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Barack Obama advisor Robert Gibbs says "debate is going to happen"


WASHINGTON--"I believe the debate is going to happen as scheduled," said Barack Obama top advisor Robert Gibbs on Thursday morning about the first presidential debate scheduled for Friday night in Oxford, Mississippi.

John McCain said he will not show up if Congress had not made a deal on an economic bailout package. McCain, Obama and the congressional leaders meet with President Bush at the White House this afternoon to find common ground on a rescue plan. Congress balked at the $700 billion bill Bush sent to Capitol Hill. Bush on Wednesday night signaled he is open to a bi-partisan compromise.

While the debate is supposed to be focused on national security and international affairs, Gibbs said the rivals have been told the subject of the financial crisis would be incorporated in the questioning.

"I think it will be an important, the beginning of an important series of events in the opportunity, the debates are an opportunity for Sen. Obama to talk about his judgment and his vision for the country and I think also we'll see Sen. McCain, somebody who bragged repeatedly about his knowledge on foreign policy issues, so obviously he goes into the debate with an advantage on that terrain," Gibbs said, downplaying expectations.

Gibbs spoke at a reporters breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor.


So, why the hurry on the debates? There's plenty of time to debate - let's fix the economic problem this weekend and then have a debate a week until the election. McCain invited Obama to have 10 town-hall debates; Obama should accept.

It's basic. Anyone fit to be President of the USA can both drop into Washington to participate AND fullfill his responsibility to voters and honor the debate. Voters NEED to listen to these two together, with some of the BS filtered out, and make up their minds.

McCain spent most of today at Clinton's global get-together. Why didn't he cancel that event and run immediately to Washington to participate? The negotiations are going on today and he's not there? He hasn't been there at any point of the last two weeks, is HE really going to make the difference? I doubt it.

Before he made his announcement yesterday, he called Bush, so the White House press officer just said. Yesterday, it was positioned that Bush called both candidates - intimating that it was BUsh's idea to call them in and McCain was prescient and "presidential". Ain't so - he essentially set it up with his buddy Bush.

Let's not forget, either, it was Obama who first outstretched the bipartisan hand at 8:30 AM, McCain, without having the courtesy to discuss his new twist on Obama's joint statement idea, made his announcement in the afternoon - making it look like HE was the one that had shown bipartisan leadership.

Let's not forget additionally, McCain's comment to a journalist a few days ago that "he hadn't had time yet to read the Bailout proposal"! Two and a half pages?
No time to read the $700 Billion proposal but he felt he had to rush to Washington to negotiate its contents? Sorry, but isn't that absurd?

Finally, we can't forget Governor Palin. Slipped in behind McCain's call to delay his own debate is his suggestion to delay Palin-Biden debate. Presumably he really wants to delay that one until way after the early voters have cast their ballot.

The man is a fraud, and if the system allows him to get away with this...the system is truly flawed and, once again, it's the American voter that gets shafted.

The debates must go on as scheduled. I am extremely disappointed in Senator McCain. This is not presidential behavior on the part of McCain. "Country First" -- certainly his behavior speaks the opposite. This would have been way more believable one week ago. Neither he nor Obama belong to the banking committee. There are another 98 senators and over 300 congressmen to deal with this. Shamefull conduct from McCain. The American people have a right to see both men state their plans for this country. McCain has lost my respect and my vote with this political ploy.

I feel strongly that John McCain has it right. You are being paid by the Taxpayers to do the job you were elected to do...not run for President. It was a strong and wise decision for him to stay and do his job. I was on the McCain all the way!!!

While Obama may be right that a president needs to do more than one thing at a time, I believe he has also missed the point that a president must also prioritize their responsibilites.
McCain is doing just that, picking the most important situation and trying to solve it. If Obama wants to debate on Friday, then McCain should do the presidential thing and send his VP to the debate. Palin could not only hold her own against the great community organizer, in fact she will show why she is ready to be president.

