicago fund-raisers; one hosted by Alexi Giannoulias.


WASHINGTON--Barack Obama demonstrated again that wealthy Chicago donors are not tapped out, raising more millions of dollars for his White House bid in two fund-raisers in the city on Monday night. One was at the Standard Club, hosted by a who's who of the Obama Chicago donor world; the other was aimed at Greek-American pocketbooks hosted by Illinois State Treasurer and Obama friend Alexi Giannoulias at the Powerhouse Restaurant and Bar at 215 N. Clinton St. For a full listing at hosts, the invites are reproduced below.

Rival John McCain is a former Navy pilot; at the Standard Club Obama talked about the times we are in and said, taking a poke at McCain-not by name: "Each time we found a way and found the leadership to move us toward that more perfect union, the same thing will happen this time. But we're not going to chart a new course with the same pilot."




The pool report....

Standard Club in downtown Chicago

No news, but some good quotes on politics (search for "pilot").

Obama entered Standard Club ballroom at approx 8:25pm CST to speak at a
fundraiser that raised about $1 million for the Obama Victory Fund
(money from people who haven't maxed out will go to Obama campaign; rest
will go to DNC). More than 700 people attended, most in business attire.
Applause upon his entry lasted 90 seconds; he spoke for 13 minutes.
Beforehand, Obama took pictures with V.I.Ps.

Among the intro speakers:

Andy Shapiro, who attended Harvard Law with Obama and voted for him to
be Law Review editor; now using money for Obama.
Sample quotes:
"He really is the person he appears to be"
He is "an engaged, curious, intelligent person - very much a change from
what we have in the white house right now"
"Outstanding moral compass"

"Hello Chicago! It is good to be back home. It's just refreshing to be
with so many people who have been friends for so long."

Acknowledges and thanks:
Jim Kraut (sp) and John Rogers as Illinois co-chairs
Andy Shapiro
Charlie and Michael
Penny Pritzker

"So we've got less than 45 days, less than a month and a half. We are
down to the wire. It has been an exhilarating journey. People ask me,
what have you learned about America in these last 19 months. I say,
america's big. The American people are as wonderful as you'd hope."

"People are anxious about their futures."
"We are going thru one of the most difficult times that we've seen
certainly in our lifetimes. We're in the midst of two wars. Terrorist
attacks are still occurring" - yemen and Pakistan
"We now have the worst economic crisis since the great depression, and
it's not over yet. I am absolutely confident that we are going to get
through this difficult time, because that's what Americans do."
"My grandparents grew up in the great depression and lived thru world
war 2"
" past fought thru slavery and discrimination, women won the right
to vote..."
"Cataclysmic events like the Civil War"
"Each time we found a way and found the leadership to move us toward
that more perfect union, the same thing will happen this time. But we're
not going to chart a new course with the same pilot."


"We have had a govt that has basically sent a message to the American
people that you're on your own.....
"we now have a final verdict on eight years of this philosophy and it
has failed. It has failed on every level." (applause)
"This country works best when it's working for all of us." (applause)

"We started this campaign with change - and you'll notice my slogan has
not changed."
"Now that John McCain is trying to steal our signs, we're still talking
about change"


"our task is to restore some confidence to the market, get liquidity
back to the marketplace, make sure the small business person can make
"I want to make sure everyone underdsatdns, we're going to hjave a big
structural shift"

"This is our test, this is our moment, and I'm absolutely confident that
we can get there."


"Lame duck administration"
"We have 45 days of hard work ahead of us"
"I hope people aren't feeling overconfident, and I hope people aren't
feeling panicked"
"We don't get too high when we're high, we don't get too low when we're
low, we just try to do the job"


"We are going to push back when we are attacked...."
"what we hope to do in the last 45 days is inspire"
"we hope to reignite that sense in people that are young and people that
are young at heart."


From Patrick Healey, New York Times
For planning/expectations purposes, OBAMA remarks at second fundraiser
with "Greeks for Obama" should start sometime in the 9-9:30pm CST



Airplane pilots do not chart courses. You might do well to look up 'pilot' in your dictionary.

Concur. Have you ever heard of a river pilot? That makes more sense. But i am sure that Schmidt and McCain will try to claim ATTACK, eventhough Mccain, a USNA graduate should know better.

To: Literate and Proud on September 23, 2008 5:42 PM:

I am an airline pilot (25 years), and I do (minute by minute) chart courses depending on the weather pattern...
Stay away from the dictionary; it is a different world out here...

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