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Why Elizabeth Edwards stayed with John Edwards


The latest on the Edwards affair--why Elizabeth stayed with John in People Magazine.,,20218879,00.html


I generally like the product liablity lawyers. But here's an interesting article on the Edwards' bagman, Fred Baron:

Lynn made an interesting comment about the 'pathology' of John Edwards in all this the last time she was on Abrams.
That word sticks with me, as I was one of the last 50 or so bloggers on the Edwards campaign site, trying to calm down those bashing both of the other candidates. Two 'valentines' had appeared--one for Hillary and one for Barack which bloggers like me objected to as they seemed to threaten those two candidates. I was only ONE person, I think, who ended up calling the campaign HQ (on my Blackberry) and demanding they take down the site if they couldn't police it better than that or I would call Secret Service myself. Later that day, Blackberry was 'down' and the campaign finally announced the site would be down in 24 hours.
Does anyone have the last 2 weeks of the Edwards campaign blog--before it was taken down? Know how we can find it?
It would be very interesting to read the last two weeks of that blog.

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