Should Palin debate instead?


I will not by any means support the GOP ticket, however, I don't hate the duo. So to save them a little embarrassment, I'd say of course not!

But the debates should absolutely go on. We need to hear from the candidates in this very critical time.

Yeah, Palin instead. Send in the heavy weight.

Palin in the debate would be great! Her supporters can finally see what they are supporting, which is essentially a GOP lip-sticked show pony.

Richard Gibbs and Bill Burton are stuck on having debate on day certain instead of thinking about what's best for our nation.
John McCain has shown himself to be far ahead of Obama in judgement.You can have a debate next week.
Go ahead Obama with your funny looking ears just hold an empty chair it will be better than Saturday Night Live.

NO - Palin should NOT debate instead. She's barely a VP candidate as it is and has NO business in a presidential debate whatsoever.

The 1992 Presidential Debates with Ross Perot were not dull. His warnings have now come true. Replace John McCain with Ron Paul. Add Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney. Barack Obama must earn his victory, not win by default.

Obama says the debate must go on as the new leader "will take over this mess in 40 days". Gosh, I thought the new prez didn't come online until January 2009, which is over 100 days in the future. Does he know something we don't?

There should be no doubt that the debate will happen. McCain is posturing and using crisis as a plaything while the rest of us figure out how we are going to feed our kids. Worsening this is that this is a crisis that both he and Obama are responsible for having generated in the first place.

Today both will meet with others at the white house to hammer out details of a bailout plan. The details to hammer out are likely little more than whose buddies are going to get what share of the $7,000,000,000 of taxpayers money at 2% while the rest of us will be paying it back at 12% to 30% on our credit cards trying to cope with the inflation.

Both of these candidates are going to reveal nothing new when they debate. As Senators, they have maintained the insane foreign policy and economic misanthropy that has had us fighting perpetual war and driving us into financial collapse. The very people that stole from the economy are going to get rewarded with a bailout and I expect an evening full of dodges, equivocations, and ephemeral promises.

Where is the REAL debate? Why is there no other voices of dissent? Our country is falling apart, the [expletive self-censored]s that are perpetuating it are profiting from it. Worst of all, they are silencing all criticism.

We must have more choices. We must demand that other parties are allowed in the debates.

Sure Palin should debate: Barack Hussein Obama's foreign policy experience is the south side of Chicago and Hawaii, Oh and Muslim Indonesia. All corrupt areas in the world.

The discussions in Washington began last week. McCain had not been involved in the discussion. He is stunting just to try to keep folks off guard. C'mon he picked a wild card for a VP, then he will not let the VP candidate be interviewed, then he wants to call off the debates and lastly he says he is canceling his campaign until there is a deal, but them sends out talking points on how to campaign on the issue of canceling the campaign.

Seeing how there are early voter ballots, a debate this Friday is necessary. McCain and Palin are like kids in school who haven't done their homework and are coming up with excuses to hand it in the next day.

I don't see why they couldn't just have the VPs debate and just switch the schedual so the city doesn't loose out on all the money they have invested in this event, if need be. I'm concerned about the loss of the towns extensive planning and spent money than I am whether or not these guys get on the same page.

I'm not thrilled with either so I could care less and so far I've listened to the same things for months, so unless they have something new to's a bunch of whoop-la for nothing. You would think this event would effect their stance or alter some of their promises since there won't be extra tax money to bleed from us to fund their grand agendas, but Obama is right out there pushing his "global" agenda while our own people are loosing jobs and homes and everything else and the country on the verge of economic collapse. It's more a dog and pony show than anything.

McCain Runs And Hides From His Past:

John McCain running from the debate with Barack Obama is unacceptable, and COWARDICE! There are over 350 members of congress to deal with the US economic collapse. And even more capital hill aids, advisers, and experts to deal with the economic catastrophe created by the corrupt Bush McCain presidency and the past republican controlled congress.

