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Will Dyana, Bruce, get to hear Obama's speech? Campaign wants to know how they will get to Invesco Field.


Waiting to Hear

By Dyana Z. Furmansky
Special to the Lynn Sweet blog

The blackberry twinkled and Bruce Fleming, a hair dresser at El Salon in
Denver, instantly stopped folding a strip of foil around the hank of his
client's hair to check who was calling him. "Oh I bet it's the Obama campaign," he said breathlessly as he darted toward the phone. Fleming is one of the 60,000 Coloradans who made it into the online pool of credential seekers, a fancy word for those trying to get one of the 30,000 free seats out of the 80,000 or so at Invesco Field.

Invesco Field is where the Broncos play football when they're in
town, but on Aug. 28 it's the venue where Barack Obama will give his
presidential acceptance speech. The two of us, along with 29,998 others, are
waiting for that historic text message or email from the Obama people to find out if we got in.

Fleming looked dashed when he returned to his dual-processing color treatment. "It was somebody trying to sell me some chocolate," he said. It was great chocolate but he wasn't in the mood to buy any. No doubt he'd get used to the disappointing litany of twinkles.

The message might not come until August 12. Fleming insisted he just had to get in. "I get such an incredible feeling of hope when I watch Obama speaking on television," he said. "I can't imagine what it wouild feel like seeing him live with more than 70,000 other people.

"It would make me so proud to be an American. We can finally lift our heads up in the world." I guess we're all doing the usual things while we wait. One of my friends is still going to Rwanda for his job but plans to be back the day of Obama's speech, so he could make it to Invesco Field no matter how jet-lagged he is."

I don't think about it much. I stay busy with my writing, and watching
Denver's gradual makeover for Democratic party time.

Convention banners are unfurling along Speer Boulevard. I hear there will be less signage and bunting at the 2008 Convention than there was at the one Denver hosted in 1908. We're all so much more conscious of the paper waste these days.

And the fuel: One of the questions on the Obama credential application asked how the applicant planned to get to Invesco. I got the sense that people who said they would drive to the football stadium might be at a disadvantage. Luckily I live close enough to walk or ride my bike along the Cherry Creek Bike trail.

Forget taking the bus or light rail. Hm. I wonder how Fleming plans to get there.

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This all assumes it's a done deal that Obama is the candidate.
The Dem rules call for a vote.
Can the rules be changed to keep that from happening?
I wanna know what Axelrod knew and WHEN did he know it about:
Lisa DRUCK cum Rielle Hunter. Her dad was a creepy Ocala Florida attorney who told a guy how to electrocute horses for pay. Lisa got some of that bad money--just like she got paid millions from Edwards and others.
The big question is this:
Was Edwards merely a spoiler candidate designed to keep all of us outraged people BUSY fighting in a productive way (at least we though) the Bush regime and all the evil it stands for?
I am ****ed beyond belief about this.
I want to beat the republicans in the Fall. The Obamacan story breaking (and good god even the'lefties' at the Nation don't get it) now seems to me a real red flag that Obama is known to be be defeatable by the Republicans.
I wanna win! I want the dems to win this year.
And then I want the instant runoff second choice ballot so we can REALLY have a choice for COMMON PEOPLE--you know, people who can't take but one vacation every COUPLE years if they're LUCKY.
People who well, you know.

I realize that you are all looking for the messiah to save the world, but stopping your work to listen for text messages? I wonder how many hours this is wasting of company's time. No doubt more than the Superbowl. There are tons of trees out there and now we set aside acres upon acres that can only be cut when new trees have finished growing. Wasting paper on signs? Give me a break. Not letting people in who drive or fly? How do you think Obama got to Germany for his worldwide tour? I guess he saved a little gas by not visiting our wounded troops who were very close, but would not allow cameras in to look at his historic mug. How will you manage to find your white guilt when you have elected the first black president? Maybe you can be "flip's" new presidential candidate. Excuse me while I go wipe myself with a roll of toilet paper and then go burn this Chicago Times. Someone has to keep all those loggers employed.

If those 2 can't get into Invesco Field, I have a suggestion....The Democrats answer to the 'homeless' problem is giving them all free movie tickets and tickets to other venues, etc. inorder for them not to be seen near the convention. Therefore, Bruce and Dyana should tell democrat party officials they are homeless. Then they can get free tickets to see a movie, eat at the restaurants, and go to the amusement park. They could have themselves a good time. And everything free.

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