Every American, and TRUE! patriot needs to demand that John McCain debate Barack Obama and tell the American people how he is going to fix this economic catastrophe that he (John McCain), Bush, and the past Republican controlled congress created.

Contact the news media. Your local papers. And demand that they hold John McCain accountable to debate Barack Obama. Contact all your friends and ask them to do the same. Call your senators, and congressmen and tell them that you expect "Let Them Eat Cake" John McCain to debate Barack Obama on this economic catastrophe that John McCain and "Let Them Eat Cake" BUSH! created.

It's time to get ANGRY! America. Tell John McCain you want answers, and you want those answers NOW!

He can run. But he cant hide anymore.

What ever congress does to try and fix our stunning economic catastrophe needs to be done very carefully. Congress needs to take their time, and be sure of what they are doing. Whatever is done needs to be sharply focused at helping, and protecting the best interest of the ordinary Americans. In particular the vast American middle class. 700 billion dollars is a lot of the peoples money to spend to bail out a bunch of corrupt Bush loan sharks.

My fellow human beings, just as I warned you ahead of this catastrophic economic meltdown, I must now warn you that what is a head has the potential to be even more catastrophic than what we are going through now. The worlds geopolitical landscape has been booby trapped by the Bush McCain administration and their republican allies in congress. These booby traps are poised to spring at any time.

Fortunately the Worlds Nations have been blest with many excellent leaders (except the US) who have been careful, wise, strong, and self-restrained in dealing with the provocations, and antagonism's of the Bush, McCain administration.

Barack Obama and the democrats are your best hope now. Tell your family, friends, and everyone you know to support them as best you can, and vote for them like your life, and the lives of your loved ones depends on it. Because it does. You will not survive 4 more years of Bush McCain.


I think the defining moment of McCain's campaign happened on Letterman last night when the insulted Letterman cut away to a live feed of McCain having make-up applied for his interview with Katie Couric; caught in a lie while primping for the cameras.

From Paris Hilton to Sara Palin and now this nonsense, his campaign has become a theatre of the absurd.

Have we forgotten that McCain is running for President and that Sara Palin was picked by John Mccain to be VP. Why in the world would she debate Obama? No she should not debate him.

McCain is pulling this "emergency" stunt to get out of the debate tomorrow. The economy has been messed up for a long time now. C'mon! McCain and Palin offer us more failed Bush policies and handouts at the taxpayer's expense. The bailout plan is bigger government and socializing corporations. Socialization from Republican? When the Republican Party found religion they lost sight of who they are supposed to be. I think it is too late to save this election for the Republicans. I am sorry to my GOP friends that remember what it really means to be a republican. You guys need to dump the religious right and get your party back. Please.

Palin will gather all the information and send it to ya! That is the best she can do.

The debates have been on the schedule and having them will no delay any progress on the bailout. Have the debates as scheduled.

Palin should not debate. She can't even answer questions!!!!!!


These 2 pages contain videos which are VERY TELLING INDEED. I Applaud President Clinton's ABC News Clinton Interview">Brutal Honesty Here

Jim Angle Report

ABC News Clinton Interview

And The New York Post Agrees


These 2 pages contain videos which are VERY TELLING INDEED. I Applaud President Clinton's ABC News Clinton Interview">Brutal Honesty Here

Jim Angle Report

ABC News Clinton Interview

And The New York Post Agrees

Obama is useless without a teleprompter. Palin would SHRED Obama in the debate. I'll buy her airfare in to Missouri to watch that debate!

Let the games begin. Let the Republicans put up Sarah Palin to debate any person of their choice. Our dog would win the debate. Unless Palin shot her. Palin couldn't debate her way out of a wet paper bag. Imagine her running our country. Oh, wait, we've been there, done that.

McCain has been trying to get Obama to debate for weeks. Now that there is an important national crisis, a financial Pearl Harbor, Obama has to have the debate NOW? Sorry, this just seems like political posturing to me. Obama's just sour grapes because once again McCain took the leadership role by suspending his campaign and going to Washington. Any president should want to know what kind of major financial deal his administration is going to get stuck with, should want to have a hand in laying it out.

The debate should be postponed if the deal is not concluded. One feels his presence might be needed, the other believes his campaigning is more important than saving the country's financial future. Both need to be involved in the discussions to educate themselves, particularly the one that's assuming he has nothing to contribute. It'd be unfortunate if we ended up with a president that had no clue how this deal was conceived, except by reading about it. Either one will have to live with it.

To the IDIOTS, yes, ABSOLUTE IDIOTS that say there is no rush for the debates. The entire meeting mccain wanted to have to fix the economy is nothing more than a political stunt that you fell for. There is nothing that can be done to fix the economy in one meeting. Mccain was losing to Obama on the issue of the economy. Also mccain was about to get ripped apart because there are so many holes in his lies. The easy fix was for him to PRETEND that he was noble and taking the 1st steps to fix the economy. Then that makes Obama look like a follower. But he's NOT the president! They were also having meetings already. They didn't need mccain! Then Bush decides to bail him out and make him look good by going along with it. That's because bush wants mccain for his future puppet. Bush #2. I mean #3.

Then mccain supporters think Obama cares more about the debate than the economy! So mccain's trick is working to some extent. This is what he wanted. But this is supposed to be a debate. NOT a circus or movie, but a DEBATE! What that means they are given pointed questions and supposed to show how well they can respond to those. The Debate is a vital part of the election and shows their true colors and weaknesses. Instead McCain just ducked out of it like the deceptive liar he really is while at the same time tried to make him self look like a leader. It's like an IQ test. Those who can not see this are truly among our most stupid citizens.

Reading about it? J McCain did not even raed the Palson 3 page proposal until now! This man shuld be called McGimmick, and he is dangerous, and counting on some dumbness he presumes in the American people.He will proven wrong and kiked out by the voter along with his barby from Alaska!

oak lawn and charles...we don't need your votes...go ahead and vote for McChicken!


This is not a football game, dammit! You don't get to call off the presidency on account of rain. Shall we suspend the elections on Nov. 4th if things aren't going well? Shall we all give up our right to vote as a grand sacrifice because the country is going through a tough time?

This is the most important decision that those of us who are engaged will have to make. It is a decision that will impact us for at least the next 4 years; and if you look at the long-reaching and disastrous decisions of the Bush administration, our presidential choice will impact our children's children. To abdicate that responsibility, to walk away because times are tough, to tell us that you are incapable of multi-tasking, is feckless. It is chickensh*$%t.

The debate will last what 2 hours? Are you telling us you don't have 2 hours to give to this nation. McCain you have a slim chance of earning my vote. Don't show up and you couldn't have my vote if you were running for dogcatcher.

Once again, the media bias raises its ugly head. Why not ask the more important political debate question,Suntimes. Shouldn't both of these elected Senators recognize the economic calamity we're facing as a nation as being far more important than their immediate ambitions, and head directly for the Senate to help find a solution. That's "first and foremost", and once again, it was Senator John McCain who almost intuitively and immediately recognized that fact. On the other hand, Obama let them know that "if they needed him" he'd be willing to make the trip. Here's a survey question for the Suntimes to consider. "SHOULD THE TWO ELECTED SENATORS RUNNING FOR THE PRESIDENCY TAKE CARE OF THE ECONOMIC PROBLEM FIRST, AND HAVE THEIR TWO V.P.CANDIDATES HANDLE THIS "FIRST OF 10 DEBATES"--FORCING OBAMA "TO PUT UP OR SHUT UP"!

McCain getting back into the debate is a purely political move, like everything else he does... it's not that he wants to inform Americans or demonstrate his know-how, he just thought thought not showing up to the debates would make him look bad


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